Birthplace Land of Bears
Birthdate 9/22/1
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 5'0"
Weight 132 lbs
Blood Type Bear
Kekkei Genkai Bear
Classification (Bear)
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu, Sensor jutsu, Acting Like A Bear
Clan Kemonoken
Affiliation Kuma no Shinrin
Team None
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Genin-Equivalent Age 10
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown
Element (Secondary) Unknown
Mom Princess All-Fur
Bears Bears
Signature Jutsu
Bear Roar

Kunoichi raised by bears. Resolves complex problems through wrestling and yelling.


Once upon a time, there was a princess who hated doing princessy things. So she ran away to the forest to become a smelly hobo and live with bears. Thus began the story of Princess All-Fur. However, this is not her story. Instead, the story that shall be told, is that of the princess's daughter after she grew up and married a wandering hero prince or something, the history of the bears still isn't clear on the details. That daughter is Toto. Raised by bears after the tragic absence of details about what happened to her mother led to them not being able to consult her about where she was exactly (this is a recurring obstacle for bears, who are unable to write things down), Toto lived with bears, learned with bears, bathed with bears, fought with bears, ate with bears, trained with bears, and in all other ways learned how to bear just as well as bears could.

She was a better bear than she was a human, but ultimately, she was still a human at heart. Though she had risen through the ranks as a warrior among the residents of the Hidden Village of Bears, Kuma no Shinrin, which was basically just the forest except hard for humans to get to normally, she longed to see the homelands of her mother and father for herself, and see what kinds of bears lived there, so she could wrestle them and gain mutual understanding.

Unfortunately, it turned out that most bears didn't actually live with humans, or vice versa, and of the occasional bears she encountered, most were kind of dicks who wouldn't even say hi. This required wrestling them into submission, but even then, their relationship was in some strange way tenuous, though Toto couldn't figure out how precisely. Maybe something to do with them running away in fear?

Either way, there were a lot of misunderstandings and battles against both bears and humans, and as a result she gained a lot of battle experience. While her attunement to nature as a result of her upbringing granted her sensitivity to Chakra, and the FIGHTING SPIRIT of others, Toto was still kind of dim-witted and only about as cognizant as a basic Genin and with the same degree of skill in ninja arts. Oh, also, the ninja arts she learned after beating up some wandering rogue ninja she had a lot of trouble with as well.

Thankfully, the bandits who had initially tried to ambush her, wound up Toto's wrestling victims, and then her tutors, eventually realized that she was basically just a kid, and an extremely naive one at that, and that with her monstrous strength she might be useful for bandit work if they could trick her into helping.

So for the time being, she is using her formidable skills to help the first humans she has really interacted with long-term to ambush other humans and take their stuff. She dimly realizes there's something wrong with this, and is trying to teach the bandits to be self-sufficient like her by foraging and hunting, but they're both having equal difficulty educating each other.

It's only a matter of time before she runs into someone more capable than them investigating the suddenly successful bandits and their rumored 'monster bear' who are wreaking havoc and chaos upon travelers and merchants. And then she'll have to determine whether her life is to be spent on the run or doing something more productive.


A very wild young woman in the most literal sense of the word, Toto is great when dealing with bears, but not so much other people. She doesn't understand the vast majority of things humans take for granted, including basic social norms, but she has SOME things down, like speech and wearing clothes, because her parents were still human after all. She just got most of her life lessons from bears.

Prone to trying to solve problems through yelling and wrestling, she tends to get into a lot of trouble when this doesn't work out. Or even when it does, it may have consequences further down the line. While interested in learning about the world at large, most of her human interaction since leaving the secret bear village has been spent in the company of bandits, and she has found humans pretty frustrating and confusing. She'll need a patient, gentle, but firm hand from someone else to unlearn the criminal lessons she has learned so far, and obtain a more clear understanding of what the world is like outside the forest.

She enjoys eating, sleeping, and wrestling, and tends not to think too far into the future than her next meal.


Toto is a girl in a long yellow dress-shirt with black fur trim about the hem. Pink eyes peek out from beneath a stocking cap with pink and black stripes and two black puff-ball 'bear ears' on top, and a couple more at the bottom on either side. Her hair is black but has odd pink highlights about the tips. Black and pink-striped leggings and a pair of sandals complete her attire.



Ninja Journal

Skills And Abilities

Name Rank Style Type Description
Chakra Sensitivity D Sensor Style Defense Trained or natural sensitivity to Chakra.
Tree Walking D General Ninjutsu Skill The ability to walk on any solid surface with Chakra.
Water Walking D General Ninjutsu Skill The ability to walk on water with Chakra.

RP Logs

Specific RP Logs


Title Artist Meaning
"Go!!!" FLOW Wrestling resolves all problems if you wrestle hard enough.

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