Uchiha Narusegawa
Uchiha Narusegawa
Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate Feburary 13th
Gender Icon-Female2 Female
Age 16
Height 5'3"
Weight 108
Blood Type O
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan
Classification ANBU
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu
Clan Icon-Uchiha Uchiha Clan
Affiliation Icon-Konoha Konohagakure
Team Team Hinotori
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 1337133
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chuunin Grad. Age 13
Nature Type
Element Icon-Fire Katon Icon-LightningRaiton
Current Uchiha Tessen
Former Iga Ryoji
Former Uchiha Hinotori
Mother Uchiha Karuni
Father Uchiha Kyosuke
Sister Uchiha Natsuko
Sister Uchiha Mari
Cousin Uchiha Hinotori
Signature Jutsu
Naru's new chuunin attire.



Naru out in the sun.

Being a member of the Uchiha Clan, by tradition and culture Naru tends to be very serious when it comes to her "line of work" and training; constantly being irritated at getting low class missions due to her rank; At the same time working on them diligently to bring honor and respect to her clan and family.

Typically, Naru isn't one to joke around, never wanting to diverge from her training in studies while being in the academy. Going as far as to even ignore, or scold someone that attempts to. However, despite her serious demeanor, if she is able to get close to someone she tends to warm up, and eventually become playful. Because of this Naru tends to be a rather jealous individual at times, depending on the situation.

As for hobbies, aside from constantly trying to increase her own abilities she is known to be a rather "outdoorsy" person. Taking long walks, fishing, relaxing in a nice hot spring, she has a strong admiration for beautiful scenery and people alike. Naru has a strong appreciate to music and art, occasionally carrying around a brass flute, and playing amongst the wildlife as a form of meditation and recreation.

Naru has a strong fascination for anyone who is strong and capable, tending to admire them for their prowess as an individual more than anything. While she is young and many other girls are mostly into cute boys, Naru's time in the academy had pushed herself away from such a crowd prefering the company of calm, cool, and mature individuals…Finding it easier to carry on a conversation and heighten her interests.

Likes Aika Arisu, Cake Mix, Friends, Family, Rice Cakes, Music, Mochi, Pretty and Shiney Things
Dislikes Jokers, Scum, Pirates, Criminals, Ramen, People with no Hopes or Dreams.
Hobbies Flute Playing, Hot Springs, Studying, Reading, Training, Long Walks
Strengths Prideful, Confident, Dependable, Deligent
Weaknesses Stubborn, Impaitent, Over Confident




Naru is a beautiful young girl with midnight black locks of silky hair lengthening down along her cheeks and back. Her arms are bandaged up completely with a pair of arm guards along both sides, each tucked with a pair of Kunai. Her build is primarily petite and very athletic. She walks with an upright, graceful posture. Even her fighting style remains to be quite elegant, despite not having "formal" training in such combat.

The most interesting aspect of Naru's appererance is the sharp contrast of holloween orange hue in her eyes, rather than black or simply dark brown like an average Uchiha. Her glistening eyes appears to be a rarity within the family, making her look less like an Uchiha if one was to see her without her traditional clothing. Her lushous black hair still proves to be quite "uchiha" like however.

Naru is adorned in a traditional-high collared uniform of a member of the Uchiha clan, the uchiha war fan emblazoned along her right shoulder blade, a crimson skirt with the emblem of fire is woven into the hem. Also, a pair of black tights snugs along her thighs for freedom of movement. Accessories include a pair of fishnet from the knees down, arm and shin guards, and a battle ready assortment of kunai and shuriken tucked into each individual slots and a leg utility bag.

In times of peace, or if for some reason she happens to not be training, aside from normal casual clothing such as a black skirt and a loose shirt; she is seen adorned in beautiful silk Kimonos, woven and threaded within the Uchiha market places.


