Shirayuki Koseitama
Shirayuki Koseitama
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Water
Date of Birth 6/22/12 (19 as of this RL date)
Age 24
Height 5'4''
Weight 130 lb.
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Combat Information
Rank Chuunin
Position Rank-and-file kunoichi
Elemental Affinity Water, Wind, Fire, Ice
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, esp. elemental
Team Unestablished
Signature Techniques
Mood Shift Cyan
Mood Shift Yellow
Mood Shift Magenta
Mood Shift Green
Mood Shift Red
Mood Shift Blue
Mood Shift Black
Mood Shift White

A shifting kaleidoscope of strange and colorful personalities



Shirayuki Koseitama is a Kirigakure ninjutsu specialist with extreme disassociative personality disorder (often mistakenly referred to as schizophrenia). Her various personae seem to be cooperative enough to make her generally reliable as a ninja, but you never know precisely how she'll go about her missions or her interactions with others.

Full History


Mood Rings by Relient K

Umm…it's sort of futile to even try to describe this. As you probably know if you didn't skip straight to this section, Koseitama's personality changes frequently. About the only thing one can say about it is that using different element styles and the like tends to bring out matching personalities in her, but even within this there is some variance.


Shirayuki Koseitama is a fairly ordinary-looking young woman in her early twenties. Average height, average build, average pretty much everything. She does bear the distinguishing marks of her clan: straight, dark-brown hair, typically tied into a pair of braids, brown eyes, and a pale complexion. She might be considered attractive, in a relaxed sort of way.

Koseitama's usual attire consists of a pair of hardy blue working pants and a teal fisherman's robe, with a wavy sea design stitched around the bottom third of the fabric and wide-mouthed, elbow-length sleeves. She wears white socks and plain straw sandals on her feet, and her head bears the forehead protector of Kirigakure and a pair of light, round-lensed spectacles. A chain necklace hangs a brooch down against her chest, with a gem of…occasionally shifting hue. Odds are it'll be a different color the next time you see her.




Fire and Ice by Pat Benatar

Mission Log


Maneshi Shemri
Kokoroe Sousa
Akimichi Noab
Saito Jon
Ongakuno Aburei
Shirayuki Koseitama

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