The Hatsune Sisters



Hatsune Takara



Hatsune Takara is a tall, slender girl with rather lengthy, bluish-gray hair and matching blue eyes. She stands at a rather comfortable and average five-foot, six-inches and weighs in at roughly one-hundred pounds, give or take a few. Some people might consider her a bit "leggy", and she does have long limbs in general, or appears to at least. From her history as a dancer, Takara has kept her body in incredible physical condition and has lithe, athletic musculature hinted at beneath rather well-kept skin. In terms of her feminine figure, Takara is most slender than anything. She does not have overly pronounced hips, in fact, she hardly has a noticeable body-curvature in terms of her physique. She does, however, have some development in her chest to make up for her lack of curves elsewhere.

Takara chooses to dress in a rather normal fashion. She and her sisters are not noticeably shinobi on most occasions, and because of this and their performance abilities, they tend to be useful for traveling and information gathering. On a regular basis, Takara will choose skirts or dresses, generally in whites and blacks, preferring loose-fitting white tops with black skirts and stockings or white dresses with black stockings on most occasions. There are times she will change it up, but it is rare.

Takara's dances are a blend of styles. While Ren tends to perform in a more sporadic, hip-hop fashion, and Mari prefers a balletesque style, Takara tends to get a very active balance of the two. Making even the most difficult of movements from ballet or hip-hop flow together into a very unique and brilliant style.

When performing with her sisters, Takara tends to perform on the left.


Takara is like snow. It can be beautiful, and so can she, however, underestimating her is a terrible thing to do. Like a storm, she can be overwhelming and dangerous, but at times, serene and pleasant. Since she was young, Takara has always been the leader among her sisters. She has the personality for it. Efficiency. Punctuality. Attention to detail. A mind that is able to process information and a will that can dominate others, or at least, her sisters.

Takara is generally a kind-hearted person, contrary to what she may occasionally seem to be. She has her moments where she can be a bit harsh or abrasive, especially in front of Ren and Mari. She doesn't want to let them think she is getting soft. Because of this, she is also very hard to anger, and because of her sisters' endless pranks and jokes, she has become rather difficult to deceive as well.

Many things can be said about Takara that are not pleasant, but she will always show you a surprisingly better side than rumors let on. And if not, she will do her best. As a performer, she greatly enjoys being in front of people and is not very often shy. When separated from her sisters, like Ren and Mari, she will fall apart and not function very well. She does not function well outside of their trio.

Likes Efficiency, Obedience, Music, Dance, Games, Being Warm, Cuddling, Training
Dislikes Wastefulness, Being Late, Being Too Early, Sour Things, Rudeness, Disobedience
Hobbies Performing, Dancing, Singing, Swimming, Visiting Hotsprings, Playing Games
Strengths Efficient, Punctual, Intelligent, Focused, Strong-Willed, Emotionally Strong
Weaknesses Slow to Act, Relies on Others, Obsessive/Compulsive, slightly Impatient

Hatsune Ren



Ren is very similar in physical structure to her older sister, Takara, but is quite a bit shorter, standing at only a meager five-foot, two-inches. Unlike her sister, she does have a little more pronounced feminine structure, with slightly wider hips than Takara and a more balanced figure. Unlike Takara, but more like her younger sister, Mari, Ren has blonde hair. She generally keeps her hair shorter, noticeably so in comparison to the other two, and considers it more of a golden blonde than the more straw-like color it actually is in an attempt to sound better. Like both of her sisters, and one of the few physical features the three actually share, Ren sports blue eyes.

In a very similar manner to her older sister, Takara, Ren tends to dress more casual. Dresses or skirts and blouses are very common, and she tends to try to compliment her other features with colors like yellows and whites, bright, yet more faded colors to give her some distinction. One thing that very, very rarely changes with Ren is that she always has a bow in her hair. The bow may change, but its always there.

Ren is an erratic dancer and her solo performances tend to be what we consider hip-hop dances and tends to contrast very well with Mari's more ballet dances.

When dancing with her sisters Ren will dance on the right.


Ren is an incredibly energetic and impulsive girl. Much to Takara's chagrin, this girl rarely does what is expected of her, even though she knows Ren won't do what she should, it never stops frustrating the elder sister. Ren doesn't necessarily do it on purpose. She has an incredibly short attention span, but occasional moments of brilliance, particularly in her performances.

Ren is a bit obnoxious and annoying in her interactions with others. She plays a lot of harmless jokes on people, but sometimes they get out of hand. While good natured and generally just to garner some attention, the jokes and pranks can be a little hurtful, annoying, or damaging as opposed to just amusing or funny and it can get Ren into some trouble.

Ren is quick to rise to a challenge, a fight, or other issue and is easily angered and frustrated. She is equally easily deterred from things when discouraged, but under the right circumstances, is equally easy to encourage.

