Shirayuki Tsubaki
Shirayuki Tsubaki
Birthplace Land of Water, Kirigakure
Birthdate December 8, 3 A.F.
Death Date October 22, 13 A.F.
Gender Female
Age 9
Height 3'9" (114.3cm)
Weight 45lbs (20.41kg)
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai Icon-Ice2.gif Ice Manipulation
Classification None
Areas of Expertise None Discovered Yet
Clan Symbol-Yuki-Clan Shirayuki
Affiliation Symbol-Kirigakure Kirigakure
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 8 years
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Water Water
Element (Secondary) Icon-Wind Wind
Element (Special) Icon-Ice2.gif Ice
Father Shirayuki Tadashi
Mother Shirayuki Mizuki
Signature Jutsu
Ice Release: Ice Clone

Tsubaki is a young Shirayuki who is constantly tested by others. Many expect great things from her since she is a member of the noble family, however indirect this may be. While she does not consider herself a genius, others might. If pressed, she will simply say nothing or "I'm not a genius, I just work hard."



Tsubaki's personality is currently in a state of flux. She has learned since birth what she must seem, but it does not always align with what she feels, especially considering the fact that she is an eight-year old.

As her mother said, "The Shirayuki have a reputation due to their Kekkei Genkai. Let's see just how right they are." Her lessons involve grace, posture, and politeness when it comes to being in public. Her face must always mask her true intentions. Letting even a hint of surprise show on her face is unsightly. Tsubaki was forced to practice this at home around her mother and tutors, and she was constantly getting graded for it.

The training at home has shaped a lot of Tsubaki's personality. On the outside, she appears calm and collected. Sometimes she has a 'lapse' into what an eight-year old might be, but it's always short. Her smile, when it graces her features, are small, and it's usually her eyes that hold all her emotion while her face attempts to remain a blank slate.


Tsubaki is a young girl about 8 years of age, though she could be considered younger if her height had anything to say about it. The girl stands at about 3 feet and 9 inches tall, which is small even by short people standards. She's slender, though, so she might seem a bit taller because of that. Her skin is pale and unblemished from the marks of time, and her black hair just accents the paleness of her figure. She has green eyes that seem piercing at times, much like a sharpened emerald. But sometimes it can be as soft as a green meadow.
Her clothing is much like any Kiri-nin, nothing particularly distinctive. Until you see the Shirayuki clan symbol on the back of her cloak. Something small that adorns her upper back and can typically be covered by her hood.


Ninja Journal

November 2015

Sentence Served
I am done with the punishment, after the last … 'customer', I guess you could call her. It was a rough task, but I was able to finish. It took days, though. Her list was never-ending, and I can't help but wonder if I even made anything up to her. I know I can't fix the damage I've done, of course… I've said that sever times over… At least I no longer have to go to the Academy. My Hitai-ate is safely on my arm, and it will be shown off to the world from here on out. I think… I hope I have learned my lesson… I know I have. I just hope I can show that I have done such…

Teatime with Yuriko
How strange… I thought I was doing well today, so I made my way to Nanami Restaurant for some food and tea. It was there that I encountered Kaguya Yuriko… I remember speaking with her at the market once. And another time…. Well, I think the last time was after she rescued me from the kidnappers… I had yet to thank her, so I decided to go over and sit down for a bit… And so I thanked her and mostly went on my way. After chatting a bit… Apparently Yuriko-san is the same age as me, or almost. She's ten years old… So strange… And yet she looks so much older…

Notes on Training
For the past while, I have been seeking out refuge. Now that I no longer am restricted by Student standards, I have forged my way through the path of control. But there needs to be an output to what I withhold, so I suppose I am not a true master yet. I have taken to wandering out at night, except when assigned a mission. Hopefully things can continue like this. Kiji-san usually wakes up and asks me where I'm going, of course. I tell her and request her not to follow, but I can't help wonder if she does. As a non-sensor, I can't tell… Regardless, so long as she, nor anyone else, interferes with my training, I am fine with it.

The Death of Shirayuki Tsubaki
Were the spirit of Tsubaki able to write, the journal would say such:
I was going out to train as usual. It started much the same. But as I made my way around the lake, I … had an odd feeling. And then someone arrived. He had on a mask and black clothes with the only recognizable symbol being that of the Hidden Leaf's ANBU. I asked him… A few questions. For he gave me a single one: 'Do you choose to live a coward or die a fool?' Not in so many words… But to run and abandon my village… I couldn't do it. Perhaps I am even more of a coward than I thought. Than was believed by others. The man vowed to kill those within the Hidden Mists. I failed to stop him, but I wonder if my death can be used as a warning… I do not wish to see more souls join me.

Skills And Abilities



Basic Skills

RP Logs

Theme Songs

Catch Fire by Jenix

Trapped by her parents; Tsubaki's desire to become a shinobi.

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