Tenjin Minori


Tenjin Minori
Birthdate 9/12/13 B.F.
Gender Female
Age Twenty One
Height 5'9"
Measurements 28D-20-32
Weight 120lbs
Blood Type O+
Kekkei Genkai Plant Manipulation
Classification Wandering Alchemist/Herbalist and cosplayer
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Genjutsu Defense, Alchemy, Herbalism, Glassblowing, Cosplay, Deception
Clan Tenjin
Affiliation Kitsuki Village
Team Unknown
Ninja Rank Wanderer (Chuunin)
Registration Number 0000438
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Genin-Equivalent Age Nine (10/3/4 B.F.))
Chuunin-Equivalent Age Eleven (9/21/2 B.F.))
Jounin-Equivalent Age Fifteen (5/3/ 3 A.F))
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Earth
Element (Secondary) Water
Element (Tertiary) Fire
Father Tenjin Sakashi
Mother Orenda Rui
Elder Brother Tenjin Goru
Elder Sister Tenjin Asari
Elder Sister Tenji Kana
Elder Sister Tenjin Mitoshi
Elder Sister Tenjin Rumina
Younger Sister Tenjin (Orenda) Emira
Younger Sister Tenjin Tetsura
Younger Sister Tenjin Kitsura
Signature Jutsu
Favorite Jutsu







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Kitsuki Village

Located on the Kunisaki peninsula, an outcropping of land off the south-eastern edge of the Land of Lightning, is the village of Kitsuki, a small port village with its own castle. The Village of Kitsuki is very autonomous, having both fair farm-land along the interior of the small Kunisaki peninsula, as well as ample coastline for fishing and trade. Its primarily trade benefit is its proximity to the Land of Water, and as such, trades a great deal with Kirigakure and the other villages. Likewise, it serves as a port for many other countries wishing to trade with Kumogakure.

The topography and layout of Kitsuki village are rather unique. Along its center is a lowered valley between two hills each occupied by a district of what many could consider samurai. In other words, there are two sets of feuding nobles competing over dominance in Kitsuki. The northern hill and slope is dominated by the Ohara family, the family that serves as the chief retainers for the lords of Kitsuki, while the southern hill is led by the Hitotsumatsu family who maintain dominance in the port.


Between the two hills is the commercial district, a small area where the feud is said to be put on hold. And true enough, there is generally peace between the factions while between the hills. While the two families feud with each other, the local Tenjin family reigns over the village from Kitsuki castle and its outlying estates. Despite serving as the feudal lord of the village, the Tenjin family faces great criticism and scrutiny from their villagers, feeling that if any were able to unseat the Shinobi Clan, they would be able to take sole ownership over the village and its profits.

Kitsuki village is about 1.5 kilomoters north to south, and 3.4 east to west, with Kitsuki castle sitting on the eastern-most point of the village overlooking the sea and roads into the village from the mainland. Kitsuki boasts a population of about thirteen hundred people owning residences, with another six hundred in the outlying farms along the peninsula. There are usually anywhere from three-hundred to eight-hundred non-villagers within Kitsuki at any given time.

The Tenjin of Kitsuki

The Tenjin clan has not been in power in Kitsuki for long, barely more than a generation. It was some time ago, during a massive crisis between the hills when Tenjin Sakashi stepped up and rallied the people together to end the terrible economic policies that had been enacted within the village, making trade, service, and harvesting stagnate until the village was nearly crippled. Under the leadership of the Tenjin, exceptional botanists, the village renewed its fields and doubled their output, and services at the port and commercial district began flourishing once more.

However, since then the love of the Tenjin has waned. Not due to poor leadership, but because their heroic revival of the village is slowly being forgotten. Many of those who were in power at the time are dead or dying, and their children live on, holding grudges about being deposed by the Tenjin, who have no real noble background like many of the Kitsuki families, but are known as shinobi, traveling herbalists, and even poison-wielding assassins. Thus, animosity has grown, creating an unstable political scene within the village, a scene that could easily erupt at any time if the villagers found a way to take advantage of any opening and tear down the Tenjin and unseat them from the castle they reside within.


