Toi Zunoi
<Toi, Zunoi>
Birthplace Land of Lightning
Birthdate 6/12/1 A.F.
Gender Male
Age 8
Height 3'8"
Weight 95lbs
Blood Type A
Classification Student
Areas of Expertise Long Range Combat
Clan Puppeteer
Affiliation Symbol-Kumogakure Kumogakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Student
Genin-Equivalent Age N/A
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown
Element (Secondary) Unknown
<Father> Shizo, Hiromi
<Mother> Toi, Silia
Signature Jutsu
String Yank

All human things of dearest value hang on slender strings waiting to be controlled and manipulated


Toi Zunoi was born just after all the villages were founded to two shinobi that were both fighting for their lives and what they believed in on different sides during the Warring States Period. Zunoi's father, Shizo Hiromi belonged to a clan that lived within the Land of Wind. He was a skilled fighter and avid user of Kugutsu Style Ninjutsu. During the warring times, Hiromi was often sent on solo espionage and reconnaissance missions due to his abilities that allowed him to at one moment be by himself and the next be controlling multiple puppets at once as if part of a larger team capable of great feats. This was a skill that often came in handy when he found himself outnumbered or ambushed.
One day, Hiromi was tasked with a mission that sent him deep into the Land of Lightning. The assignment was unlike any other that had ever been requested of him. This time, the goal was assassination and the target was the head of one of the clans defending their land. A task that would be simple enough if any of his poison coated puppet weapons managed to knick their target and that was all he planned on doing. Get in, poison and get out. Though as Hiromi tracked the clan leader to their home, waited for night and snuck into the house, he saw a sight he hadn't expected to see. A vision so breathtaking it completely changed the man he was before.
What Hiromi saw of course, was Zunoi's mother, Silia. When she saw Hiromi she instantly attacked, lunging at him and throwing the man against the wall, staying on him with a blade pressed deep against his throat, ready to cut through and end Hiromi's life. Silia hesitated though, as she realized that Hiromi was the one that had a drop on her. He could have killed her had he wanted to, but he didn't. "Why didn't you kill me?" Silia would ask and in that moment, Hiromi leaned forward and kissed her with every passionate bone he had in his body and in return, Silia felt something she hadn't felt before and returned the kiss.
A year later they had a son, Hiromi left his original puppets out in the wild and destroyed for those of his clan to believe he had been killed and made a life in the newly formed Kumogakure with Silia. Though the techniques Hiromi had learned would not be forgotten and instead passed onto his son, teaching Zunoi when he was old enough about the mechanics behind chakra threads and how they can be used to control objects and when experienced enough be used in combat with or without the aide of puppets. Something Zunoi would have to decide about later, for as the years have gone by, it's now time for him to join the Academy.


Zunoi is just a child and as such is very inexperienced with the world, but he has a strong desire to learn, grow and improve every step of the way. If a challenge ever presents itself, he'll take it head on feeling that's the best and fastest way to learn. When it comes to being around other people, he's incredibly polite and friendly. Those he considers friends will find that Zunoi is loyal and will always be there for them if able.


A small, young child with messy, blonde hair that's short in the back, but with spiked bangs covering his forehead reaching just past the eyebrows and a brown, flat billed hat and a white symbol for Kumogakure placed on the front of the hat covering the golden head. Peering from beneath the bill are wide, deep blue eyes set evenly apart on a slim, yet rounded face. Wrapped around the boys small neck is a black choker.
Covering the boys slender frame is a sleeveless, zip up black hoodie allowing his thin, tanned arms freer movement, with less restrictions. The hoodie zipped up only about half way, revealing mesh armor underneath. On the lower portion he wears knee length, black shorts lined with several pockets and on his feet are a pair of brown boots.


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