Tenjin Kasumi
Tenjin Kasumi
Birthplace Land of fire
Birthdate 12/3/10 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 5'10
Weight 58kg
Blood Type AB positive
Kekkei Genkai Plant manipulation
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu, poison & herbs
Clan Tenjin
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 10
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Earth
Element (Secondary) water
Signature Jutsu
Poisoned dart


Kasumi is the daughter of two Tenjin clan members. Haruka Tenjin, a herbal expert who's currently travelling and making a fortune with promises of herbs that makes needy women skinnier. And Kaiba Tenjin, who is now divorced from Haruka, instead living a humble live as a travelling doctor providing help for the sick and needy. Kasumi is somewhere in between. She grew up with both her parents constantly arguing where to go and what to do next.

Her father was the selfless type. Her mother… well, she wasn't. Kasumi grew up between constant bickering, and hence she spend most of her time alone. Daydreaming of adventures outside of the nomadic families. She bought and played with weapons. Dabbled in poisons her parents forbid her to make. She even started making her own throwing weapons! Which turned out to be another forte of hers. However, over the years the constant fighting between her parents was eventually cause for Kasumi to run away from the caravan, she was at the time eight years old and found by a leaf Shinobi. They sheltered her until her father came out looking for her…. her mother moved on. That was the official breakup between her parents. When she turned ten she announced she wanted to become a Shinobi. She had already shown exceptional talent within the scope of the family expertise, poisons and herbs. And was good with a whole variety of weapons. Especially darts.

After a formal request Kasumi was officially adopted into Konohagakure. Where she spend her time in between the academy and the hospital. Learning to work with herbs and poisons on one side, and learning to utilize weapons and jutsu as the other. She got her headband in less than a year. Her first team was quite a handful. But they managed, under the guidance of a leaf Jonin they completed tons of missions, ranging from saving cats to more serious things, like taking out a gambling ring. After a few more years, at the age of fourteen she received her promotion for Chuunin for exceeding expectations and showing excellence within her field.

She was one of the only herbal experts that showed such natural talent and development within that line of skills. Another factor that played was her father, whom she wanted to visit on her own. Her promotion made that possible. She requested permission to hone her skills outside the village and join her father for charity work. She returns a year later, at the age of sixteen. She's been spending the last year getting acclamatized to Konoha again. Getting used to people around her. reuiniting with old friends and making new ones.


Presented to you is a cute, lean girl. She's about 5 foot 10 and usually has simple brown hair. Though occasionally she dyes it black. Her hair is long enough to frame her face, kept in check by her headband which or worn like a hairband. For her clothing she favors the colors black, pink, red and white. Though she can be found wearing a whole range of outfits. Usually her chuunin outfit either consists out of a summerdress during summer and a vest with simple, longer pants during winter.

She has what could be describes as nice curves, only complimented by her overall shy looks and generally fit body type. Her skin is sun kissed mocha, though closer to white. Enough to look slightly exotic. She can often be found wearing leather pouches which contain a whole mixture of herbs. A sickle resides where would normally be a kunai for easy harvesting of interesting herbs.







Ninja Journal

Introducing: Kasumi!

Skills And Abilities


"Poison is just medicine applied wrong!"

Kasumi her expertise lies with throwing weapons, poison and the use of genjutsu to keep the opponent guessing. Do they need to be worried about poison? Or are they just imagining it?

Kasumi's gear

Mission log

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The song of Kasumi and her relation with her father

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