Tsuko Saisho

Cherry blossoms fall,
Spring is so fleeting and short.
Youth falls like petals.

Tsuko Saisho
Biographical Information
Birthplace Kirigakure
Birthdate 2/27/3 A.F.
Gender Female
Age 7 Years
Height 110 cm
Weight 21 Kg
Blood Type A
Kekkei Genkai Kugutsu Style Ninjutsu
Classification Academy Student
Areas of Expertise Puppeteering and Research
Clan Puppeteer Clan
Affiliation Kirigakure
Ninja Rank Academy Student
Elemental Affinity Untested
Signature Jutsu Puppet TsuTsu
Saisho Stat Chart
Biological Father Tsuko Kane - KIA
Biological Mother Tsuko Hisa - KIA
Adopted Father Doihara Masayoushi
Adopted Mother Doihara Iyo
Adopted Sister Doihara Nagi
Adopted Brother Doihara Ishino
Adopted Brother Doihara Tatsuma


Sai, or Saisho as her parents called her, was born just before the first war with Konoha in Kiri, both of her parents were shinobi of the Kiri village. In the first war her father passed away on the front lines. In the second war her mother passed away in a flash of light when the super weapon accidentally vaporized some of the kiri troops along with those defending Konoha. This left Sai orphaned and alone.

She has but a few items left over from her parents, one is a golden necklace with a locket with their pictures in it, left behind by her mother when she went off to fight, the two pictures are from her parent's wedding. The second item is a bracelet that is simple woven silk if different colors creating a rainbow effect, nothing special about it but to her. The last item though is her real inheritance.

Her mother, when Sai was still just 4 years old, was already teaching her daughter her own skills in puppetry, by creating for her an apparently simple puppet in the form of a stuffed animal, in particular a stuffed panda bear about a foot tall. While appearing to be a simple stuffed animal it is in fact a highly advanced puppet created by her mother who was a master puppet maker. While the puppet is loaded with tons of tricks, advanced abilities, seals, scrolls, and in particular specially created gemstone eyes, to all but the most advanced chakra senses it would appear to be nothing more than a simple stuffed toy.

To Sai, TsuTsu is her 'friend'. She learned the basics of making it walk on its own with her efforts, and still talks to the panda which she has named Tsutsu. She is unaware of all of the secrets inside her stuffed toy as her mother died before she could pass this information on to her. She is aware that something is different about it and she knows her skills as a puppeteer would force her to join the academy if known so she has, up to this point, attempted to hide it as she doesn't want to be forced into the army and die like her parents. In her mind she associates being a shinobi with death, not an unreasonable association from her experiences.

Due to her lack of formal training, Sai lacks the basic skills any shinobi would have, and in fact is seen as a villager by most. She lives at an orphanage at night, which is little more than a homeless shelter for war orphans of a sort, but at least it gives her a roof over her head and two meals a day, plus basic schooling such as reading, writing and other simple skills. Sai has no living relatives in Kiri, but in fact has an Aunt who still is alive in Suna, although she has not met the Aunt and the Aunt does not know that Sai was even born as communication was difficult in the confusion around the two wars. Sai knows the first name of her Aunt but little more and has no way of getting a message to her nor traveling to Suna, which to her is on the other side of the world.

Shortly before turning 6 she was 'discovered' by Doihara Ishino, and after a rocky start was adopted by his parents, with strong encouragement by Ishino. Since then Ishino has been the big brother Saisho never had. She looks up to him and after living with him for a while decided that she actually should join the academy. Since then she has been working hard to impress both her big brother, her teachers and even the Mizukage when she can, if she can.

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