The Tenjin family of Kitsuki village is a rather sizeable family, boasting eight children, seven of which are female. For the most part, the internal family affairs are what one would consider stable. Very little infighting is seen, and many have realized their roles in life. Many of the daughters, thought trained in the shinobi arts of their family, are destined to be married off for political gain, and some already have been. One of the more noteworthy aspects of the Tenjin family is that Goru, the only male of the family beyond his father, disappeared when he was young, around the age of twelve, leaving the family with no male heir. However, being that Sakashi and Rui had already had at least five daughters by that time, the prospect of having another son was looking grim.

They realized that if Sakashi was to die any time soon, the family would be leaderless, leaving the unstable political situation in the village to explode into infighting. Therefore, they turned to the six year old Minori and began grooming her for the life of an heir. She was young enough yet, and anonymous enough that the villagers knew almost nothing of her existence, and yet, at the same time she had proven to have a little more boyish nature about her, despite her more girlish appearance. From that point onward, Minori was trained to behave as a man in public, to dress like one, and to look like one when at all possible. In doing so, the family hoped to end their search for an heir, and since then, no new male child has been born.

Tenjin Minori


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Ongoing Log


Minori is a… complex girl.

Minori is far from a simple girl, in fact, she is about as far from simple as possible. Much of who she has become could be attributed to the way in which Minori had been raised. Minori's upbringing was of unorthodox methods, but not unheard of. After the disappearance of her elder brother Tenjin Goru, her family was left without an heir. At that time, Minori was the most suitable replacement for Goru as she was able to pass for a boy with relatively little difficulty throughout most of her youth. Because of this, she was taught to be a man in public in order to fill the role of heir, and was allowed to be who she wanted to be in her private life. This caused a great deal of confusion for Minori, and even today, her personalities she has developed mesh and clash frequently, causing her to occasionally drift from who she was trained to be, to who she wants to be.
Male Minori

Minori, at her core, is a very curious, inquisitive person. She enjoys learning, exploring, traveling, and meeting new people and discovering new things. This particular trait is likely what has led her to her wandering lifestyle, especially when paired with the relative angst she holds at being forced to be someone she isn't. Beyond her curiosity, there is one other major trait that stands out in Minori: she loves politics, particularly political strategy and manipulation. The heir, Tenjin Minori holds a fearsome reputation as a powerful political figure able to crush his foes with ease, and much of that stems from Minori's interest in the matter.

Minori's family life varied much over time, from devotion, to hatred and disgust, to her more recent feelings of disinterest. While Minori is often detached from the other Tenjin clan members, she has always been kind to her younger siblings, even a bit doting at times, and more of a menace to her elder siblings. For Emira, her blind sister, she often tries to see her and spend time with her whenever possible, and despite her indifference to the rest of her family, Minori is very supportive of Emira, albeit in a more rough and tumble manner than her sister may prefer.

When left to her own devices, the Tenjin girl is often viewed as a bit distant, passive, and maybe even shy. While it is true that Minori is a bit cautious outside of her home life when it comes to interacting with people, it is not because she is innately shy, but because she does not want to screw things up. She has never had many friends, and really claims Emira as her only comrade in life, and is hesitant to ruin things. Despite her best intentions, Minori's male persona, the harsh and cunning political mastermind occasionally bleeds through and she will manifest some of her more negative traits.

Despite Minori's best attempts to maintain her true self when not playing as the Tenjin heir, she cannot help but screw up from time to time. This has left the girl trying her best to restrain herself and hide much of her past as well as her second life. As a consequence, Minori will generally give off an air of deception as she tries to skirt around unnecessary questions that she cannot answer, and will often make things up to fill gaps where she cannot blatantly admit she is the acting heir.

However much Minori might like to suppress her darker natures and claim they are merely part of a persona, she is not all fluffy and cute all the time. She does, indeed, have her moments where things inside just snap, and when they do, she can become very, very dangerous. Pairing her cunning, deceptive nature with dark, malicious motives and an incredibly wide array of abilities, Minori is nothing short of a genius when it comes to eliminating targets. Her mastery of deception, shape-changing, story crafting, knowledge of the political scene and prowess for intrigue are often traits she likes to keep reserved for her male persona, but despite her best attempts, even the darkest parts of her will rise to the surface from time to time, and very few things are more dangerous than such a drastic shift in intentions and capabilities.

