Shirayuki Miroku
Birthplace Seastone Isle
Birthdate December 13th
Gender Icon-Male Male
Age 14
Height 5'7"
Weight 150 lbs
Blood Type O
Kekkei Genkai Ice Manipulation
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Shirayuki
Affiliation Icon-Kiri Kirigakure
Team Okumo Daomi
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 678700
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chuunin Grad. Age 14
Nature Type
Element Icon-Water Water, Icon-Wind Wind, Ice
Father Shirayuki Shinobu (Deceased)
Mother Shirayuki Ai
Signature Jutsu
Ice Clone
Ninja Stats



Shirayuki Miroku is a cold and introverted teenager, though, he might be cold he is not completely frozen. The Chuunin is also well-mannered and seems to use honorifics constantly. He does believe in bonds and relationships, and does try to form these despite his chilled nature. This Shirayuki is also motivated and responsible, taking his duties as a Chuunin very seriously.


Standing at five feet and seven inches in height, this teenager is lean and skinny, though, does have muscle on his frame. His features are sharp and his ice-colored eyes match this with an eerily cold feeling held within them. His hair is blonde, light enough to be mistaken as the shade of white in most settings, and it is pull-backed with multiple spikes almost as if mimicking the very elemental he manipulations; Ice. The skin of this teenager is somewhat pale.

Worn on his legs is a pair of white pants with multiple pockets for tools and on his upper body is a black body-suit that covers his entire torso. An ice-blue jacket is worn over the body-suit and shows off his rank of Chuunin. On his feet are a pair of combat boots to protect him from the elements. Finally, a white scarf is found wrapped around his neck and on the front of it is his forehead protector, showing off his allegiance to Kirigakure.



Age 6: Completed Water Manipulation Training
Age 7: Completed Wind Manipulation Training
Age 8: Promoted to Genin immediately after joining Kirigakure
Age 8: Completed Ice Manipulation Training
Age 11: Father passed away
Age 14: Promoted to Chuunin


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