Suneset Taikune
Suneset Taikune
Birthplace Hoshigakure Village, Land of Bears
Birthdate 5/4/5 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 13
Height 5'2"
Weight 100 lbs
Blood Type A+
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification Missing Nin
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu and Genjutsu
Clan None
Affiliation None
Team None
Ninja Rank Unknown
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 13
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Wind
Element (Secondary) N/A
Father Suneset Miyako
Mother Junsu Reika
Signature Jutsu


The birth of Suneset Taikune comes first with a story regarding his loving parents, a male shinobi by the name of Suneset Miyako, a specialist in the ninja art of Ninjutsu, and a female shinobi by the name of Junsu Reika, a specialist in the ninja art of Genjutsu. They were both involved in the founding of the Hoshigakure Village, when that miraculous 'star' fell from the sky. Ever since then, the star had been used as a training tool for the ninja of that village with the methods developed by the First Hoshikage, and his parents were not the exception to this training. Many months have they trained under the power of the meteorite that many have failed to survive, acquiring abilities completely unique to the village, though at a severe and mysterious cost. Both of his parents had lived and survived the training, though the effects had already taken its toll, though rarely shown.

Shortly after the completion of their training, a very rare occurance happened between them that was a cost to most who have underwent same life-risking guidance.. they had mysteriously concieved a child. No one knew what effects the star may have on a child who's parents have achieved the power of the star, but the two who it really mattered to, could only hope he or she, would be normal. Abeit their feelings, the First Hoshikage was very curious of this event, and wanted to keep tabs on this child and their parents.

Nine months later, under the light of a full moon and brightly shining stars, Suneset Taikune came into the world, and their hopes for a completely normal child would be shattered with a single newborn's cry. The young toddler, obviously a boy, held an odd trait that was not of his parents, but infact a subtle trait from the star's chakra flowing through his mother's body during his growth. His eyes were the color of bright amethyst, bordering on a purplish silver. His hair color, though, had remained the same as his father, a raven black hue. Shortly after his birth, his mother passed away while holding him in her arms. Approximately a year later, his father passed away due a mysterious illness, though in reality, due to the star's degrading effects.

Being left with no parents to care for him, the First Hoshikage dropped the young child into the lap of a Hoshigakure villager by the name of Horushi Renji, though the villager had expressed dislike of the idea, he was forced to play the role of a father figure, abeit signs of resentment. He was fed and clothed by the villager, though he was shown quite a bit of love when he grew up, it was through the Hoshikage's generous 'contributions' that paid for his upcoming and the villager's reason to care. It was not until the age of twelve years that his life would change completely.

During Taikune's first year of training under the power of the star, the First Hoshikage had realised the extent of the young boy's potential for controlling chakra, and the potential to make a famous name for the village. Soon afterwards, devising a cunning plan for the betterment of the village, the First Hoshikage came to the home of Horushi Renji and told Taikune he was being taken away from his home permanently, which he refused. The First Hoshikage expected this, and offered his foster father money to sell the boy to him, which the greedy villager accepted. It was then that Taikune was shown the true nature of the man who raised him, who told him to get lost and never come back to his home ever again. The young boy was then hauled away, forced to live at the dojo to train extensively under the power of the meteorite.

It was thus, with the sadness of losing his home and witnessing the first betrayal of his life, that Taikune was forced to focus on his training with the meteorite, but not without the abuse that was to come over him. At first, he was very resistant of his training, being brought in during times when scheduled training was not planned for the other village shinobi. The First Hoshikage did not want this potential to go to waste, he did not want to lose the opportunity to become one of the great nations. Taikune was allowed to leave the pavilion frequently at first, but after realising how little the young boy was training under the meteorite, his privilages to leave on his own will were cut off, and eventually, he was not allowed to leave the room again. When Taikune first attempted to escape the pavilion after feeling like a prisoner, the shinobi under his watch caught him and threw him back into the meteorite room with ease due to his lacking proficiency in physical power and lacking in taijutsu knowledge. Several attempts to escape have been made by the young boy, which became more of a hinderance and annoyance to the First Hoshikage, whom then ordered him to be kept in place by any force necessary.

This in turn lead to abuse, his future attempts to escape being foiled and followed by lashings and physical marrings, along with the light mental abuse that guards have shown him over the years of his training. He finally submitted to the training, knowing that the only way for him to escape is to complete his training.. and hopefully, have enough power to leave the village.

Over the months of his training, he learned the ninja art acustomed to his home village, the Hoshi Style: Kujaku Myoko, or the Mysterious Peacock Method, and eventually developed a style of his own, called the Kage-Boshi Jutsu, or also known as the Shadowed Star Technique. He excelled quickly in his training under the meteor, and has shown extraordinary intelligence… though intelligence that was to be used against his village. It was not long after his training had been completed that he used a genjutsu on the two shinobi who have been holding him up inside a secret room within the pavilion as his bedroom, rendering them helpless under its effects and allowing him to make a quick escape. He had heard talk of the rising nation of Konaha, and set out to flee to the town for protection.. but not without persuers.


Being calm and collective, Suneset Taikune is a young, prodigious boy who looks at things from a reasonable stand-point. He is not one to judge someone quickly, but that is only dwarfed by the extent of his loyalty. He tends to be quiet and shy, until he gets to know someone.


A young boy, whom appears to be around his early teens, is here with a lithe, yet somewhat frail build. Raven black hair covers his head, though tied up in a pony tail in the back with a silver pin in the shape of a star, keeping his hair neatly held together. His eyes, being unique in their own right, are a light amethyst in hue, bordering on purplish-silver.



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