Uchiha Fudo
Uchiha Fudo
Birthplace Land of Rivers
Birthdate January 1st
Gender Icon-Male Male
Age 16
Height 5'11"
Weight 160
Blood Type -O
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan
Classification Apprentice
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
Clan Icon-Uchiha Uchiha Clan
Affiliation Icon-Konoha Konohagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 696969
Academy Grad. Age NA
Chuunin Grad. Age NA
Nature Type
Element Icon-Fire Icon-Lightning
Current Uchiha Naru
Mother Natsumi
Father Uchiha Rainos
Foster Mother Hiroshi Chiyozuki
Foster Father Hiroshi Takanaka - Deceased
Signature Jutsu

"There is no such thing as destiny. There are no such things as limits."




Very little is known about Fudo's life before arriving in Konohagakure. Even he doesn't know much about what truly happened. All that he knows is that he lived a peaceful life as a child, and yet still some how the shinobi world found his place of peace and solitude and turned it upside down. He ended up in Fuuma Alley, trying to live in a place where no one he knew would ever be hurt again, and still, the shinobi world found him… and she extended her hand to him to lead him to the Hidden Leaf village.

Having met with a woman named Uchiha Narusegawa who took him from a life of minor crime and grime, Fudo has listened to her when she speaks of another path. He still doesn't know exactly what will happen, but the ability to create his own legacy is something that he wants. His life other wise has been largely influenced by the whim of others and it is time for him to find a way to do what he wants.




Fudo is a boy who has viewed the world from a particular point of view that is different than most people his age. He is critical of many things, and he observes things with great care and caution. He tries to see things as they actually are instead of how they appear to be. However, despite the rather realist approach he takes to things, he is not without hope or enthusiasm. He does not believe in limits, or at least ones created by people as excuses or to hold themselves or others back. He also does not believe in fate or destiny, and that everyone has to shape what comes next through what they choose now. Respectful, but not necessarily polite, driven but certainly not obsessed; Fudo is proud to be himself and no one else.


Likes Effort, Struggle, Achievement, Grace
Dislikes Incompetence, Games, Baseless Arrogance
Hobbies Study, Fishing, Reading, Training
Strengths Observant, Objective, Honest
Weaknesses Prideful, Brutally Honest




Standing at 5'11, Fudo is a fair skinned teenager now. His raven black hair is long and flows over his form like waves of water, of flies like violent wind in combat. His sharp ebon eyes always seem to be taking in the area and situation around him when they are not enhanced by the legendary Sharingan. His body is lean and lithe, but still forged to move and react as can bee seen by the muscle that stretches and coils along his body. He does have a few scars now from his battles, though none are major. A small, gleaming ruby is held on a low hanging necklace around his neck. Along his lower abdominals and downwards, black flames are drawn on either side of his abs leading downwards towards his pelvis.
Fudo's attire is all black now. A black turtle-neck tank top that is covered by a black leather short sleeve long coat with a high collar that has the Uchiha clan emblem on the back. A wide, polished belt buckle is used to hold weapons, though most are hidden in the coat or along the back of the belt. He wears elbow length gloves that have deceptively hidden shuriken along the length of it and metal vambraces along the wrist of forearm that are packed tightly with razor wire. His pants almost appear to be black leather, but the material gleams in the day and becomes pitch black in the darkness. His feet are adorned by a pair of shin high, open toed boots with a few more kunai tucked in around the rim.
A long, curved sword is held against his back, though unusually, the hilt of it is facing downwards near his right hand and the sheathed blade is strapped diagonally upwards against his back. The etchings upon the sheath and the quality of the materials seem to indicate it is a master work of a renown sword smith.


Blazing Gale




Age 0-5

Age 6
Living with adoptive parents for a few years. Guardianship arrangements finalized.

Age 11
Ran away from home as his foster parents were to give him to other people and he felt betrayed and abandoned again as he was by his unknown parents.

Age 12-13
Lived out in the wilderness for a full two years. He was helped by someone he never got to see or witness himself, but it was one of the reasons he survived the hardships of the wilderness at all.

Age 13-14
He was abducted one night in the wilderness, and transported to his old home where he woke to find his foster father dead and his foster mother having lost a limb and scarred. She explained to him that battle and war had come and that was just the way life was. He refused to accept that, and they had a brief fight, but in the end Fudo left on good terms to put distance between himself and his broken home village. He moved to Fuuma Alley and worked there as a delivery boy until he was 14 and Uchiha Narusegawa would have found him and invited him to Konoha.

Age 14-15
Gaining a wide assortment of experiences and training, Fudo's progress is measurably slow compared to others of his rank due to him starting with the conceptual level of a student. At the same time, his foundation is far stronger than most genin, and even some chuunin due to this same set back. When he begin to truly walk forward, it may be at a sprint instead of a stride. He is about to graduate the level of student-hood knowledge with the Sharingan II ready and able to enhance his progress even further.




Nindo Journal











Mission Logs





Sharingan Copied Techniques


Lightning Needles
Raikouhira II
Forged Lightning Spear
Fire Bullet Barrage
Attack Prediction

Sword Strike
Chakra Sharp
Acrobatic Dodge
Basic Soulstrike

Fade II
Black Infinity Slash
Serious Wounds



Main Theme 1

Main Theme 2

Training Theme

Combat Theme 1

Combat Theme 2

Father's Theme


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