Shippodoku Kirito
Shippodoku Kirito
Birthplace Shippodoku Clan Village, Land of Wind
Birthdate 07/31/1 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 11
Height 5'3"
Weight 115 lbs
Blood Type B+
Kekkei Genkai Sasoriendai
Classification Genin
Areas of Expertise Stealth Assassination
Clan Shippodoku Clan
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team NA
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin Age 10
Chuunin Age NA
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) NA
Element (Secondary) N/A
Mother Shippodoku Kanon
Father Shippodoku Katsu
Signature Jutsu
Underground Assassination Technique

"A true ninja needs no friends, no allies or knows that his village has it back to get the job done. But what a real ninja has is the shadows in which they use to strike down they foes in the dead of night."


Kirito Shippodoku is the sole son to Katsu (Father - Victory) and Kanon (Mother - Sound, Fragrence) Shippodoku. His parents were not the elites of the clan, but like many of their kin they shared the desire to prove themselves the best. These feelings were passed on to their son as time went by. However, once it became clear that in order to accomplish their goals they would have to put their duty to the clan at risk, the duo grudgingly set aside their ambition to better mold their son to fufill their dreams for them. Although given tests to help prepare him for the future, his training did not truly begin until his fifth birthday. Upon that day he recieved both his first pincers and learned the meaning of pain. The latter of which was taught by his father. He did not break, for above all else at the time, he did not wish to fail his parents. The next day he learned to turn darkness into an ally. The cycle repeated over the years with only brief interruptions from the occasional events that were beyond his families control. In four years time, Kirito became proficient enough in the clan's technique, culture, and knowledgeable (to a much lesser degree) of the ways of the world beyond his clan's homes for he and his parents to be finally given permission to join Sunagakure official, and continue the boy's training from there.

It is during his academy years that his weakness came to light. His parents devotion towards having him mastered the clan's signature techniques left him with a lack luster understanding of ninjutsu and genjutsu, and by extension difficulty in focusing his chakra in general. If he used it, it was typically to enhances his physical prowess, though as time passed he grew just stable enough to pass his graduation exam at the tender age of eleven. He gained a few rivals over the year, and even a few enemies. Friends were a foreign concept and remained such to him. As far as he was and remains aware of, they do not serve to advance his abilities, and thus, are not worthy of attention.


Kirito is a loud and kind hearted young man outside of missions and battle. He spends most of his time just playing jokes on people while using his stealth to aid int his. To him it doubles as training. Kirito always put the mission first and would stop at nothing into it completed his favorite method of killing however is assassinations and only comes out of hiding to take the final strike.


Kirito's attire is dominated by dark, sober colours. He wears a pair of black loose trousers, and a loose-sleeved black shirt, with a hood attached to cloak his face in shadow. Over his chest, he wears a long dark grey vest. Barbed muted rust brown bracers protect his forearms, and a matching pair of shin guards sit on his legs. In addition, he wears a sash of a similar reddish grey on his waist, and another one around his neck, as a scarf. Kirito has dark skin brown and black eyes and his hair is kept nice and low in style.



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April - 2014





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