Naru herself was adorned in a beautiful set of clothing, perhaps an entirely new dress from her rather than her normal battle attire. She appeared to be adorned in a dress of pure silk, a matching set of a crimson bow tied along a torso which matched with the red headband tied as a band in her hair, frilling down to her waist line. The dress itself was a sleevless midnight black, flowing down her sides parting along her stomach onto opposite sides reaching down to her ankles. A matching frilly skirt is also worn, which doesn't impede her movement. Lastly a pair of braces are latched along her wrists and biceps…


Age 6
Studies fire element with parents.
Masters Fire Bullet Barrage

Age 8
Enrolled into Shinobi Academy.

Age 11
Graduates from Academy.
Goes on a Hiatus

Age 14
Returns back to active "Genin" Duties.
Participates in the Second Kiri vs Konoha War
Activates Sharingan against Okumo Daomi.
Months Later achieves Sharingan Level 2

Age 15
Becomes Apprentice under Uchiha Tessen
Specializes in Genjutsu
Promoted to Chuunin
Masters her Sharingan

*Age 16*
Masters her Sharingan.
Inducted into ANBU
Learns Lightning Release
Obtain's Mangekyou Sharingan

Nindo Journal




At the start of her career as a shinobi in training Narusegawa has always had a strong affinity for Fire based ninjutsu, proving her worth to her shinobi parents at being able to pull off the Fire Bullet Barrage technique at the age of 6, and then learning the right of passage, Great Fireball Technique soon after. Her adept ability to use ninjutsu derives from increased intelligence, giving her ability to easily decipher and understand ninjutsu when shown to her, even without of the use of her sharingan. Her natural insight allows her to effectively utilize and create ninjutsu in both offensive and defense manners. It has been shown that Narusegawa is very insightful and adapts to her situation rather quickly, her versatility and adeptness at learning techniques was shown after the war against Kirigakure Arc, when Naru sought out Uchiha Tessen in order to apprentice herself under him. From him, she was able to quickly pick up on the rare art of genjutsu and even customize his taijutsu style in the form of genjtusu.

As Naru got older her ability to manipulate genjutsu had become dangerously potent, replacing ninjutsu as her main form of combat. It became apparent her abilities as a shinobi were accelerating quickly. Naru was the first genin of her class to be promoted to the rank of Chuunin, and soon after completely mastering her Sharingan, including the individual abilities which comes with it. Uchiha Narusegawa is credited with defeating various skillfull shinobi during her missions, prompting the Hokage to induct her into ANBU where she further sharpens her skills. The awakening of Naru's Mangekyou Sharingan had further increased her potential in ninjutsu and genjutsu, determining her to definitely be a force to be reckoned with.


Narusegawa's Taijutsu has always been subpar in relation to other other abilities. Her early focus in ninjutsu and mastering the Fire Release arts of the Uchiha had forced her taijutsu to be ineffective and very weak, not picked up upon until very late in her shinobi career. This weakness was constantly capitalized on by her enemies originally, and it wasn't until after her defeat by the hands of Kaguya Tsiro during the Kirigakure vs Konohagakure War arc that she decided to do something about it.

While Narusegawa's Taijutsu capability remained week what she did have as an edge to make up for it was innate speed. Raw speed made it easier for her to slip towards a target and deliver a blow, but the lack of formal taijutsu training made it impossible for her to land a fluid attack, and the power behind her strikes were close to none. Upon meeting Uchiha Tessen, he was the one that truly pushed her to work on her taijutsu in an interesting and creative way, while focusing on her speed and building up her stamina and endurance. Rather than putting her focus on true taijtusu he offered her the opportunity to combine taijutsu with genjutsu as a way of bridging the gap and gradually increasing her ability to use both.

During the Chuunin Exam's Arc Naru's ability to contend against taijutsu increased considerably as she obtained her 2 tomoe sharingan. The increased clarity allowed her to depend on eye sight and prediction rather than innate speed. Though her body needed to be conditioned more, Narusegawa was able to make it to the final exams and contend against Amaro Haruko who excelled at taijutsu proving that she was able to close up her weakness. After the chuunin exam;s were concluded naru became determined to make up for any weaknesses and trained closely with Uchiha Ryo to increase her speeds. This training resulted in a signifcant increase in not just overall taijutsu but also an increase in speed when it comes to hand seals as well.

