Shippodoku Konsatsu
<Shippodoku Konsatsu>
Birthplace <Symbol-Sunagakure Sunagakure >
Birthdate <July 30th>
Gender <Male>
Age <10>
Height <4'5">
Weight <80>
Blood Type <O>
Kekkei Genkai <Icon-Sasoriendai Sasoriendai>
Classification <Sunagakure Genin>
Areas of Expertise <Taijutsu>
Clan <Clan-Shippodoku Shippodoku>
Affiliation <Symbol-Sunagakure Sunagakure>
Team <N/A>
Ninja Rank <Genin>
Ninja Registration <083280>
Academy Grad. Age <10>
Chuunin Grad. Age <N/A>
Nature Type
Element <N/A>
<Brother> <Keiji>
<Father> <Kiashiro>
<Mother> <Kajira>
Signature Jutsu
<Venomous Strike>
Stat Chart
Char-KonsatsuStat Made by Yuuka

Konsatsu Shippodoko is a young fledgeling for the Shippodoku Clan. Being young still leaves many paths for the boy to choose to go down. However, one seems to be far clearer then the others. If he takes it or not depends on if things go as smoothly as he plans.


Konsatsu was born into the Shippodoku Clan, to two parents who had already gave birth to an older brother before him. Though very close to the same age, his brother was showing signs of progressing at a far faster rate. Which lead to Keiji getting more attention from the clan and family, leaving Konsatsu with fending for himself.

As time went on, Keiji was becoming such a prodigy, that rumors began to spread about the father not being the legitimate bearer to the boy. This lead to tensions between the two, but allowed for a new attention to be given Konsatsu's way from his father.

When his older brother went off to the academy, Konsatsu still wasn't ready for such and stayed behind, training as often as he could to simply escape the large shadow Keiji had placed over him. In time though, it was now his turn to head to the academy where with a few struggles he too had passed and now wished to seek out Keiji to find out why he had not returned to the Clan, as well as how much stronger he could have possibly become.


Konsatsu tends to be a happy child, using a smile to cover up his true intentions that for most are unknown. He has no problem trying his hand at fitting in with others, but when it comes down to it, he'd mostly like to keep to himself. When in combat, he takes on a more vicious and aggressive stance, wanting to harm his opponent and take them down as fast as possible.


Konsatsu Shippodoku is a small child coming in at 4'5" tall. Physically, the boy seems athletic if anything. Though it isn't easy to tell under the layers of clothing that he wears. His complexion is tan, perhaps surprisingly for those of his clan. Cut short, is hair that lays flat and like his eyes are a jet black. All his clothing is a light tan and brown mix, for an easier blend with the surroundings of Sunagakure. Over his torso is a simple fishnet top covered by a long sleeved shirt. Wrapped around his neck is a light and hooded cloak. His lower half are a simple pair of pants that are tied at the waist with a belt and holds up a pair of odd c-shaped weapons. Covering his feet are some leathers shoes of sorts.


Name Relationship Notes
Keiji Brother Char-KonsatsuandKeiji Growing up, Konsatsu resented his brother since Keiji was the prodigy genius and he was the slow learner. Now, he simply wants to surpass his brother or at least prove he's not weak.
Itami None Wary about her as it seems she likes to play the game of being vague, something Konsatsu isn't fond of. Side note, she has an excellent talent with drawings and cooking.



  • Birth - Born July 30th into Shippodoku Clan
  • 7 years old - Studied the Clans Pincer Style
  • 9 years old - Mastered Underground Assassination Technique
  • 10 years old - Graduated Academy, began searching for his brother in Sunagakure.




Time Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Power Speed Stamina Seals Total
Grad. 1 2.5 .5 1.5 1.5 2 2 1 12

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