Likes Flowers, particularly deadly ones; Music, darker and gloomier is better; Food; Alcohol, on rare occasions; Other Plants; Her Sisters, most of them; Rain, thunderstorms are the best; cosplaying, of course!
Dislikes Bitter foods, foods that are too sweet, anything that is salty, lots of physical exertion for no reason, stress of any kind, catchy music that gets stuck in one's head,
Hobbies Horticulture, alchemy, botany, herbalism, cosplaying, pretending to be a man, politics, deception, musical performances, dancing, playing with Emira
Strengths Incredibly versatile ninjutsu, good genjutsu defense, deceptive qualities, political genius, talented diplomat and good wandering herbalist
Weaknesses Lacks concrete taijutsu, little-to-no genjutsu offensive capabilities, over analyzes situations, can be easily put into a bind where her gender is concerned, has many political obligations and duties

The Heiress's Diary


Name Relationship Notes
Orenda Emira
Younger Sister - Spent many years in mutual isolation within Kitsuki Castle
- Are incredibly close, having relied upon each other for many things when younger
- Despite Minori's traveling nature, their relationship has not diminished
- Have recently met up in Konohagakure once more, despite Emira's attempts to get away from her family
Watanbe Itami
First true friend Pending


The most noteworthy thing about Tenjin Minori's appearance is that it is not always the same. Not just in that she is a cosplayer and dresses up and all that fun stuff, but that she straight-up pretends to be someone she is not, and that person she pretends to be is the male heir of the Kitsuki Tenjin. At first, someone might wonder how on earth a girl manages to pull that off, and well, it's not easy. Minori uses an exceptional amount of focus and training to make her male-counterpart self as believable as possible, along with a glass-based henge that allows her to give herself substantial form that can be interacted with. Essentially, she goes far out of her way to maintain the facade, and quite literally making herself appear the man she is supposed to be is not beyond her means.
Female Minori

Minori's appearance as a male is not really too dissimilar from her true appearance, however, she uses the glass henge to bulk herself up somewhat in order to smooth out her feminine curves which would likely give her away. This makes her appear a bit larger than she normally would as a female, but at the same time, still somewhat of an effeminate male. One thing, however, to note, is that Minori's henge only covers as much as she has to, therefore, it does not necessary appear human beneath her garments of choice, but will instead only maintain shape and structure. This is done to preserve as much chakra as possible, and because of this, her male form is not known as a real… exceptional combatant, as much of her strength is being poured into her disguise.

The true Tenjin Minori is a lovely young lady, standing at a rather impressive five feet and nine inches tall and weighing in at roughly one hundred and twenty pounds. She cuts a rather nice picture, whether in her henge'd form or not, and maintains a very slim and trim physique for both. Her true body has a very athletic appearance to it, boasting soft, lean musculature across her body that could be alluded to some physical strength, however, Minori is not that strong, she is just quite fit.

Minori boasts pale green eyes, soft and playful, yet at many times, they take on a very dangerous, sly, and cunning shape as she plots her nefarious moves and political intrigues. One of the only features that she retains almost perfectly through her transformation is her eyes, and as such, male Minori often receives many compliments on having pretty eyes. This always amuses and flatters the Tenjin heiress, as she rarely gets compliments on her actual physical appearance because it is very often used infrequently.

The Tenjin heiress sports blonde hair, and occasionally an assortment of wigs. However, her true hair is thick and luxurious, and despite her love of her hair, she is rarely able to leave it as it is, and either puts it into a more manly ponytail or uses her transformation to keep it shorter. However, the ponytail tends to be the go-to strategy, as it is easier and tends to be more her style.

