Tenjin Mayuri










  • Personal:
    • Birthplace:
      • Kumogakure
    • Birthdate:
      • 3/27/5
    • Gender:
      • Female
    • Age:
      • Sixteen
    • Height:
      • 4'5"
    • Weight:
      • 82lbs
    • Blood Type:
      • AB+
  • Family:
    • Clan:
      • Tenjin
    • Mother
      • Tenjin Shiori
    • Father
      • Tenjin Hikari
    • Team:
      • Michiko
      • Unknown
      • Unknown
    • Affiliation:
      • Kumogakure
    • Classification:
      • Kunoichi
  • Rank:
    • Genin
      • Age Acquired:
    • Chuunin
      • Age Acquired:
    • Jounin
      • Age Acquired:
    • Areas of Expertise:
      • Ninjitsu
      • Poisons
  • Nature Types:
    • Kekkei Genkai:
      • Plant Manipulation
    • Elemental Affinity (Primary):
      • Earth
    • Elemental Affinity (Secondary):
      • Water
    • Elemental Affinity (Tertiary):
      • Fire
  • Likes
    • Strawberries
    • Fruits
    • Seafood
    • Fire
    • Flowers
    • Rain
    • Music
    • Being Warm
    • Cuddling
    • Training
    • Praise
  • Dislikes
    • Taking Tests
    • Most Vegetables
    • Rudeness
    • Sour Things
    • Bullies
    • Uncertainty
    • Being Embarrassed
    • Being Stressed
    • Being Cold
    • Deception
    • Being Ignored
    • Wastefulness
    • Being Late
  • Hobbies
    • Dancing
    • Singing
    • Gardening
    • Collecting Things
    • Cuddling
    • Visiting Hotsprings
    • Playing Games
  • Strengths
    • Determined
    • Prodigal
    • Quick Learner
    • Tactically Wise
    • Kind
    • Reasonably Patient
    • Fairly Efficient
    • Strong-Willed
    • Relatively Obedient
  • Weaknesses
    • Forgetful
    • Easily Deceived
    • Relies on Others
    • Poor with Words
    • Physically Weak
    • Somewhat poor Health

A young shinobi girl from Kumogakure with long, dark hair, lavender eyes, and a small, waif-like body. Few would suspect someone so adorable to be a dangerous ninja, but underestimating her because of the way she might appear would be unwise and likely lead to an untimely death.


Styles and Techniques


Earth Release

Water Release

Fire Release

Herbalism and Poison
Poison Sharp

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Mayuris parents, like a good number of the Tenjin clan, were wanderers.Originally from Kusagakure, they were often expected to show at least minor allegiance to Konohagakure and to the Land of Fire, but neither were interested in such overt matters. They were more down-to-earth and kept to themselves when it came to philosophy, political or otherwise.

During their travels, they became widely knowledgeable on the various herbs and plants across the lands, and were well respected herbalists. Though many Tenjin are shinobi, or trained as such, both of Mayuris parents were less-so. They were capable, to a degree, but neither had ever taken up that particular profession.

Their travels ended in Kumogakure, after Mayuris mother revealed her pregnancy to her husband. Together, they decided that it was not safe for anew mother to be travelling across the lands, or to be endangering their unborn child by handling dangerous poisons, and so they started a new life together, with Mayuris mother focusing on becoming a mother and her father doing his best to support them as an apothecary and herbalist in the village.

Not long after they had settled into their new life, Mayuri was born. Acute little daughter that both loved with all their heart. She was a healthy child with plenty of vigor and pizazz, who loved attention and behaved well,rarely crying except in the direst of situations. She proved to be a rather brave young one, never being afraid or startled by much of anything.

As she grew up, Mayuri showed an interest plenty of hobbies and was very active. She particularly enjoyed flowers and the water, and would spend plenty of time in the small pool her parents had built in their garden. For Mayuri, it was a sanctuary and a place she could rest and relax without worry.

Around the age of six, the young Tenjin girl showed signs of being able to wield chakra rather well, and had promise of becoming at least a decent shinobi. However, when her parents began to test her, she showed far more remarkable progress. When they could get Mayuri to focus on shinobi studies, the young girl excelled to a potentially prodigal degree, but she showed particularly less interest in it than sitting in the flower garden. This lack of attentiveness greatly slowed her learning down.

Mayuri did, however, show a more potent interest in herbalism, so that pleased her parents. They were glad that they may actually have something to teach their daughter. The little Tenjin gobbled it up like candy, and so the family had a good way to spend time together. Mayuris father would show her how to utilize herbs and the like, while her mother would take her outside the village to collect herbs or into their garden to gather the more rare items.

When she was older, Mayuri was sent to the Kumogakure academy to learn the ways of the shinobi. Initially, she spent more time making friends and fooling around than studying and practicing, but after the first year, she had settled in and matured a bit, becoming far better at maintaining focus. Due to her increased attention span, Mayuri was able to discover she possessed a wide array of capabilities. As exciting as it was, she also didnt initially understand that she was going to struggle to keep up with her classmates, or other shinobi in general, if she attempted to pursue every avenue that she could think of.

Regardless of that, she buckled down and began to study. Her ability to soak up information and spew it back out, retain it, or utilize it were top-notch and it allowed her to excel at her multi-proficiency training, though her parents and some instructors encouraged her to select at least one field of study. That did not appeal to the young Tenjin. She wanted everything. So, by the time she graduated from the academy with flying colors and a rather impressive reputation, she had her basics down for everything she wanted to learn, or at least most of it. Now it was down to finding someone willing to train someone of her talent and aspirations someone able to feed her everything she wanted to know.

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