Shirokiri Rise

"Go'en ahead 'nd get back up. I dare ya!"

Rise Shirokiri
Birthplace Land of Water
Birthdate January 1st, - 6 B.F.
Zodiac Horse
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 5'3"
Weight 132 lbs
Blood Type AB
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Instructor, Taijutsuist
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu, Scouting, Teaching
Clan Unknown
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Chunin
Ninja Position Head Instructor
Ninja Registration 000235
Academy Grad. Age 11
Chuunin Prom. Age 12
Nature Type
Element Unknown
Caretaker/Sensei Ren no Tsuki
Signature Jutsu
Konoha Ryūjin

Rise is a martial artist — a fighter at her core, and a powerful one in her own right. Whereas most of her origin is a fragmented mystery even to her, at present she remains infamous as Kumogakure most temperamental, obstinate, and (in some circles) most terrifying shinobi. Despite most of her short comings, Rise rarely fails to pull her act together whenever it counts.


Note on background: Information in the tabs "Origins" is all stuff that only those mentioned within the entries would possibly be familiar with, but no one else, unless they actually investigate the information. Information in "Rise's Beginnings" & "Chuunin Exams" would be information known to those in Kumogakure, but likely no where else unless investigated. If you wish to ICly learn information from one of these segments, you will need to acquire that information from Rise herself.


In the past Rise proved to be antisocial and potentially suicidal martial artist because of her sometimes extremist methods of training and protecting herself. Within two years of being an active Kumogakure shinobi the vast majority of animosity and nurtured outside of the village's walls is refocused purely onto non-living targets that would assist in her becoming a better, more reliable shinobi. Naturally, a few of her old traits still remained. Such as her stubbornness when it comes to all forms of her confrontation, blunt way of speaking and only a “mild” lack of respect for authority figures unless earned in her eyes. She is also strong-willed and determined, not one to lose or give up in a fight easily. The unfortunate side effects of the life style she grew up with before coming to Kumogakure still remain, and in the form an attitude that suppressed her more peace-minded ideals.

With the exception of a few pranks throughout the village and 'incidentally' gaining the reputation for being a berserker she never actively sought rising in the ranks or attention. Her main goal ever since being found by her foster father was to remain loyal to the path that would make her strong enough to not require the help of others. However, following her promotion to chuunin after the first ever worldwide promotion exams, Rise's lone wolf mentality was suppressed for the sake of proving herself worthy of the position and guiding others. In this way she could assuage the guilt born from obtaining a position others for so long have worked hard at obtaining.





Age 8: Rise has her first near death experience at the expense of her parent's lives.
Age 8: Rise comes under the protection and care of wandering mercenary and begins training in the arts of shinobi.
Age 9: Rise and her sensei/father figure enlist under kumogakure's militia for a more stable life style.
Age 11: Rise graduates from the academy.
Age 12: Rise is promoted to Chuunin and becomes the official team leader of Team Four; consisting of Amani and Takeda Yamayuki.
Age 14: Rise participates in the Jounin Promotion Exams.
Age 15: Rise disbands Team Four and retires officially from Kumogakure.
Age 15: Rise undergoes Chakra Gate training under the nuke-nin, Satonezu Eremi.
Age 16: Rise returns to Kumogakure as a shinobi under genin probation.
Age 17: Rise aided in reclaiming Tea Country for the entity known as the Hittokage.
Age 18: Rise aided in the defeat of 'The Silence' and one of the groups masterminds, "Yuuma".
Age 20: Promoted to Chuunin Academy Instructor.
Age 22: Promoted to Head Instructor.

Journal Entries


Whereas her exact origins remain unknown, it was discovered early on by her guardian, Ren no Tsuki, that her training in combat started early on with a primary focus towards taijutsu based on how quickly she picked up and even adapted the many stances and forms to suit her needs. Rise also innately possessed a nigh endless pool of energy to draw upon. Together, Ren and Rise took advantage of it to solidify a foundation in the martial arts. She joined Kumogakure's academy by the age of 9, having already mastered a number of techniques under the Konoha Strong Fist Style; such as Leaf Gale and Leaf Whirlwind. She is, however, a berserker at heart. One that for a time supplemented her lack of physical strength with pills, overwhelming speed, and innate battle instincts.

