Birthplace Land of Rice Fields
Birthdate Summer
Gender Male
Age 22
Height 5'10" tall
Weight 210 lbs
Blood Type Unknown
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Wanderer
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan N/A
Affiliation Tao Shih Icon-Tao-Shih
Team Team Amuro
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Nature Type
Element Not yet known
Signature Jutsu
Signature Style
Shurin Kung Fu


Public Information

Shinji was a shinobi of the Land of Rice which was a small group of Shinobi. But due to underhandedness and greed of the Fuuma Clan. Shinji's family along with many other ninja of the Land of Rice were either killed or chased off. Since then Shinji relocated the small number of people from their village to other villages. He worked as a merc to help bring them money so that they were able to survive in the new villages they were granted amnesty. Once he completed that he set off on his own traveling the lands and seeing things he's always wanted to see. But a few years later he dropped out of sight, until he was finally given purpose.


Shinji is a pretty laid back person who's just enjoying his life. He can be cocky at times especially when he's in a fight. Though the only reason he's that way is due to the sureness he has of his abilities and skills. Shinji is one who is able to keep his cool even when under even the most dire of circumstances. When serious and his attention and skills are needed for a specific task, Shinji is all business. There is no smiling, or cracking jokes. All that matters is his job and those he is there to defend or destroy.

His allies know what he is fully capable of but Amuro knows that he is only scratching the surface of his abilities. Shinji on the other hand enjoys what he does, some see him as jovial, but wouldn't dare try to call him on his loyalty because once he's given his word, he stands by it and will not hesitate to defend that word.


Shinji is a man with soft, dark-toned flesh. He appears to be in his early twenties. His height is about 5'10". He has medium-length, raven-colored hair down to his shoulders. His bangs consist of two stark-white spikes of hair that hang down over his forehead. He has hazel eyes. He has soft, youthful facial features and often a pleasant smile on his face. Shinji has an athletic build, with toned arms, but as he moves there is a feline grace to him that indicates he is likely more of a gymnast than a body builder.

Shinji wears a long pair of black, baggy pants. The pants come down to just over his knees, and from the knees down to his ankles there are blue-black leather straps wound around his legs, over and over again. Black, metallic shin plates with gold trim guard the fronts of his legs. Around his waist, there is a black sash with the design of a red dragon upon it. The sash hangs down alongside his right leg. He wears a garment on his torso that resembles a black, sleeveless coat, with two pointed coat tails trailing behind him. It is buttoned up the front with a total of six gold buttons. Worn on his arms, from his elbows to his wrists, are black-colored "detached sleeves", with a pointed flap on the end of each that extends out over the back of each hand. On the forearm of each sleeve is the kanji for "Chi" in red. Completing Shinji's clothing are black socks on his feet with simple, flat sandals.




Mission Log

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