Souzen Midoru
Souzen Midoru
Birthplace The Shattered Shore
Birthdate September 3rd
Gender Male
Age Nineteen Years
Height 6' 10
Weight 270 lbs
Blood Type AB Positive
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Kuroyari Captain
Areas of Expertise Kuroyari Style Kenjutsu
Clan Kuroyari
Affiliation The Shattered Shore
Team Kuroyari Squad 11
Ninja Rank Chuunin Equivalent
Ninja Registration N/A
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chuunin Grad. Age N/A
Nature Type
Element Earth
Ward Kuzunoha Shion
Student Takamura Suisen
Signature Jutsu
Dismembering Slice

Souzen Midoru is a Kuroyari recently promoted to the rank of Captain. What this means is that he's been placed in charge of others. He has asked to train his own troupe, bringing a squadron of Kuroyari students to the five major villages so that they may learn something from each. At each village, Midoru serves as a chuunin while he students serve as active genin.

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A Captain's Biography


Midoru is a driven person, in that he hates to see things undone. He was a unique perspective on life that none is likely to ever find out about, and it colors his every action, and it has to be worked around for his thoughts.

He's highly duty bound. It was duty, and his dedication to it, that brought him to where he's gotten to today, and he understands and lives by this. If he says he'll do something in earnest, you can consider it something near a guarantee that it'll get done. As of now, his duty lies largely with his students, and those he considers a part of his regimen. As such, he takes their growth and well-being as his own personal responsibility, and he will work in all capacities to see them properly cared for. It could range from training to philosophy to a cooking class to the occasional relationship talk.

If one would wish to know him beyond the duty bound Kuroyari Captain, fully, you'd have to catch him without his armor. Literally. It's a constant and fully tangible reminder of the requirements of his life, and when it's gone, he'll often be an entirely different person. Since duty takes so much of his life and has throughout his nineteen years, when that mantle is gone, it's almost as if he were still trying to find his identity. He can be somewhat childish at one point and carefree, while the next time may see him a quiet man, or, perhaps, passion is what lies at his core. He tends to react, largely, on who he's with when the barriers come down.

Also, he's discovered that he has a nurturing side. It would seem that he has a penchant for wounded girls. Or, more accurately, wounded girls have a penchant for him. Or perhaps fate has a penchant for pairing him with them. In any case, in a matter of 19 years, he's managed to happen upon a girl with her throat cut that he nursed to health and, because she'd have nowhere else to go, took her in with him, another young girl who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time in a group he'd hired which had been slaughtered but for her(which was a small mercy) and he'd taken her in, due to her being in the situation through his own fault, and another was sent to him, scarred in mind and body both. The first two are his wards, the second his student. He receives some measure of satisfaction at caring for an ailing woman. A bit of gallantry he'd picked up from his father, he decided. And when he thinks on it, he does notice a definite trend towards being the gentleman.

In combat, he's nothing if not attentive. Combat was integral to his duty, so he gave it the utmost dedication, and it's payed off. His body is a sculpted thing, always monitored and cultivated just so, and he uses it to good affect. He tends to let his overt size do much of the work for him, sticking with straightforward, destructive tactics. And then he plays on the assumption that that's all that he can do. He'll use any measure to gain the upper hand, if such a thing is necessary. He keeps a calm head, always. Though, every once in a while, there's that person that manages to draw the berserk out of him…


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