Uchiha Shun
Uchiha Shun
Birthplace Konohagakure
Birthdate 08/21/7
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 5'11"
Weight 180 lbs.
Blood Type O pos
Kekkei Genkai Shikotsumyaku
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Close Range Combat
Clan Uchiha
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 13
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Lightning
Element (Secondary) Bone
Mother Uchiha Sayuri
Father Kaguya Kibishi
Theme Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mjlM_RnsVE
Signature Jutsu


Shun was born in the Land of Fire where his father had defected years before he was born. The reason for his father's defection? Love. He fell in love with a shinobi in the Land of Fire. His own clan's unwillingness to accept the union, drove him to run away to the land of fire, where he stayed in the Uchiha village with the woman he loved. A couple years later, Shun was born, possessing many of the physical traits of the Uchiha clan, while later in life, displaying many of the skills of the Kaguya clan.

With a father from the Kaguya clan and a mother of the Uchiha Shun had a diverse and interesting upbringing. His father, though branded a traitor by his own clan, insisted that Shun know about both sides of his family and the traditions of the Kaguya clan, and assisted in the majority of Shun's training at a young age, in hopes that he would become a shinobi.

Shun grew up with a love for a variety of foods and is favorites would commonly change rapidly from day to day. The thing that stayed at the top of his list however, was sushi. Along with his love for food, Shun enjoyed tinkering with various small bits of technology. He was particularly interested in the way trains worked, with all of their moving parts and the mechanics involved in their operation… though he was never able to get a closer look at exactly what made them tick.

Knowing he wanted to be a shinobi like both his parents Shun began practicing with kunai and shuriken on his own. One day when his mother had returned from a mission she arrived home to find the house empty. She was about to set out in search of her son's whereabouts, when she heard a pinging sound followed by a pained scream coming from the edge of the forest near their home. When she found Shun, he was writhing in pain with a shuriken sticking out of the right side of his face. Luckily the points had missed his actual eye and the weapon had one blade stuck in above and below his eye, due to his Kaguya heritage, his bone was more dense than normal and was undamaged. However the wound would leave a scar. After that incident he began training with one or both of his parents on a regular basis. Training with his parents required that Shun have to move quickly to keep up with the both of them on a regular basis, and as a result his speed became better than average. His genjutsu, by comparison was sub-par and took him half-again as long as others his age to learn. Along with his diminished genjutsu it was also discovered while in classes that although he could do the same work his classmates did, it took him slightly longer to process and archive the information given to him and longer to retrieve and put to use the same information.

Shun joined the academy shortly after the formation of the ninja villages, and stayed only shortly before graduating thanks to the tutelage of his parents prior to his admittence into the academy. He began working as a genin for the village shortly after. He participated in the chuunin exams afterward, but failed due to his parents insistance that he refrain from using his kekkai genkai. He went directly back to his training, in hopes that he'll be ready for the next chuunin exam.


Shun is an easy-going teenager. He doesn't anger easily, but when he does he explodes in a raging fury. He is very loyal and protective of his family and close friends.


Standing at five feet, eleven inches, Shun is an average young man of about fifteen years old, with a slim, yet fairly muscular build. His hair is black, complimenting his darkly tanned skintone, and is worn in a mohawk style. He has no bangs to speak of, leaving his forehead clear of hair, and causing his red eyes to appear somewhat small on his head. a sharply curved scar sits next to his right eye, a reminder of battles he may have fought in the past.

Shun's shoulders are broader than average, thanks to constant training and exercise and his upper-body is well muscled and toned, without looking too bulky beneath his clothes. In stark contrast to his rebellious hairstyle, Shun wears a suit styled after the clothing choices of a nation across the sea. It's entirely black, and comes complete with a black undershirt, a pair of black slacks, and black dress shoes… but completely lacks a tie.


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