Nicknames/Aliases Akeboshi Oyuki
Birthplace Land of Snow
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Height 5'4"
Weight 120
Blood Type ???
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise None known
Clan Unknown
Affiliation None.
Team None.
Ninja Rank Villager
Genin-Equivalency Age N/A
Chuunin-Equivalency Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown
Husband Akeboshi Fumaru
Signature Jutsu
Sweeping with a broom no jutsu! …No, not really.

Akeboshi Oyuki is the wife of Akeboshi Fumaru — a civilian who is the head of the "Paranormal Studies Unit" under the "Ninshuu And Chakra Appropriation Group" in the Land of Grass's capital city. She is not seen as anything special by most people. She is very "low-profile" when she ventures out of the house, but mostly stays at home. She is thought to be terminally ill or physically handicapped as a side-effect of a serious injury suffered nearly 30 years ago. However, she seems to be aging REMARKABLY well regardless. The only sign that she's nearing her 60th birthday, alongside her husband, is that her hair has turned silver-grey.


Secret Background

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To be done.




Themes and Relations


She was human once. Then she was literally remade as a monster by those who needed an enemy to fight. She has spent every single century since then punishing humanity, and simply taking out her cold, black hatred on them. She drinks their blood, she freezes them solid, she produces blizzards just to make sure travellers never reach their destinations, and she pities them not.

But sometimes… Sometimes, she DOES pity them. After all, she was human once too…

"Ice Queen" by Within Temptation

Soul Mate

30 years ago (-24 B.F.), Shiho found love in a man she rescued from death in the frozen wastes. She had been alone for centuries, and he had been severely injured in battle. She spent decade after decade killing people who strayed into her lands… But she saved that one man and she sent him home on a ship of ice. She couldn't forget him though. Even with her icy heart, she couldn't forget that when she had come to drink the blood from his wounds and to kill him, showing every sign of being a supernatural monster… He had seen what was truly within her, and simply embraced her.

She travelled to join him, crossing the ocean for this man she could not forget. They had a connection she couldn't even comprehend. They were soul mates. They could feel the presence of the other even from miles away… Hold hands on different continents. Hear thoughts, feel the same warmth and cold the other was feeling… She sailed a boat of ice to the shore of the Land of Snow.

Her soul mate — the only one she would ever find in her accursed immortal existence — died in the hospital just before she made landfall.

When it happened… She knew.

"Exile" by Enya


A dead goddess who promises power, respect, justice, and vengeance for the youma who have been abused by human beings. She is offering everything that Shiho spent centuries desiring without realizing. But after 30 years living in a human body, she's not sure she wants any of those things after all. Would she rather just be human again? She doesn't know. But she dare not disobey. Izanami is not a being to be trifled with.

Shiho can't help thinking, however, that there is something OTHER that Izanami-no-Mikoto desires beyond rewarding minions for making humans subservient. She wants to find out what that something is. It might give her the key to the future.

"The Dirt Whispered" by Rise Against


Sweeping. Looking young. Skills like that.

Mission Log


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