Narusegawa's taijutsu finally began to surge to high chuunin level due to her ANBU training with Uchiha Hinotori. While she remains proficient now, her damage output remains low forcing her to perform tactical and tricky strikes rather than brute force. Taijutsu continues to be growing a steady pace but not a true focus.

Narusegawa is highly prized for her agility and speed, proven to be quite formidable with having a high endurance as well, proven to have evolved into a near Kage level state in conjunction with her Sharingan. Naru's constitution is constantly being taxed especially with continuous usage of the Mastered 3 Tomoe Sharingan form.


Narusegawa's exposure to Uchiha Tessen, as well as Uchiha Ryo and Reizei Ogosokamaru had prompted her to pick up a blade instead of focusing on traditional Taijutsu. During Narusegawa's training with Uchiha Tessen while focusing on combining Taijutsu with Genjutsu it was here she also learned the basics on how to wield a katana blade, surprising many of her village upon her return from the Travelers Arc. As time went on Narusegawa decided to place her kenjutsu training on the back burner, deciding to focus more on ninjutsu and taijutsu instead, it wasn't until the discovery of her lightning manipulation that she decided to pick up her blade once again and combine lightning manipulation into a form of Lightning Kenjutsu.

Many techniques she picked up from Uchiha Ryo, who's main focus had been in kenjutsu though with Uchiha Tessen's disappearance she needed a new teacher to help her learn about not just kenjtusu but also mastery of her lightning element, prompting Naru to seek out Ogosokamaru with hopes of mastering both. Though reluctant they created a deal to meet in the Neutral grounds, shortly after Naru had joined ANBU and mastered her Sharingan making it incredibly easy to copy and learn his techniques.

While her focus on lightning kenjutsu is obvious, she is also able to use a variety of kenjutsu abilities without the aid of lightning, thanks to copying numerous attacks and defenses with her Sharingan.

Narusegawa's ability to wield genjutsu makes her an expert amongst Konohagakure. Learning most of her genjutsu from Uchiha Tessen during the traveling arc it was one of the few surprises she brought back with her and capitalized on during her entire career as a shinobi. After before the chuunin exams Narusegawa took a heavy focus on building up genjutsu abilities which amplified after obtaining the two tomoe sharingan. Narusegawa was able to return back to Kirigakure and have a stalemate between the original Okumo who had awakened her sharingan due to his genjutsu.

Narusegawa has pioneered her own B rank genjutsu known as Silence of the Iron Maiden and has adapted it into not just a striking torture style but also as means of becoming stealthed and out of harms way. With the 3 Tomoe and Mangekyou Sharingan the limits of her genjutsu has been broken allowing her to excel into other powerful genjutsu such as the legendary technique, Tsukuyomi.

Nature Transformation

Like many Uchiha Narusegawa has the greatest proficiency in the usage of Fire Manipulation. As she was growing up, her father made fire release the main focus of training, building the foundation of being able to manipulate all sorts of Fire Release Techniques. By the age of 6 Naru mastered the Fire Bullet Barrage technique and a year later mastering the rite of passage Great Fireball Technique. During Narusegawa's time as a genin she was able to pick up numerous amounts of fire based jutsu, not because of her affinity to the elemental release but her natural aptitude to understand and decipher techniques. Right before the chuunin exams began Naru managed to pioneer her own B rank Fire Release: Twin Twisting Great Fire Dragon, proven to be the pinnacle of her natural chakra control and hand seal prowess.