Minori has a very nice, womanly physique. While she is quite slender, more so than most girls, and has even a slight frail appearance, she has a lovely, well-toned stomach and narrow waist to compliment it, with slightly wider hips with a soft curve to them so while they have a nice appeal to them, they also don't contrast too much with the rest of her. She has long legs and arms, with long, slender fingers. Her legs are softly muscled, showing that she is no stranger to physical activity, and her arms are not much different. Her chest is well-developed, not overly large, and not too small, maybe a bit more than a handful, but in her case, she feels just about right. They sit high on her chest and have nice lift and shape from her physically active body. For the most part, her skin remains clear of scarring or blemishes.

Minori's dress is often that of more feudal men. She will wear dark Hakama, a brown so dark that it may nearly appear black, with white tabi socks and sandals. She will wear a lighter colored kimono top, either a brighter, creme color or maybe a gray. Over that, she will tend to wear a dark brown haori that drapes to her ankles and has voluminous sleeves. The haori is used for multiple purposes: the first being a lazy disguise, the extra cloth affords her some leeway with maintaining her transformations, and in many locations where she is not under the scrutiny of people from Kitsuki village or those she does not really need to deceive, it is often enough; the second part is storage, as the interior of the haori will have many small pockets for carrying small scrolls and packages of seeds used for her jutsus.

Skills And Abilities


Minori is not what one would consider an accomplished Taijutsuist. While she does feel that taijutsu is an incredibly important set of skills to have, she has foregone much of what she feels she should learn in order to buffer her ninjutsu skills. However, she has not forsaken it so much that she is incapable of engaging someone with reasonably decent talents in hand-to-hand.

However, Minori's primary taijutsu component is her glass manipulation. Being able to mold her glass into weapons that are harder than steel can be an incredibly useful talent, and beyond that, Minori's ability to use that glass in a variety of ways, particularly to dispense her virulent toxins to her enemies, is fairly proficient. Eventually, Minori may develop more skills with hidden weapons, such as knives and needles and the like, but until then, her taijutsu will remain fairly devoid of dedicated techniques.


What Minori lacks for genjutsu and taijutsu, she more than makes up for in ninjutsu. Some would consider her… well-versed. That might be an understatement. She has more than enough ninjutsu knowledge for a couple of people, having learned not one, or even two, but three basic elemental manipulations: earth, water, and fire. While she is specialized in earth, and water is a close second, her fire manipulation is rather lacking in focus and strength, and is used primarily for other things.

One of those other thing is glass manipulation which she learned from Itami of the Watanabe clan early on in her career as a shinobi. Glass manipulation is one of her two primary combat styles. Glass manipulation, essentially, is an advanced form of earth manipulation similar to sand manipulation. The basic principle of glass manipulation is being able to manipulate any silica-based material, such as glass, which is basically sand. With the use of fire manipulation, Minori is able to create her own glass for use in combat.

Aside from glass manipulation, Minori has the Tenjin clan Kekkei Genkai, Plant Release, making her a truly formidable opponent when it is paired with her glass release, giving her incredible versatility. However, her plant release is useless without plants to work with, or seeds, for that matter, and thus she utilizes seal and scroll masteries to allow for easy access to the vegetation she requires. Without the ability to use seals or fire, Minori is greatly hampered by her lack of ability to create plants or glass on the fly, meaning it would be important for her to carry a great deal on her physically, which she does anyway, just in case of an emergency!


Minori's genjutsu prowess is turned away from offense and is used to focus almost exclusively on defense. That is, not using genjutsu for defense, but defending against genjutsu. She has a wide array of knowledge, and is well practiced in defending herself against, and detecting genjutsu used against her. However, this does not stop her from using the illusionary techniques upon her enemies.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Styles and Techniques

Water Walking

Tree Walking

Herbalism And Poisons

Earth Release

*Water Release

Fire Release

Seal mastery


Glass Release
Glass Henge (Skill)

Glass Henge (Attack)

*Plant Release

Herbalism and Poison
Basic Antidote Jutsu

Scroll Mastery

*Note: These Styles/Abilities are abilities that Minori likely posses but cannot use because she hasn't
acquired them in the system, or skills she will be acquiring very soon.

Mission Log

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