Toujitakumi Juudai
Toujitakumi Juudai
Birthplace Land of Earth
Birthdate 2/14/16
Gender Female
Age 29
Height 6'1"
Weight 165 lbs.
Blood Type AB
Kekkei Genkai Explosion Manipulation
Classification Shodai Tsuchikage
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Toujitakumi
Affiliation Iwagakure
Ninja Rank Tsuchikage
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Jounin-Equivalent Age 17
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Earth
Element (Secondary) Lightning
Element (Special) Explosion
Signature Jutsu
Thermobaric Blast

Toujitakumi Juudai is the Shodai Tsuchikage of Iwagakure and former head of the Iwagakure Ninja Academy. She has had a strong shinobi career and was the first Toujitakumi Jounin of Iwagakure. She currently leads Iwagakure with a fair, but firm hand.


Juudai was Born to Toujitakumi Maara and Toujitakumi Ken on 2/14/16 B.F. At the age of 6 she lost her mother in an Explosion Corps. operation that made her realize the first time how fragile life can be. At the age of 10 she joined the Explosion Corps. to honor her mother's memory and her father's wishes. Talented, like her mother, she felt it was only right to do the same thing her mother did. At the age of 12 she graduated into her own squad of the Explosion Corps. and started on her first missions with them.

Within two years, due to qualities identified by her CO, she was given control of her own squad and essentially made into a Chuunin. She led her own squad on many successful ops over the two years that would follow. As other villages around the various lands were establishing more solidly, Iwagakure never truly solidfied. The Murasame being the first to establish the idea, many other clans, Toujkitakumi included didn't like the idea of it completely. Early on, however, only a few were sent. Among those sent was Juudai's squad from the Explosion Corps.

Attempting to become more like other villages, the now loose leadership of Iwagakure broke up Juudai's squad, establised her, officially, as a Chuunin and gave her a team to lead. Over the next year she would do a commendable job until a mission would go poorly. Losing two genin due to misinformation that was found to be not her fault, Toujitakumi Juudai was put under the leadership of a Jounin named Murasame Aokiji. Under his leadership, she'd go on for several more years of strong service to Iwagakure even as other clans fought and reeled against the very idea of Iwagakure.

After performing well and with the support of Murasame Aokiji (not to mention pressure by the Toujitakumi), Juudai would become one of the first Toujitakumi Jounin in all of Iwagakure. This step would serve to further push toward more solification in a village that lacked leadership except by council of the clans of the Land of Earth. She would be given control over her own team. Over the next several years, she would train many shinobi under her team. In her short time as a leader of a team, she would advance no less than ten genin to chuunin and one last one would advance to Jounin under her leadership. She would be congratulated on her leadership as well as her fierce and consistent support of the idea that is Iwagakure.

As time passed, more unrest would continue. Some would accuse the Murasame of simply using the idea of Iwagakure to put themselves in more control of the Land of Earth. In an attempt to disprove this, Toujitakumi Juudai would be put in charge of the Academy of Iwagakure. Over the next several years, she would prove to be a very strong leader, growing a crop of shinobi who would be heavily disciplined, quite successful, and loyal to the idea of Iwagakure and not simply to their clans.
Hersfter a time, a group of anti-Iwgakure Land of Earth shinobi would begin targeting various teams in Iwagakure. The attempts were to make it look like specifically the Kamizuru and the Toujitakumi were trying to hurt the Murasame as teams that were mostly Murasame were being targeted. As such, the very idea that was Iwagakure, already a shakey idea, was teetering on destruction. Tensions rose heavily. A task force is put together to find out the reasons for these attacks. Many want to quickly blame the Toujitakumi and Kamizuru but Juudai along with others believe that can't possibly be the reason for it. Juudai all but demands to be put in charge of the task force, citing that many killed in this situation were former students of hers.

Juudai's task force was able to bring irrifutable proof out that the Toujitakumi nor the Kamizuru had not sanctioned nor wanted anything to do with these attacks. A group of rogue shinobi, made up of many clanned and non-clanned shinobi alike were behind the attacks on Iwagakure shinobi. Juudai vows to bring down their leadership.

With many successful strikes, Juudai's task force was able to deliver a heavy blow to the insurgent group. Many of the insurgents are scattered after their leadership was all but wiped out in a decisive strike led by Juudai. The true leader of the group, a man named Yamamoto Akainu, was brought in alive to answer for the crimes against not only Iwagakure but the Land of Earth in general. The man was found to be linked to several on the council that led Iwagakure. The corruption leads to talks of a need for leadership like other villages have. With this decisive victory under her belt, the current leadership of Iwagakure declares that Iwagakure wouldn't be without a Kage any longer. After many deliberations, Toujitakumi Juudai was declared the first Tsuchikage of Iwagakure.


Juudai is a strong woman with a powerful confidence and will. She's the type who will not back down from anything and would rather cut her own neck than let anyone think they could win by putting a knife to her throat. She pushes forward regardless of how touch, hard, or bad things might get. She does not allow problems to halt her motion. Due to this, she can often be quick to judge and act. It can be a problem but it is a quality that has served her well as a military leader. Despite this, she often has many things on her mind at once. An intellect forged in battle.

Besides this, she can be a very cold woman, pushing people away and keeping them at arm's length. She knows all too well how quickly people can disappear from your life. She knows that you cannot rely on everyone to be there tomorrow so she does not open up for anyone very often. As such, most of the things she sees as fun are vices and things she can do alone. Her favorite being smoking a good cigar and another having a drink. She has been known to go out and eat with others in public but she still tends to keep her own table.


This is a woman who has seen war. The first thing noticable about her is a vicious burn scar going vertically up her face, going across her right eye and into her hairline. It goes down to just under her chin, only an inch across at the bottom with two inches at the top near her hairline. Her blond hair has a set of bangs flipping out over her forehead, parted in the middle. Two lines of her blond hair falls down to either side of her face, framing her face down to her chest. The rest of her hair is pulled back into a pony tail that despite lifting up her hair, it falls down past her shoulderblades in the back. Her eyes are an almost grey in blue with a strong jawline that ends in a pointed chin.

The scars on her face are joined by a few more, one at her neck and another across her shoulder and a third on her chest, visible only briefly before vanishing into her red sleeveless top. Over that she wears a pair of dirt tan vest that has plenty of spots for hidden tools. Her legs are covered in a thick pair of red pants with a pair of sandals on. Over this she is known to sometimes wear a ankle length red, trenchcoat with the sleeves hanging limply, unused as she simply wears it on her shoulder when it is cold.


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