Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate <Unknown!>
Gender Male
Age 13
Height 155 cm
Weight 40 kgs
Blood Type Type A
Kekkei Genkai <Unknown>
Classification Standard Ninja
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan <Unknown>
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team <None Yet>
Ninja Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 000436
Academy Grad. Age Never attended Academy Joined Village at age 13
Nature Type
Element <Unknown>
<Relatives> <Unknown>
Signature Jutsu

Taji showed up one day at the leaf village, asking to be a genin. He passed the tests and was accepted.

Rumor has it he was from a ninja clan that was wiped out in the ninja wars, something sadly fairly common in the years before the stability brought by the hidden villages. His best area of skill seems to be taijutsu. He also is a vegetarian!


Taji's history is something of a mystery. He speaks of a clan that was wiped out, but won't talk about who wiped them out. He speaks of mountains sometimes, but generally avoids revealing much else. He has sworn loyalty to the village and passed tests to be a genin. The tests did include making sure he was not a spy, however he has been accused of being a spy a few times by other genin since he refuses to reveal his clan name.


Taji tends to be a bit on the quiet side. He likes to study alone, and seems to constantly have his nose in some scroll or another. He refuses to spar unless there is a good reason. He is a vegetarian and goes out of his way to avoid harming even bugs if he can help it.


Taji is a lanky kid. His complexion is a bit on the pale side, his hair is blood red, cut short and sticking out in spiky ways, with the forehead protector tied around to hold most of the hair straight up. He stands just short of five and a half feet tall. His clothing is less exciting, a simple but slightly baggy pair of gray pants, with many pockets sewn into it to hold ninja equipment, held up by a back leather belt. A loose fitting tan shirt is covered by an open jacket. The jacket continues the theme of 'too many pockets' with pockets both inside and out, and even some on the sleeves.

A compass is built into a leather wristband, like someone might normally wear a watch. Metal plates are part of the jacket, along each forearm, and from the scratches on them, they aren't just for show. A simple backpack, with bedroll, is usually worn on his back, even when just walking around town, like the kid likes to take everything he owns with him wherever he goes. To complete the outfit, Taji is wearing a pair of black leather boots, usually scuffed, but looking like they add an inch or two to his height and probably have steel toes, the kind of thing a construction worker might wear.

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