Taniguchi Hitoshi
Taniguchi Hitoshi
Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate 10 March, 7 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 5'11"
Weight 120 lbs.
Blood Type O+
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Field Shinobi
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu/Weaponry
Clan Taniguchi
Affiliation Icon-Konoha Konohagakure
Team Team 10
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration K002619
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chuunin Grad. Age 13
Nature Type
Element Icon-Fire Fire Release
Father Taniguchi Kokoro
Mother Taniguchi Hanabi
Signature Jutsu
Blazing Shuriken
Combat Ability

Born into a family of what would simply equate to teachers and market traders, Taniguchi Hitoshi is a bit of a departure from the family norm, as they would say. A studious, hard-working boy, it's hard to catch him not studying some kind of scroll or some kind of new theory behind the shinobi arts.

Living within the Village Hidden in the Leaves, he is determined to prove he can be more of an asset to the village and to his country than by simply being a merchant, or just a teacher - by fighting and providing what protection he can offer to Konoha.


Taniguchi Hitoshi was born roughly twleve years ago in the hilly country-side of the Land of Fire. He is part of a family of merchants, some of the first 'civilians' to settle Konoha four years ago when the village first took root in the ground and began to spring to life. His mother, Hanabi is a strong-willed, intelligent woman and a teacher, while his father Kokoro is a strong-ironed and quick witted man. His father, being a failed nin that had volunteered to try and learn the ways of the Shinobi, taught Hitoshi some of the basics he had learned, prior to the boy entering the Ninja Academy, while his mother kept him well learned and read throughout his childhood. Throughout his early childhood and before the time to root themselves in the Hidden Village came, he traveled through the Land of Fire and to foreign lands with his family as they earned their various keeps. This allowed Hitoshi to develop steadily and with a relatively open mind to various concepts… possibly due to the nomadic nature in which he was raised, he's never really been able to stay still in one particular place for very long, and he's always been quite energetic and willing to explore.

When Konoha finally became a reality, his family had been invited by the Daimyo to begin moving in and to begin helping with the development of the Village economy. As a result of this semi-permanent rooting, at the age of six, Hitoshi was finally grounded into a home. It was, at this point that Hitoshi began to learn the very basic skills from his father, taking them to heart and steadily getting the idea of what he needed to do. He was ushered into the Ninja Academy around the age of eight… while, of course, also still taking his lessons from his mother to learn the things that people in general should know - reading, writing, mathematics - the general kinds of things that regular children should learn at that age. As the next four years would pass, Hitoshi would become more and more accustomed to his new surroundings; and the people he would soon be fighting alongside. He was always an outgoing individual, talkative, and in general, quite kind.

This belied his ability, though. With the remediation and teachings of the school, as well as the basics that his father would teach him on the side, Hitoshi was quite skilled in his practical studies of the Ninja way. This, tied in with his developing quick wit and cunning and analytical nature, would eventually mold him into being quite the talented nin. So, for the years he spent training in the Academy, and learning, he finally came to the point - around his twelth birthday - when it was time for him to graduate. Of course, he would pass both his written and practical examinations easily enough, and ultimately, would earn his forehead protector. Now, he awaits his first team assignment with his classmates… The world open to him, and all kinds of possibilities awaiting.


The namesake that Taniguchi Hitoshi possesses is that of being even-keeled and quite level-headed; likewise, as his name means 'The mouth of the valley,' valleys are known for being flat and level. Among friends, Hitoshi tends to be the level-headed one and the most calm; weighing both sides of a situation before taking the most appropriate action. While level-headed and rather easy-going, he's also very active in his search for friends and bringing himself together with other people; likewise, bringing his friends together with others so that they may be happy with him and with others.