After the chuunin exams, it was discovered that Narusegawa wasn't just atunned to the Fire elemental but also the Lightning element as well opening the doors of possibilities and bundle of ninjutsu to collect and learn. With the help of the Sharingan and her ability to understand ninjutsu she was able to easily pick up on a few lightning release techniques generally copied from Uchiha Issei, Reizei Ogosokamaru, as well as Uchiha Tessen upon his return to the Land of Fire. Naru's affinity to the fire elemental is very similiar to the lightning in terms of picking up skills. The versatility of Naru's lightning release went from balatant usage of electricity to channeling it into weapons and the surrounding area, making her a exceptionally dangerous in all ranges. Narusegawa was able to use this manipulation in order to manifest Lightning Kenjutsu as well as master one of Uchiha Tessen's strongest techniques, Lightning Orb.


As a member of the Uchiha Clan, Narusegawa has access to the doujutsu known as the Sharingan. At the age of 14 Narusegawa managed to activate her Sharingan against the genjutsu user known as Okumo Daomi during the Second Kirigakure vs Konohagakure War, awaking after a terrifying genjutsu was used against her at the brink of death. Upon recieving he Sharingan Naru made quick use of being able to become proficient with using it, allowing the Sharingan to contribute to her speed while easily being able analyze situations and all sorts of jutsu. 6 months later Narusegawa obtained 2 tomoe during the chuunin exams and a year later masters her sharingan completely.

Aside from copying numerous amounts of jutsu and constantly adapting her body to the strength of the Sharingan Naursegawa has also managed to exploit it's potential in the ability to use it's hypnotic nature to induce Genjutsu. Naru's genjutsu is known to be one of the strongest amongst the Uchiha, right on par with her knack for ninjutsu. Narusegawa is capable of inducing her hypnotic genjutsu instantly upon eye contact, paralyzing, terrorizing, and slightly on verge of mind manipulation.

Narusegawa also has a unique elemental form of Lightning known as The Goddess of Lightning. After awakening the Mangekyou Sharingan she has developed the ability to utilize a powerful scarlet red lightning, manifested with the normal three tomoe Sharingan similar to Kamui. The Goddess of Lightning is a Goddess of Lightning is a powerful doujutsu, unlocked by the Mangekyou Sharingan of Uchiha Narusegawa. By having a natural affinity to lightning, the wielder of the Mangekyou Sharingan is able to manifest Kaminari, a potent scarlet red form of advanced lightning myth'ed to exist during the first storms which helped shape the world upon its creation.

Compared to normal lightning release, Kaminiari's intensity and speed are increased tremendously, increasing its piercing potential and in its strongest form, capable of depolarizing matter upon impact with a force strong enough to alter its state of balance. Kaminari also maintains the ability, like normal lightning release to delibate a target of stamina, but also goes a step further to char and fizzle away innate chakra developed in one's body.

Even after the initial hit of the technique, Kaminiari continues to flow and crackle along an individual's body. By Using the enemies nervous system, or another lightning arc as point to jumping point to sustain the arcs, it continues to damage but not nearly as powerful as the initial hit. Like many Sharingan techniques, the technique is ignited by the focus of vision, and can become demanding when used frequently. The usage of this technique does not damage eye sight and scales in rank depending on the ability of the user. This technique is unique to Narusegawa's Sharingan, and is useable with a mere three tomoe, however her strongest of attacks requires the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Mangekyou Sharingan

Narusegawa obtained her Mangekyou Sharingan after being brain washed by her older sister, Uchiha Natsuko into murdering her "supposed" dead lover, Aika Arisu. Narusegawa's Mangekyou Sharingan appearance takes the form of a simple three pointed black pinwheel for the pupil along with a triple spiral swirl connecting each point. A red background and a black design.

Narusegawa's Mangekyou Sharingan increases the potential of her ninjutsu and genjutsu considerably making her a very difficult opponent to defeat considering it complete's her known masteries. Normal usage of her Mangekyou Sharingan strains the eye, though doesn't damage the eyesight unless exposed to extremely prolonged use. Narusegawa's latent potential with the 3 Tomoe Sharingan is magnified increasing her ability outside of specific Mangekyou Sharingan jutsu.

