Tenjin Hibari
Tenjin Hibari
Hyuuga Tomoyo
Uzumaki Satoshi
Birthplace Symbol-Kusagakure Kusagakure
Birthdate December 27th
Gender Icon-FemaleFemale
Age 29
Height 5'10"
Weight ???
Blood Type O+
Kekkei Genkai Plant Manipulation(?)
Classification Walking Apothecary
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Botany, Herbal Remedies, Pharmaceuticals, Apothecarial
Clan Tenjin
Affiliation Symbol-Sunagakure Sunagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Jounin
Ninja Registration T525-3378-5967-01
Nature Type
Element Icon-Earth Earth
Icon-Water Water
Mother Tenjin Miyumi
Father Tenjin Chiba
Signature Jutsu
Plant Release: Field of Strangling Ivy
Plant Release: Field of Weeping Lilies

Known to most as the resident gardener-nin of Sunagakure, Tenjin Hibari is an ex-council member who resides within the protective walls of Sunagakure. Her time as a member of the council still garners her some favor from those who still serve, which comes in handy at times. Perhaps, if not ironically, out of place within the vast acrid climates of the Land of Wind, Hibari passes her time with gardening. By no means is it just your run of the mill garden. Having set aside a small plot of land for herself, she tends to a rather large garden that is near her home. It also has greenhouses for nursing those more fragile of plants. Of course, her gardens are fenced off and noted to be rather well guarded over due to the rare(and dangerous) plants that grow inside. It's known that she employs several people of like minded hobbies to tend to her garden due to it's relatively large size.




Before you stands a woman, clearly, who stands at about five foot ten inches. She looks fairly slim and in shape for her age as well. If someone had to hazard a guess to themselves and not openly, one might say she was in her mid to late twenties. A sort of ripe marriagable age. Her hair is long, reaching somewhat past her shoulders in length. It carries with it a well cared for luster, midnite shade of black that catches even the faintest of light with its sheen. Neatly positioned bangs frame the woman's face, hanging down as far as her chest. The face the hair frames is what some would call beautiful. Her complexion was pristine and her skin was a healthy yet pale shade of white. This was thanks to her aversion of directly sunlight to the skin! The windows to this woman's soul, her eyes, were a dark brown and were surrounded with lush eyelashes that gave her an unintention sultry look to her eyes. Her gaze was patient, from what only those who knew her could tell. Her eyebrows were neatly groomed to a somewhat thin line over each eye. Resting cozily atop the bridge of her nose, which was small, was a pair of black rimmed glasses. Her face finished strongly the further down one went, her jawline angular instead of rounded. Her lips were full and carefully colored with red lipstick.

Having taken in all of the woman's facial features, the rest of her seems rather plain compared to what one might find in a village full of Sand Shinobi. She seems to carry about her person an aire of unassumingness, a feel of professionalism and a career oriented look. One might even begin to wonder if she was even really a kunoichi of Sunagakure. About her slender body was a long and black hooded jacket. It was left open and only sparingly tied at the top to keep it restrained. Beneath this jacket was an untucked white button up blouse. There didn't seem to be anything extraordinary going on at the chest level, but that sort of thinking is best kept to ones self and not said aloud. Typically she is seen wearing black leather gloves on each hand and in one hand is a large black case, rectangular and with a worn handle in which to carry it by. Around her waist is a black skirt that reaches to just above knee level. Beneath that is a snug fitting pair of black shorts. A preventative measure against gusts of wind and perverts. The rest of her legs were bare, revealing more of that pale skin. Her legs were well defined but not very muscular seeming. Fit. Adorning each of her feet was a pair of heeled kunoichi sandals one might find on other people in the village. They were black and had a medium sized heel on it. Just like the rest of her, even her toes were well groomed. Unpainted and left unmarred by color.


Hibari's Diary


  • Ninjutsu: Earth, Water and Plants
  • Botanist: Knowledge of Flora
  • Pharmacist: Knowledge of Drugs
  • Herbal Remedies: Curatives of Natural Origins
  • Apothecarial: Knowledge of Poisons and Antidotes

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"Thousand Years of Death"??

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