Murasame Arata
Aka Suterusu
Birthplace Land of Earth ()
Birthdate Nov 17th, 8 B.F.
(Year of the Monkey)
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 6'
Weight 175 lbs
Blood Type B-
Kekkei Genkai Metal Manipulation
Classification Assassin
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Murasame
Affiliation Icon-Suna Sunagakure
Team Team Two
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 13
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Fire
Element (Secondary) Earth
Element (Special) Metal
Mother Daichi Murasame
Father Yuzuki Murasame
Signature Jutsu
Shadow Clone Metal Forest

Noubadi, now Suterusu, embraces the darkness that most shun.


Arata Murasame was born to Daichi and Yuzuki Murasame. His family migrated to Sunagakure while Iwagakure was being created, allowing an agreeable seperation between the family and the clan. While Sunagakure was being formed, his family would lend aid, although it was minor compared to the major clans of Sunagakure. Arata was named such to show their fresh start within this new land and the possabilities there in. He grew up with the village, going to the school system established for shinobi, he showed an aptitude for his bloodline's ability to control metal, the elements being bent to his will for that forging. Arata was able to leverage his unique attributes to succeed in graduating from the academy as a genin.

Never having used genjutsu over his time growing, he did not ever take a true understanding of it. It was something out there and he would deal with it when he had to. Most of his time had been spent within the shadows. He soon adapted a moniker, Noubadi. This of course, allowed him to cause trouble as well as get in it. Afterall, when asked who stole the cookie and the other genin would respond no body, they were punished for it. Arata, now Noubadi, worked further on his stealth capabilities. He quickly adapted to those shadows, being reluctant to emerge from them when having to deal with others. Shadows being hard to obtain in the desert, his ability to hide within them was almost impressive. He also learned how to deal with wires. Both with manipulating shuriken with them and with general traps of wires themselves. His blood line assisted with this by being able to strengthen those wires. Between these two capabilities, he was quickly becoming a wire strangler assassin.

Continuing his work for Sunagakure, he had been sent on different missions, further and further afield as he showed his capabilities at being self sufficent as well as un-noticed. While dealing with a particularly long mission in the land of rain for intel gathering, Noubadi was able to successfully pull off the research, with no one able to know he got it. The follow up mission by other shinobi was a complete surprise. This strength and dependability earned Noubadi the rank of Chuunin. He continues daily to work on his capabilities, seeking that mastery of self to be superior to others. It would only be a matter of time before those abilities would be further tested.


The assassin has always been fairly straight forward. While there is a certain awareness of the other gender it seems, that training to be as neutral as possible, as quiet as possible, has lead to him being the silent type to the extreme. Unless specifically engaging in training, he speaks as little as possible. Suprisingly polite, it shows that there is something to him, buried within the darkness he wraps himself in. Then again, the assassin has been known to kill anyone he was sent for, without mercy or remorse, no matter who or what it was.


6' tall even, this person looks tall and lanky. The entire body is wrapped in a black gauze cloth, making it hard to tell gender from a quick look. All about the figure was wraps and wraps of a dull metal wire. It'd be hard to tell if they were individual coils, or all one long string of metal. The ever present pouches and pockets was all over this person as well. The wrap on the head was that perpetual black cloth, shrouding what hinted at blonde hair and a brilliant pair of chrimson eyes. Those hands did actually show skin, carefully kept fingers were long and graceful in their work of the shinobi world. The ring finger on each hand had a dark blue paint to it, something akin to the sky at the edge of dusk.


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