Yotsuki Haruki
Yotsuki Haruki
Birthplace Kumogakure
Birthdate September 15
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 5'10"-5'11"
Weight 195-205lbs
Blood Type O
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Main Branch
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu/Kenjtsu
Clan Yotsuki
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team Team 6
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 009720
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chuunin Grad. Age 15
Nature Type
Element Lightning
Family Yotsuki Clan
Signature Jutsu
Lightning Knee


My name is Yotsuki Haruki, I am 17 years of age and have a strong build about myself. I have acquired the rank of a chuunin at the age of 15 I have no view for world power I'm just looking for someone to really push me to my limits and really force me to go all out only then will my thirst be quenched. Over the years I developed in the art of Large Blade kenjutsu style it's a technique that I used by combining and turning my lightning chakra into a weapon. So it's like I am a blade master. I also lacked the need to really care what others things about me and because of which I have a lot of people that hate and respect me. But I also have even more people that really enjoy being around me and my many flaws. I have promised myself and them that I will get strong so my goals of protecting the people near an dear to me will be realized. and that was purely based on my skills in battle and my insane rap abilities because the Raikage recognized my mad mic skills you hear. I have lots but for the life of me I can't remember any of their names. But I know faces pretty well and if it's a woman I make an extra effort at remembering theirs. Every since I was little my life has been filled with pain with a slight chance of happiness, when I was three I lost my mother and both of my older sisters to the ongoing war and just this past year I lost my elder brother and father to yet another war. Alone I wonder the land of Lightning with my rap book jolting down anything and everything I see and can rap about you know, I harbor no hatred towards the leaf for taking my family away since they were doing everything to protect themselves instead I blame the death of my family on themselves for being weak and allowing themselves to be killed.



I have nice flowing transparent long hair that reflects off my misty ocean blue eyes. My Frame is a nice 5'10"-5'11" height with my weight shifting to about 195-205lbs. My build is buff while at the same time highly athletic. My style of choice are loosely fit shirts that expose most of my chest (Similar to Sasuke shippuuden shirt) with standing slightly baggy pants (again similar to Sasuke shiippuuden outfit). My sword placement is on the back, the sword itself is almost as long as I am but nowhere are wide (O-Katana). I also have a huge scar going down my left eye.
I have a nice shade of brown skin.




Mission Log

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