Shippodoku Yasu
Shippodoku Yasu
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Wind
Village Sunagakure
Date of Birth August 12th
Age 13
Height 5' 5"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Combat Information
Rank Genin
Position None
Elemental Affinity Earth
Areas of Expertise Stealth and Pincer
Team None
Favorite Jutsu
Underground Assassination Technique




A young lady, aged just into the beginning of her teenaged years, is standing here. The first thing that one would notice would be the dark tone of her skin, edging on that of chocolate. Black hair falls about her face to about neck level and doesn't seem to be particularly maintained. Her eyes are pitch black in color, including the sclera, throwing off the normal attractiveness of her otherwise attractive facial features. Her body is somewhat petite but relatively well toned, her chest early in it's developmental stages.

Her clothing consists of what seems to be relatively tribal design, black sandcloth tied around her torso and about her hips to maintain basic decency as well as a veil tied over her face to keep sand out of her mouth and nose. Attached to her wrists are a set of dual-pronged blades that look somewhat like a scorpion's pincers. Tied about her head is a red-clothed forhead protector with the symbol of Sunagakure on the metal plate.


Age 10 - Started tutoring in basic ninja knowledge via Clan
Age 11 - Started Academy training in Sunagakure
Age 13 - Graduated Academy Training to Genin in Sunagakure

Mission Log

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