Standing at roughly five feet and a couple of inches tall, Taniguchi Hitoshi may not be considered a viable threat. A full head of black, unruly hair, consistant with the traits of his family dominates his head, though it's cut spikily in the back, shorter than the front is. Bangs hang freely over his forehead, and from time to time, drift down enough to hide a pair of dark green eyes. His face is still youthful, not an entire oval but a fair shape, full, as it should be. While it's apparent that there are still traces of baby fat on him, training regimins he has been put through are shaping him up… and despite the fact he is slightly muscled, he still looks wiry, thin. His skin seems fair, but he also seems to be boasting a slight tan, as per the norm.

As of right now, he's dressed in the normal attire you'd expect of someone his age. A dark red, short sleeved shirt hangs over his shoulders, the collar hanging low enough to present the fact he's wearing a fishnet top under it; the said top continues around to his arms, encasing what is visible of his them and looping around his thumb, so it can be held in place.

The shirt hangs freely over a pair of dark gray shorts, which hang down to his knees and expose his calves; around his waist, he wears a belt, which serves the dual purpose of serving as a utility belt, and something to hold his pants up.

On the left hip, it appears that athletic tape covers an area all the way around… along with a dark colored square holster, which visibly houses a kunai that can be easily accessed, as well as several shuriken, flashbangs, and smokebombs. And if one were to pay attention, hanging partially hidden underneath the shirt is a small scroll pouch, designed to keep various documents he may carry with him safe.

The most obvious thing that stands out, of course, is the forehead protector upon his head — the metal plate with the Konohagakure symbol rests over his forehead, the band black in color, part of his bangs hanging out over it. The forehead protector is a symbol — he is obviously at least a low-level Shinobi of the Village Hidden Among The Leaves.



  • 7 B.F.: Born in rural community within Land of Fire.
  • 0 B.F.: Family relocates to Konoha when it is established
  • 1 A.F.: Enrolled in Konoha Ninja Academy
  • 5 A.F. (Late): Graduated Academy, Promoted to Genin.
  • 6 A.F. (early): Teamed up with Uchiha Berii, Inuzuka Taiki and Atsuro to form Konoha Team 10.
  • 6 A.F. (Mid): Participated in an assault on the Land of Water's bordering shorelines to assist in destroying a major super-weapon built by Kirigakure.
  • 6 A.F. (Late): Participated in First Annual Chuunin Exams. Came in as a semi-finalist in the final rounds; passed up for promotion initially.
  • 6 A.F. (Late): Participated in rescue efforts to locate and retrieve Sabaku no Hana from enemy forces. During the mission, Hitoshi is gravely injured and captured by an unknown Kiri kunoichi. Possibly presumed KIA.
  • 6 A.F. (Late): Taniguchi Hitoshi is recovered, and Touketsu Kagami (also known as Taniguchi Kazue, Hitoshi's lost sister) is also captured and held by Konoha officials. Hitoshi is hospitalized. Hitoshi's father, Taniguchi Kokoro, goes on the run from Konoha and Land of Fire officials for having a hand in a now-failed coup-de'tat.
  • 6 A.F. (Late): Hitoshi is forced from the hospital and begins to house teammates Inuzuka Atsuro and Taiki due to an in-clan dispute.
  • 7 A.F. - January: Hitoshi is promoted to Chuunin.
  • 7 A.F. - January: During an attack on Inuzuka Taiki during a training session, squares off with several members of the Inuzuka clan that are intent on killing Taiki. With help from chuunin Uchiha Narusegawa and Inuzuki Atsuro, places several of these Inuzuka under arrest.
  • Mid 7 A.F. - Mid 8 A.F.: Hitoshi takes a leave of absence from the Village to seek out his father, who had fled from from the village after being implicated in the failed coup-de'tat. His purpose is unclear; whether it is to kill him for being dishonorable or to bring him back for the purposes of justice is unknown. This was not considered an official mission of the Village.
  • June 8 A.F.: Hitoshi returns to Konoha, apparently empty-handed. Resumes normal activities after a thorough debriefing regarding his travels and interactions.

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