Uchiha Fuyu
Uchiha Fuyu
Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate Sep. 22, -25 B.F.
Death June, 9 A.F.
Gender Female
Age 28
Height 5'8" tall
Weight 138 lbs
Blood Type Unknown
Kekkei Genkai Icon-SharinganSharingan, Icon-MS-FuyuMangekyou Sharingan
Classification Clan Head, Legendary Ninja
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Cartography and Navigation
Clan Icon-UchihaUchiha
Affiliation Icon-KonohaKonohagakure
Team Team 5
Ninja Rank High-Jounin
Ninja Registration 000201
Genin Equivalency Age 8
Chuunin Equivalency Age 13
Jounin Equivalency Age 23
High-Jounin Equivalency Age 27
Kage-Equivalency Age 28
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-FireFire
Element (Secondary) Icon-WindWind
Parents Father's and mother's names both unknown (Deceased)
Teacher (Former) Uchiha Madara (Deceased?)
Clan Relation Uchiha Hinotori
Signature Technique
Demonic Illusion: Mortal Wounds
Favorite Techniques
Attack Prediction
Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire
Fire Release: Roaring Flame Sphere


A student of the Uchiha Clan Head during the Clan Wars, Fuyu assisted in the conquering of all who stood in the way of her people. A specialist in Genjutsu, she was greatly feared by most of her enemies for her capabilities in this department, even with an incomplete Sharingan.

Uchiha Madara left Konohagakure in protest of Senju Hashiramako being chosen as Hokage, and the Clan Head assigned after him retired from his position. Fuyu was made the new Uchiha Clan Head despite being one of the students closest to the man who wished the Clan Wars to continue. Her task is to lead her Clan to a better and brighter future.

Though it was and still is a matter of public record that she worked directly under one of the most powerful members of the Uchiha Clan to ever be born, even after two years in her position she has not shown any signs of disloyalty to the Village as her sensei did. Further, with numerous instances of putting her life on the line, the good of others ahead of her personal desires, and defending the Hidden Leaf Village even when it came time to confront Madara himself, she is generally trusted not only by her Clan, but also by most of the other people of Konohagakure. Even once-rival Clans have given grudging respect and acknowledgement to Fuyu, accepting she is no enemy of theirs. The Senju are still leery of her — especially those who faced her on the battlefield and survived. However, the Senju way is not hatred, and Fuyu has finally decided to give the Senju way a try. She isn't the woman she used to be. The woman she used to be might not have ever truly existed. But the woman she is in the present knows she's going to have to change in order to survive into the future.


Things others may know ICly: Fuyu is the current Uchiha Clan Head. She was a student and follower of Uchiha Madara. She is renowned for her Genjutsu skill. She won Bracket 4 of the First World Ninja Competition. She is a veteran of the Clan Wars and MAY be recognizable by sight alone, due to her habit of carrying a custom-made War Fan on her back, similar to how Madara did/does.





NOTE: Clan feelings and relationships are still being updated. The current ones are outdated.


Theme Songs



Strengths (Overview)

Weaknesses (Overview)


NOTE: The stat totals as shown below are in the same style as in the official Naruto series Databooks. To determine the stat totals within Naruto MUSH: Rivalry 2.0's stat system, simply double each number. Thus, Nin 1.5 is equal to a Ninjutsu Stat of 3 on the MUSH.
Status/Age Nin Tai Gen Int Pow Spd Sta Seal Total
8 1.5 1.5 2 2 1.5 2 1.5 1.5 13

Techniques, Skills, and Powers

Skill Lists

Copied Techniques

Special Ability: Mangekyou Sharingan Unique Power - Triple Susano'o

Fuyu possesses a special ability unique to her pair of Mangekyou Sharingan. She is able to manifest three distinctly different versions of Susano'o, each a massive construct of solidified Chakra so dense that they can be seen with even normal eyes, and each possessing abilities unique to them. She can even manifest all three at once, but this is an enormous strain on her and upon her eyes due to one of the three Legendary Powers of the Mangekyou Sharingan essentially inflicting triple the strain as it normally would for just one.

Primary Susano'o

The primary Susano'o appears as a skeletonized angel or grim reaper-like figure upon a gigantic skeletal horse. The reaper has four arms, with two typically crossed over its chest when not in-use while the other two remains available to wield an enormous scythe. Two pairs of titanic wings allow the Susano'o to generate winds that dwarf all but the greatest of natural storms and far out-match winds produced through conventional Ninjutsu. However, the wings also have an additional power beyond simply the wind they produce by flapping.

The Primary Susano'o also has its spirit-weapon: the Grand Scythe.

The Susano'o has a second set of arms that can be employed to help Fuyu weave hand seals. This essentially allows her to perform "one-person collaboration techniques", achieving enormously powerful Ninjutsu that would ordinarily require two or more people to cast.

The final ability of the Primary Susano'o is the horse it appears to be riding: the Pale Horse.

Secondary Susano'o

The Secondary Susano'o appears to be a great, armored beast. With boney ridges up its back, and a sturdy, stocky built, the towering monster can use the "bone-metal" horn on its head to smash through the tallest building or impale an entire mountain. The Secondary Susano'o possesses regenerative powers that allow it to repair its durable body if it happens to take any damage by breaking down matter in the environment into pure energy and then turning that energy into Chakra. Only non-living matter is suitable for this process. The Secondary Susano'o is the close-range attacker of the pair of "Susano'o Beasts", and its self-healing defense means it excels at taking physical hits for the Primary Susano'o when they are active at the same time.

Tertiary Susano'o

The Tertiary Susano'o looks similar to the Secondary Susano'o, but the boney ridges come up over its bulky, highly-muscular chest, and its horn is much smaller. Its head is shaped differently as well, with a yawning, cavernous mouth. It has the ability to "inhale" most Chakra-using Ninjutsu and then store them inside. When enough Ninjutsu have been inhaled, the Tertiary Susano'o can then expel them all at once in an enormous beam of raw Chakra with destructive power matching a nuclear blast. The Tertiary Susano'o is the long-range attacker of the pair of "Susano'o Beasts", with its defenses geared towards defeating projectiles from opponents before they can reach the Primary Susano'o when they are active at the same time.

Mission Log

The girl that never was.

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