Uchiha Kurome
Uchiha Kurome
Image found by Hinotori
Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate 08/26/7 B.F.
Death Date 10/31/14 A.F.
Gender Female
Age 21
Height 5'4"
Weight 126lbs
Blood Type AB+
Kekkei Genkai FVlVVDr.png Sharingan
Classification Clan Head
Areas of Expertise Generalist, Analyst
Clan Icon-Uchiha Uchiha
Affiliation Icon-Konoha Konohagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Jounin
Genin-Equivalent Age 10
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 13
Jounin-Equivalent Age 19
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Fire Fire
Element (Secondary) Unknown
Mother Uchiha Chihaya
Father Uchiha Teruo
Signature Jutsu
Fire Style: Great Fireball Technique

Uchiha Kurome is the newest Clan Head of the Uchiha, taking over despite her lack of strength. She's not sure what will come of this, but hopefully she can keep things running smoothly.




Kurome stands at a normal height (relatively speaking) of 5 feet 4 inches. The woman's eyes, irises pure black in color, that seem to pierce the soul of those she is looking at. They speak of intelligence, perhaps, a glint of knowledge always lurking within their depths. Her face is neutral and has yet to be worn by the sands of time. Black hair frames her face, though it is only a few wisps because most of it has been tucked behind her ear. The woman's hair is quite long, falling to just over her chest, which is comparatively flat. An A or B cup, if one had to guess.
Her clothes are simple. A blue sweatshirt with the Uchiha Symbol on the back of it covers her upperbody. It serves for warmth and protection, if needed. When a bit of extra clothing is needed, a black cloak is worn over the jacket. There are no markings on the cloak save for a simple clasp with the Konohagakure symbol keeping the ends together. The legs are covered by black pants, and closed-toed shoes that are meant for long journeys cover her feet.


Ninja Journal

Note: Dates are OOC

January 2016

Overwhelming Paperwork - I can see why no one wanted the job of Clan Head. There is so much paperwork that I can hardly see my desk nowadays. I think if it weren't for seeing Yasuo-san every now and then that I would lose my mind. Wait, I'm still in danger of that. I just would have lost my sanity that long ago. Well, no matter. Thankfully, nothing horrible has happened in the past while. Actually, something good happened. Kyuketsuki-san was promoted to Chuunin, much to my happiness. He's certainly grown. I'm glad he hasn't fallen into another Coma, too. I think his new promotion is keeping him busy… But I'll check on him soon.

Scorpion's Tail - Last time, the Scorpion came to me. He requested to meet me, and I attempted to kill him. But that failed, and instead he murdered my mother. This time, I am going to him. The Scorpion is not allowed to rest, and I will be sure that he is imprisoned. I believe his newest hideout is near the Land of Wind. I plan to bring a few others with me so that escape is impossible. This time he isn't going to run away. Shippodoku Nogoro will be ended.

House of the Scorpion - I knocked, and the door was opened. A large lake, suspicious when there should be none, was found. And we delved into the depths after defeating a number of water monsters. Hozuki-controlled. The depths of the water opened to a new chasm that was his hideout. Within? A Seishukuni and a Kirryu. The one that he had been using for a long while now; so mutated that he seemed to have no reason. The girl, the crystal-user, was under drugs that kept her asleep for the most part. And I dealt death to the scorpion today. I thought I would have felt more pride upon striking him down. The man who killed my parents. He forced me to awaken early, and now he is gone. I only hope there is no spawn of his… A team will clean up his lair later. For now, the final experiment will be dealt with.

Lost Crystal - What does one do with a child who has lost her home and parents at so early an age she scarce remembers them? I plan to return her to Sunagakure, but she is currently unresponsive. I don't want to return her in this condition, but if she doesn't get better, I'll hardly have a choice. Not that Sunagakure is missing her, I am sure, but I would rather avoid any accusations that might come towards the Leaf due to my own reckless actions. Soon I will take a trip to the Land of Wind, which really should be called the Land of Sand. Sunagakure is aptly named. If not allowed, I'll send someone else, I suppose… For some reason, the life of a paper pusher is more valued than that of a regular shinobi. And yet all a clan head seems to do is sit and pass judgment. I suppose it is also what one makes of the position, though… That means I haven't done much. But I try.

Skills And Abilities







Basic Skills

RP Logs

Theme Songs

Falling Inside the Black by Skillet

When Kurome's father died, he left a large enough hole in her life that her Sharingan was unlocked. There was no escaping her heritage after that…


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