Likes Playing Games, Doing Whatever She Wants Whenever She Wants, Bothering People
Dislikes Sour Things, Being Hungry, Being Cold, Being Bored, Being Told What to Do, Being Wrong
Hobbies Dancing, Singing, Eating, Laughing, Teasing Takara, Games, Playing Tricks on People
Strengths Very Quick to Act, Good Problem Solver, Strong in Combat, Follows Orders Well
Weaknesses Very Impulsive, Very Random, Forgetful, Easily Deceived

Hatesune Mari



Hatsune Mari, the youngest of the Hatsune Triplets, looks nothing like the youngest. While all born within the same day, none really look the same, or share too many common features, but a close examination puts them at least resembling one parent or the other to some degree. Mari, though, is tall and has a more average-sized physique than her slim sisters, however, she looks just as good as they do, and some may consider her the most outwardly attractive. She boasts the curviest body of the three, incredibly long, straw-berry blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very cute smile that is as dangerous as some of her genjutsus.

Not unlike her sister, Mari dresses in a mixture of dark and bright colors to compliment her features, and tends to gravitate towards more casual clothing. More often than not, she will mix pinks, purples, and blacks together to make a really striking outfit. Perhaps it is merely an attempt to stand out as the youngest, but she certainly dresses up bright.

Mari's dances tend to be relatively ballet-esque. Slowly, deliberate movements that tend to flow very well from moment to moment. This contrasts heavily with the dance styles of her sisters in solo performances.

When dancing together with her sisters, Mari is often the center.


Mari is a dreamer.

She loves to plan for the future, to imagine things that could be, and dream up fanciful concepts, and because of many of these things never coming true, she can easily have her hopes dashed, and like Ren, is easily discouraged when her dreams are threatened. Unlike Takara, she is not someone who is willing to fight against the odds without some encouragement, which is one of the reasons she relies on her older sister so much.

Mari is a socializer.

Mari is also probably the most social adept of the three sisters. Paired with a rather socially-appropriate appearance, she has incredibly adept social skills and knows how to flirt appropriately, compliment in the right situations, and essentially get her way through words and motions. This has been combined to make her an incredible performer.

Mari loves to perform.

Among the three sisters, she spends the most time working at her dances. Along with practicing the most, she also has the most divergent style of the sisters, making her stand out in their groups. She has the most naturally-flowing movements of all three of them. Sometimes, because her style is so different than Ren's, and to a lesser extent, Takara's, Mari will have a bit of difficulty fitting into their group performances, which sometimes frustrates her, but to Takara's approval, it drives her to practice even more.

Likes Playing Tricks on People with Ren, Playing Games, Performance, Training, Cuddling, Standing Out
Dislikes Bitter Foods, Spicy Foods, Being Cold, Social Fighting, Deception, Being Unseen or Ignored
Hobbies Dancing, Singing, Swimming, Arts and Crafts, Teasing Takara, Shopping
Strengths Outgoing, Fun, Very Creative, Good in Combat, Can Be Easily Motivated In Certain Ways
Weaknesses Doesn't Always Function Well in Social Situations, Physically Weak, Easily Discouraged


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Note: Friends are people the Hatsune Sister's would do just about anything for. The most important of them all.

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Minor Log

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Shinobi Journal

Skills and Abilities

Stat Base Level Level With Transformations
Taijutsu 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Ninjutsu 1 ? ? ? ? ?
Genjutsu 5 ? ? ? ? ?
Seal 2 ? ? ? ? ?
Stamina 3 ? ? ? ? ?
Intelligence 4 ? ? ? ? ?
Speed 4 ? ? ? ? ?


Resonance of Fate
- C-Rank Skill
- Unique Kekkei Genkai
- Mind-Link
- Increases Coordination
- Makes the Reality Fracture Genjutsu Style Available
- Makes the Resonant Harmony Taijutsu Style Available
- Makes the Performer's Grace Transform Available


Resonant Harmony Taijutsu
- Utilizes Three People Simultaneously
- Useful for Overwhelming a Target with Weak Attacks
- Used for Damaging Genjutsu with Single Attacker
- Very Dance-Like in its Movements

Basic Soul Strike
- E-Rank
- Physical Blunt Tainjutsu
- Strikes Internal Damage
- Rolls Tai + Spd for Hit
- Rolls Pow + Sta for Damage

Burst Impact
- D-Rank
- Physical Blunt-Chakra Taijutsu
- Creates a Powerful Impact to Knock Foes Back
- Rolls Spd + Tai for Hit
- Rolls Pow + Seal for Damage



We remember when we were young,
And of this our song will be sung,
Back when times were easy,
Back when things were breezy,

We were definitely little,
So please don't belittle,
We always tried our best,
To pass every single test,

To be the greatest was our cause,
But we were never to be because,
Even though we tried our best,
We could never outdo the rest,

We were just too young,
It was sad song we sung,
Back when times were easy,
But for us, not so breezy.


