Toujitakumi Nendo
Toujitakumi, (<classified>) Nendo
Birthplace Land of Earth
Birthdate 31/Oct/4 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight 200 lb. (91 kg.)
Blood Type AB+
Kekkei Genkai Icon-Explosion01.jpg Bakuton (Explosion Release)
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Toujitakumi
Affiliation Symbol-Iwagakure Iwagakure
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Earth Earth
Element (Secondary) Icon-Lightning Lightning
Element (Special) Icon-Explosion01.jpg Explosion
Father Toujitakumi Ishimaru
Mother Toujitakumi Tamako
Signature Jutsu

"Clay is a lot like a person… it is shaped by the world around it both in terms of its composition and in how its outward appearance will be. Much like with Kintsugi, a broken person can be more beautiful once mended."


Initially, Nendo would go as far as to say he hated the village… Ever since they moved within its walls his mother was gone far more often, his father was busy with work of his own as well. It was as though the village had stolen his family away from him. Rather than sulking however, Nendo did his best to work hard in his studies and forge connections with the other students of the academy. Being out of the house and playing with children his own age did wonders to change Nendo; the once near-silent boy began humming often when working clay with his father, and would talk about what he'd done while his mother was away when he was sparring with her.

By the time graduation day came around, Nendo was a cautious young man when it came to strangers, but fairly warm with his friends. When free, Nendo would spend time around the village and, most often, be working in his father's clay-works shop crafting pots, dolls, and when the mood struck him, figures of the monstrous badger from all those years go. That badger had become a symbol of fear, power, and something else for Nendo; if it weren't for his parents, he had no doubt he'd have died to that beast.


Patient and adaptable are the best words to describe Nendo. Rather than rushing head-long into something, he prefers taking his time and examining many possibilities before taking the first step. Every step that follows is based on how well the step before came out, making sure to adjust and change his tactics where he feels necessary in order to make it to his desired ending result. In the case of a test he will often study it from beginning to end and think over each question even before his name has been signed. Being something of a trickster deceit isn't beyond Nendo if it will allow him to get the result he's after. Rather than simply taking on friends Nendo takes on extended family; Nendo is more so the type to feel friends fall under the category of being "precious" and calling one as such can be a sign of his being dedicated to their safety, readily placing himself in danger's way if it means defending a friend.

Likes Stormy days, Overcast skies, Plants, Insects, Books, Animals, Mythology, Money, Bird Songs, Explosions, Solitude, Frightening things.
Dislikes Unnecessary things, Loud (Piercing) noises, Solitude.
Hobbies Collecting Clay, Pottery, Drawing, Cross Stitching, Sculpting, People watching, Finding life's beauties.


Nendo maintains an athletic build telling that in large his weight comes from muscle rather than a surplus of fat. With his shaggy brown hair hanging short in the front, and down to his shoulders in the back; Nendo wears a bandana or his forehead protector covering his hair atop his head. Dim hazel toned eyes often give a blank stare of even when Nendo's expression is otherwise friendly. Olive toned skin covers Nendo's form while black cargo-styled pants covering his lower half down to his shinobi sandals that give his toes some wiggle room. While he still wears his lapel hanging from his right hip, his red tunic with the single sleeve now sports that sleeve on the right side to cover the lingering scarring from an accident that left the Toujitakumi burned. Black gloves cover Nendo's hands to cover the tattoos that now mark his palms as is his family's tradition.

The tattoos are in the form of a heptagram housing one of two shapes; a circle within a downward pointing triangle on his right palm which represent the sun as well as gold and a crescent shape within an upward pointing triangle representing the moon and silver on his left palm. The meaning of these tattoos is known only by the well informed or those who have asked one of the family. Rather than two small pouches, Nendo carries a single wide pouch reaching across the back of his hips and attached to his pants by a pair of metal rings. The interior of the pouch is divided into carrying slots for spare kunai and shuriken, scrolls, and medical supplies. It also tends to carry roughly a kilo of clay and sculpting tools used by Nendo in his down time.


Name Relationship Rank Notes
Her ex-tutor. Genin. Cute. A hard working and energetic little thing.
Her ex-tutor. Genin. Troublesome. Seems persistent but with little in the way of commitment or respect.
She's the Tsuchikage. Tsuchikage. Beautiful. She keeps her office amazingly organized and decorated.
Maneshi Shu & Kimi
My possibly tutor? Chuunin. Pretty and Cute. A fast little thief of a shinobi but respectable none the less. He talks to his cat.
A Chuunin with a frying pan. Chuunin. Pretty. She speaks in an interesting manner but isn't one to be doubted.
New kid on the rock. Temporary-Genin. Pretty.She can turn into a giant bee.. It's quite an interesting and pleasant look to be honest.
Mind Melody. Genin. Beautiful. Probably the only genjutsu user that has discovered a genjutsu which doesn't annoy me.
Akio Scarred Stranger. Genin. Interesting. Quiet and compliant. He seems wary and the scars he bears give fair reason for it. He's grown friendly with Kaneko and Hotaru which had made for less time spent beating Hotaru up. It's a good trade off.
Yama Fist Fighter. ??? Interesting. While he has a strange personality his prowess with physical combat rivals that of Shu which says something. He is cooperative but I'm not sure I can trust him as of yet.
Shokku Clan-cousin. Genin. Interesting. I've not met with this person often however now that I have, I can say they are far more interesting than most others I've met. Unique ideas and an inventive mind tell me he will go far with little able to hold him back.

Nendo has a habit of ranking those he comes across on a scale anywhere from interesting to beautiful, what qualifies for which rank is anyone's guess.

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