Tenjin Koemi
Tenjin Koemi
Birthplace Sunagakure
Birthdate 5/3/3 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs
Blood Type A -
Kekkei Genkai Plant Manipulation
Classification Medical Ninja
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Tenjin
Affiliation Sungakure
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 14
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Water
Element (Secondary) Earth
Father Tenjin Eiji
Mother Amaro Nishiyo
Signature Jutsu
Medicinal Healing

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Koemi is a very warm and inviting person to the people around her and enjoys having company to the point where she would sacrifice her own fleeting times of solitude to spend time with others. She is very lax and laid back as a person too, and does not mind when people choose not to spend time with her or even like her. In her opinion it is better to let their indifference roll off of your back like water off of a stork's feathers. In the end this practice may show them an error in their ways, and they can choose to change their own minds if they'd like. This way it is the choice of having a neutral standing with a person in exchange for a possible improvement in the future. That said, sometimes Koemi does come off as very naive and trusting compared to most shinobi. She prefers to see the good in an individual and try for diplomacy when it is possible, and has a personal mantra that she will assist anyone injured or in need of help so long as she did not know them as an enemy.

When she is frightened or angry, however, this aspect of her changes and she essentially attempts to shut down to varying degrees depending on her levels of stress at the given time. If it is a mild feeling of unease she will take to avoiding eye and physical contact with the source of it and find other things to focus her attention on. She will have nervous little gestures that happen without her realization; knuckle cracking, hair twirling, outfit adjustments, and finger nail biting. When it grows to more extreme levels, her posturing becomes smaller and more closed off and the avoidance advances to not facing the source of her torment at all. While she would normally be talkative, she falls unusually silent and prefers to become more of an observer in the world around her in that moment. She grows more methodical and pragmatic than normal in an attempt to overcome her own nerves, and chooses to think of situations without thinking of morality but considering her own well being and the sake of her personal mission at the time. This can lead to her coming off as more ruthless than what people often know her for.



This young woman stands a little under five and a half feet tall from the looks of it, and overall she has a slender build. She appears to still be in her youth for the most part, but she has started to display signs of walking down the path of womanhood. This would leave her age to be guessed as somewhere in her mid to late teens. Her complexion is warm and bronzed from being exposed to the sun's warmth constantly. The tips of her russet brown hair reach down to occasionally tickle the base of her neck. Its style is barely controlled and the straight locks appear to have been constantly mussed and brushed back by the wind itself. A bunch of hair has been captured by either side of her face and they are kept tied by two shiny golden rings that have been tightened to prevent them from falling out easily. Her almond eyes are large and expressive, betraying most of her emotions readily. Their tawny brown hue could be compared to the colors of desert sands only shrouded by the cover of night.

Down her neck rests a loose fitting golden choker that is adorned with dangling pale-blue beads of glass. A simple white band of cloth drawn tightly around her does its part to cover part of her torso. A Sunagakure forehead protector has been tied securely to her right upper arm and is turned to be exposed in whatever direction she happens to be directly facing. Often enough the faint outline of her rib cage and her flattened stomach can be seen before her layered skirts are knotted and left resting highest against her left hip. A leather belt sits on her waist as well and often carries medicinal supplies, waterskins, and bagged rations secured onto it. Muddy yellow cloth banded with thick stripes of orange have been paired with warm red airy fabric that comes to rest halfway down her calves. Her feet are covered by burlap slippers that follow the natural curves of her arches and heels.

Sometimes the majority of the woman's body is covered by a long pale-gray full cloak that isn't quite long enough to trail behind her. When the hood is lifted over her head, her hair barely peeks out from under it and the subtle clasps starting on its high collar help to hide everything on her face excluding her pale brown eyes. The clasps continue down to keep the rest of the cloak closed off and its oversized appearance leaves her actual build to be questioned. The sleeves extend past her hands, but the wrinkles around what could be her forearm are crinkled as if they have been rolled up often.




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