The Hatsune clan has always been at least somewhat affiliated with the Land of Water. While most of its members travel around in caravans similar to gypsies, they tend to have more permanent settlements in that region of the world. They are, as such, known in most areas of the shinobi world, and are generally accepted into most villages, but watched carefully. This is not because they are dangerous, most Hatsune do not have skills that are really combat worthy, but because they tend to steal from their viewers.

The Hatsune use a relatively versatile set of genjutsu that is utilized via dance and song. Many people have tried to unravel the secrets of their techniques, analyzing particular dances and lyrics in an attempt to replicate such techniques, however, none have been able to do it unless specifically taught the skills, and the Hatsune do not share their skills with anyone they do not trust completely or have under their thumb already. Despite having recognizably common lyrics that are used with many of their songs, or particular dances that are used repeatedly, the secret to the Hatsune's performance style is not in the words or the dance, but how they move and when they move, as well as how they utilize melodic and harmonic melodies and time changes in their vocals. Because it is the underlying fundamentals of performance that tend to lead to success in the Hatsune style, it has deceived many who attempt to replicate their techniques.

When Takara and her sisters, Ren and Mari, were born, it was a rather auspicious day. Triplets had been born, and not a single one of them seemed capable of living. Each was pre-mature and underdeveloped, but by some miracle, all three survived. They were weak for their first year, trying to catch up on the growth they had missed and fighting illnesses that their bodies couldn't repel too easily. However, after their first birthday, they began appearing to be more normal, barely different than other kids their age, in fact, they had far more energy. So much energy, in fact, that their parents were hardly able to put up with them.

Together, the sisters learned to walk, and began learning to talk, and if not talking to their parents and other family members, they talked to each other in their own code that no one but they could understand. They were good times for the girls, and soon they began showing signs of advanced learning. By the age of four, they were ready for schooling, however, as the Hatsune family frequently traveled for their performances, they did not have time to put the children into a formal school, and as such, had to teach them everything on their own.

One thing that each of the girls showed a rather remarkable amount of interest in was the performances of their clan. The Hatsune were travelling performers, specializing in music and dance as well as storytelling. The girls showed particular interest in dancing, and were frequently found dancing about whenever they had free time. Oftentimes, their parents had to stop them from working on performance-type things in order to get their daughters to focus on their schooling and other tasks. Despite their best efforts though, their parents could not halt the triplet's growing desire to perform. Because of this, someday, they could be quite talented.


Talented or not in their performances, the triplets had something else that would make the stand out from the rest of their clan. While many of their peers would utilize their performances to enthrall onlookers and eventually pick their pockets and such, Takara, Ren, and Mari were capable of working together so well that they seemed to preempt each other's movements, and sometimes even their thoughts! What others did not realize was, that by being together so often and never being apart, as well as their nature as triplets, the sisters had developed a special bond that allowed them to feel what the others felt and, in some cases, to read each other's minds.

With this trait under their belts, the Hatsune triplets began learning skills and dances that would eventually lead them to become the first combat-capable Hatsune who were actually using clan-techniques instead of foreign techniques they learned elsewhere. The three were able to effectively link their bodies in motion and amplify the dance and coordinate their voices so well that their entire performance jutsu was amplified beyond what others were capable of achieving. Utilizing their genjutsu, they began training in techniques beyond just their standard trance-inducing techniques and moved into illusions and disorientation techniques.

However, genjutsu was only so useful. The Hatsune required defenses, and over time had developed a form of taijutsu that utilized dance-like movements, incredible grace and speed, and precise strikes that inflicted enough physical trauma to scare away would-be miscreants or vengeance seekers hoping to steal back what was stolen from them. On it's own, the techniques were useful, but against other shinobi they lacked the power and effectiveness to really do any serious damage.

The Hatsune sisters soon found Takara taking charge, delegating herself as the combatant while her sisters, Ren and Mari, would assist her with genjutsu, and between the three of them, they created an effective mix of genjutsu and taijutsu that would baffle and disorient their foes as most shinobi were only used to fighting a genjutsu user here and there, but three took it to a different level. Using vision became dangerous for people, as many of the techniques were applied via the dances of Ren and Mari, or even the movements of Takara as she engaged in melee. Looking away would only find one of the sisters moving back into your field of view, spreading out and forcing you to rely upon sources other than vision.

But what do you rely on when you can't use your eyes? Your ears. But with Ren and Mari's signing, genjutsu still became a problem. Things became disoriented and distorted, illusions popped up and many of Takara's movements caused incredible nausea when viewed. By the time the triplets were able to go off on their own, they were able to hold their own as a group. Individually they were no more effective than any other Hatsune, but with all three of them together, they were tough enough to take on low-level shinobi.

Lately, the Hatsune sisters have begun taking missions and working for Kirigakure, trying to expand their skills and perhaps make names for themselves someday. However, they never had actual shinobi training, nor did they go through any of the standard schooling of a Kiri-nin, and as such, are not really considered official shinobi. However, because of their Hatsune clan's dealings all around the lands, they can move around with relative anonymity and not be suspected of working for Kirigakure. This makes them particularly useful for gathering information and knowledge in other villages.

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