Narusegawa's first technique awakened was Kaminari, the Goddess Lightning technique. Though useable with the three tomoe her strongest attack was used to help the falling rocks from an enclosed cave after she had killed Aika Arisu. Amaterasu was the second technique unlocked used in conjunction with Kaminari in order to burn a hole through the mountain she was trapped in. After those events Naru spent a few weeks learning to tame her Mangekyou Sharingan, careful not to use her techniques too many time with the risk of blinding herself for like, eventually she gained access to Tsukuyomi as well though it is unknown to which technique she is truly gifted towards.

Naru also has access to the rare doujutsu known as Susanoo. Naru is able to manifest them in parts at a time in order to get the best use out of the technique without completely draining her eyesight in the process, her coming mastery of Susanoo seems to be more prevalent than any other legendary ninjutsu, though is currently known only to those Naru trusts the most.

Sharingan Copied Techniques



Lightning Orb - Tessen - X

Lightning Sharp - Odo - After fighting the infamous Odo, Leader of the Takokujin, her exposure to him has increased on many different occasions. Upon Reuniting with him a year after the chuunin exams with a fully developed sharingan, Naru's new focus had been to increase her taijutsu as well as her Lightning Manipulations. During the training sessions light sharp was introduced.

Raikouhira II - Issei - Naru's Grand Rival from within her own Clan, Naru had always been jealous of Issei's ability to manipulate the lightning element. Even while unlocking her Sharingan II state she wasn't able to defeat him in the many spars they had, but still she picked up on the technique months after the chuunin exams, and upon learning the lightning element has successful been able to procure it herself.

Flame Bullet - Issei - The First Ability Naru had ever copied. While training for Part 3 of the Chuunin exams Issei surprisingly became her head trainer in teaching her more about the fire element, after a few off the cuff missions and private sessions she mastered it almost instantly.

Fire Dragon Flame Bullet - Issei - Issei's Most powerfulest technique yet, a year after the chuunin exams the rivals face off in an epic battle of just who was stronger than one another, Naru picked up this technique but has yet to impliment it herself, finding it to be unreliable when hitting targets.

Shadow Clone - Hinotori - On more than one occassion Hinotori has used this advanced technique to keep up with the team, or check things out whenever he wasn't able to be around, finally he actually taught this technique to Naru personally, though has not found the means to impliment it.


Shadow of the Dancing Leaf - Eremi -Naru had learned this from Eremi during the early years of their exposure to one another, after the exams Naru made it sure that she needed to know how to protect herself against taijutsu users, this was one of the many skills she memorized but didn't impliment.

Leaf Whirlwind - Eremi -Konoha's own Taijutsu Expert, Eremi has been able to spar with Naru on numerous occasions to keep her up to date on how to combat against Taijutsu experts, she noted this attack primarily during the chuunin exams along with many other occasions.

Fling - Odo - A very powerful and basic taijutsu technique, Naru witnessed Odo do this while fighting Itami during the chuunin exams, and a few times used on herself.

Light Speed Sword - Odo - During their last epic battle this was the game breaking attack which ended it all, her eyes were able to keep up with it, but her body couldn't simply react… its a technique that Naru would one day like to try once she works on her body a little more.

Chakra Physical II -Ataru - Being able to Rush chakra in ones veins and use it as an after punch is a little new for someone who uses pure elemental ninjutu. Nevertheless Naru was able to pick up on this technique first time it was used on her,


Wounds - Uchiha Fuyu - During the Hiroko Rescue Arc Naru was paired off with a team of jounin to act as another set of eyes to track anything unusual, the interesting thing was, Naru picked up on quite a few techniques as well, one of them in particular was this technique.

Die For Me -Aika Arisu - Perhaps the most interesting of genjutsu, Naru had picked this up from Arisu during their first spar with one another, the genjutsu itself was so tramatic her sharingan was necessary for being able to decipher and break out of it.

Mission Logs


Naru's Theme of the Second War Arc - Despite all the war and blood shed, Naru continues to remain true and deiligente to her nindou, fighting in the name of peace for her village and her clan.

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