As the years went by, that same tenacity would later help Rise endure the rigors of the World Ninja Competition, and even survive the conflict with being of living darkness that desired — and may have succeeded — in overwhelming the world. It is however her relationship with Naru, a somewhat short-lived rivalry, Tsiro, and Eremi that pushed her to exceed her previous. Two of the most prudent of which being her disdain for genjutsu, and reliance of pills to keep up with those stronger than herself, often at the risk of losing herself to berserker tendencies that much more easily. Satonezu Eremi, a nuke-nin at the time of their meeting, went a step further by starting her on the path to unlocking the eight chakra gates; the power to surpass even a Kage by removing the limits of the body. Alone, she studied means to both manipulate and resist genjutsu, but only time will tell if she throws off lingering resentment towards the less physical art and eventually advances beyond just necessity. The fact that she has gone a step further in learning to scroll storing techniques hints at as much being a possibility.


From early on, Rise's Taijutsu abilities exceeded all others in relation to combat. She possesses an innate knack for picking up the many forms related to martial arts, a hardy body despite her outward appearance, and the drive to master combat art that placed her well above others in the area over the years. Her single-minded focus left much to be desired when it came to genjutsu and ninjutsu. While her companions and enemies alike cast bolts from afar or disturbed the mind, all Rise possessed was her fist and determination to fight on regardless of personal injuries. This weakness on more than one occasion left the girl wanton, as was evident against her long time rival, Sekisetsu of Kirigakure. In time she garnered the agility to even the playing field, but it is only her studies under the missing-nin Eremi and the subsequent unlocking of the eight chakra gates that truly pushed her beyond just that. It is with the assistance of Amani Yamayuki that Rise has branched out from her past further by entering the field of medicine, though she remains only capable of treating basic injuries of date.

Rise reached a point in her career of being considered a taijutsu mastered, pushing past what most would think impossible by re-awakening the Leaf Dragon God Technique; a forbidden S-rank Taijutsu, and one of the few accessible without the need of any other medium.


When it comes to Genjutsu Rise has always been found wanton. While in time she divined the means to resist the effects at the cost of blood, pain, and at times, sanity, it is ultimately her erratic chakra control that has kept her from even considering the notion of picking up the art. Control was subsequently found as she sought to unlock the chakra gates, though it would not be for another year before Rise sought to study the art.
What started off as only of unexpected revenge on an old tormentor placed Rise on the path of becoming an adept genjutsu user. She still continues to abhor the art to a degree, so has only ever used it either in desperation or petty revenge.

Medic Nin

Under the guide of Yamayuki Amani, Rise has begun branching out into the medical field. However, her knowledge and abilities are limited to only the knowledge of how to treat basic injuries without the use of chakra; such as bandages, salves, pills, and etc.. Aside from this, through the use of the eight chakra gates, Rise possess limited regenerative abilities as well.


Rise initially relied on various versions of the soldier pill in order to enhance her physicality. However, her unique physical make-up often resulted in entering a more feral state, her fighting style altering accordingly to reflect the state. In extreme cases or given the potency of the pill, Rise would even go complete berserk, removing her ability to determine friend or foe until either exhausted or too injured to go on. Although her body eventually adapted to the pills to the point that such states happened less regardless of the situation, the threat of losing control pushed her to search for other means of empowerment.

Under the guidance of a rogue shinobi, Satonezu Eremi, Rise discovered the means to reach new heights in terms of power, though at the risk of endangering her body in the process. She learned to access the first three chakra gates with Eremi's assistance at the age of 15, and would later go on to unlock the an additional three by the age of 18 with the aid of her foster father, Ren no Tsuki. Rise has learned through trial by fire a number of techniques to take advantage of the extreme enhancement to her physicality. Although focus is retained in this state, the painful cost of invoking this state often leaves it as a last resort by Rise's personal standards.

Mission Log


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