Shimizu Saishi
Shimizu Saishi 清水 妻子
Birthplace 出生地 oti3.png Outside Kirigakure
Birthdate 誕生日の i3o.png 01/14/05 B.F. 4a5e.png
Gender 性別 rpc8.png Female(Male)
Age 年齢 14
Height 身長 5' 00"/ 152.4 cm
Weight 重量 115 lbs./ 52.16 kgs
Blood Type 血液型 O+
Kekkei Genkai 血継限界 Icon-Blood-Release.png Blood Release
Classification 分類 N/A
Areas of Expertise 専門分野 Tactics and Taijutsu.
Clan 家門 41pv.png Shimizu
Affiliation 所属 oti3.png Kirigakure
Team 分隊 None
Rank 階数
Ninja Rank 忍者階数 hp00.png Genin
Ninja Registration 忍者登記 8901645
Academy Grad. Age アカデミー卒業齢 14
Genin Age 下忍齢 14
Chuunin Age 中忍齢 N/A
Nindō 忍道 To protect those who are innocent and to avenge his sisters death.
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) 類縁 None/Blood
Sister Shimizu Saishi (deceased)
Former Self Shimizu Kotashi (deceased)
Signature Jutsu 署名术
Crimson Claws
Ninja Stats 忍者統計

The blood of the innocent soaks the hands of those who care not for life. Those are who shall fall to my bloody claws.


Saishi is a young shinobi with a fractured mentality. His very personality has been fragmented and twisted by the violent events in his youth. He now lives as his sister balancing his fragile mentality on the razors edge of rage and sadness. All to keep the memory of his sister alive.

❣ Dark History of a Shattered Soul ❣

☄ Depths of the Broken Soul ☄

Saishi's personality can best be described as….complicated. Depending on the situation she could be a bright happy girl, or a depressed savant, or in extreme situations a blank slate with pure intent. Through all of this though, her voice is very steady and melodic, almost a charming bell with a haunting tone hidden amongst the rings. Her eyes are almost always empty… if searching in the dark for something that cannot be found.

To those with expertise in the situation; After getting to know her it's easy to tell her true feelings much as she tries to play them off differently. To those who do not know her, she may seem calculating almost sociopathic in certain situations with a penchant for letting her words wander.

❉ How Does a Lost Soul Look? ❉

Saishi appears to be a normal somewhat apathetic girl at first glance. She has medium length white hair, resting softly on her shoulders, the silken locks held back by the blue headband of a kunoichi, the glinting metal plate shining softly as the light reflects off of it. Her eyes seem to pop being a bright crimson, the blood colored eyes seeming to be a stark contrast against the pale white of her skin. Her curves seem to be well proportioned and filling out slightly, normal for a girl her age; she wasn't too endowed though the curves of her body were evident beneath her kunoichi outfit.

It seems this girl is devoted to her craft, the tight ninja outfit accented with many ninja tools, knives, a medic pouch, a few smoke bombs as well as ninja garrote wire can be seen in her tight vest like top, accented black against red. Her legs are covered in a half fishnet half short mix with a spare pouch ready also showing off more of her pale skin in a toned slim leg. Her feet covered by a pair of Ninja sandals set nicely beneath her feet showing off her well manicured nails.

Along her outfit, a number of different sized knives can be seen, strapped in different positions and in nice bands secured in different places though strangely they don't look out of place, It seems she's planned her outfit around the blades for some reason, though those who know the Shimizu clan will know why.

❊Do Bloody Demons Have Friends?❊


❇ Blood Soaked Diary ❇


†Bloody Arts†


♪The Sounds That Make a Broken Mind.♮

Madness in motion, sounds that make ones heart race, paired with images that make the eyes spin. It all creates the perfect masterpiece, of a chaotic soul, and a tortured mind.


Official Mission Book

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