Shirayuki Mizumi

Shirayuki Mizumi was born with very little physical ability. Many might say that she was crippled for life, considering how fragile her body seems. Yet, perhaps due to Kirigakure's nature, the girl wanted to improve her body in whatever way possible, so she ended up joining the Academy.


Shirayuki Mizumi was born in the Land of Water to Shirayuki Yuki and Shirayuki Yuichi. Her parents actually came from outside the Land of Water, their own family descending from the far northern lands. Because of their outsider nature, the Shirayuki of the Land of Water never completely trusted them. Yuki and Yuichi took up residence in the village within Kirigakure, eventually giving birth to Shirayuki Mizumi. The habits of parents, however, move on with the children. The local Shirayuki parents tended to ignore and shun Yuki and Yuichi, and this behavior extended to Mizumi despite her being Kiri-born.

The young girl had no friends and wasn't even sure what to do with herself. At the age of 7, Mizumi wandered off on her own to the gardens south of her home. They were known as the Boneyard Gardens, and she didn't realize it was actually a former graveyard. She took an interest in the flowers, walking along until she came across a stranger: Kaguya Eiko. Eiko needed a bit of a boost into the tree, so Mizumi obliged. Shortly after, she met Shimizu Ren: a rather friendly person for Kirigakure. The meeting was fairly odd, in her opinion, but eventually they became… acquaintances. She would have called them friends, but they all seemed like decent people she wouldn't mind hanging out with.

Later that year, Mizumi joined her two friends in entering the Academy. She may have been young, but she already managed to learn more about her clan's skills despite not being able to use them yet, and the instructors noted that she was particularly sensitive to chakra and wanted to hone that sense a bit more for the young girl. As such, Mizumi has managed to succeed in locating certain (familiar) chakra signatures by the age of nine. While she continues to face the teachings of the Academy's basics, the girl finds that she is (hopefully) nearing the end of the curriculum by the age of ten.

Mizumi was rather weak in body, seemingly made of the very ice her clan is known for. This tended to make her nervous around strangers and make her do some form of self-isolation when feeling truly threatened. However, the young Shirayuki cannot seem to hide her naturally friendly nature. She craves friendship after the years of loneliness brought on by her family's original home.

Due to her clan's nature, Mizumi can manipulate Water, Wind, and Ice (though she doesn't know how to use the latter).


Shirayuki Mizumi is fragile, and there's little doubt of that. However, she has the belief that if she works hard enough, perhaps one day she'll be able to perform the traditional duties of a shinobi. The young Shirayuki has been isolated for a long time, and she's naturally inclined to want friends. However, many of the local students dislike her because her parents didn't come from the Land of Water, so she's learned to avoid them. Mizumi has a relatively kind heart and always wants to believe that others have at least some sliver of good in their hearts. Certainly enough good to not strike down some poor child…


The first thing one might notice about the girl before them would be her pale complexion and short stature. Mizumi only stands at about 3'9", and most people are forced to look downwards at the snow-white hair. Said hair is hardly short, as it falls down to her chest, though she may occasionally wear it in a braid or ponytail to keep it from getting in the way of a mission. Blue eyes would meet any onlooker's gaze, though it's hard to pinpoint what kind of blue. Sometimes it's dark, sometimes it's a bright cyan. Both of them are as clear as water, though.

As if to accentuate the paleness of her skin, Mizumi is wearing a blue shirt and black tights with a white skirt over them. Her hair today is kept in a single braid that goes down her back.

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Name Relationship Called Notes
Hozuki Nandina Classmate Nandina-san Nandina is an individual that Mizumi has only met a few times, mostly on assignment. She wonders a bit at the Hozuki, and doesn't really know her that well. From what she can tell, Nandina enjoys formulating a plan before taking action.
Kaguya Eiko Friend Eiko-chan Mizumi met Eiko when she was 7, helping the Kaguya climb a tree. She and Eiko and have been rather close friends ever since that day.
Kaguya Kiwi Classmate Kiwi-san Kiwi is odd. He doesn't seem to understand things except on a basic level. He also seems to have some strange understanding about the world on an instinctual level that Mizumi doesn't understand. He also doesn't seem to liek the Academy instructors…
Naibu Akushin Friend Akushin-san A simple classmate until the day Ren decided to bump into her. Akushin was the one to advise her to get a staff.
Shimizu Ren Friend Ren-kun Mizumi met Ren when she was 7. He helped her onto the tree that Eiko was trying to climb. She and Ren have been rather close friends since that day.

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