Uchiha Tsugumi
Uchiha Tsugumi
Birthplace Land of Fire Icon-Fire
Birthdate 7/4/25 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 40
Height 5'11" feet tall
Weight 200 lbs
Blood Type ???
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan Icon-Sharingan
Mangekyou Sharingan mangekyou_sharingan_tsugumi_icon_03_by_momchiha-daecd1s.png
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Long-Range Combat, Medium-Range Combat, Espionage, Leadership, Planning, Fire-Style, Water-Style
Clan Uchiha Icon-Uchiha
Affiliation Konohagakure Icon-Konoha
Team Konoha Team 13
Ninja Rank Jounin
Genin-Equivalent Age 8
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 12
Jounin-Equivalent Age 28
Kage-Equivalent Age 40
Nature Type
Chakra Affinity Fire Icon-Fire
Chakra Natures Water Icon-Water Yin Icon-Yin Blaze Nature_Icon_Blaze.svg
Husband Uchiha Ken (Deceased)
Daughter Uchiha Suzu
Signature Jutsu
Sharingan Hypnosis

Uchiha Tsugumi is a recently-promoted Jounin of the Hidden Leaf, who is instructing her daughter in the ways of the ninja. She has come out of retirement and is on active-duty as one of the leaders of Team 13. She is also the squad leader for Team 13A, with Suzuha as one of its members.



Tsugumi is a very intense individual, alternating between motherly worrying and menacing warrior depending on her mood at the time. However, while her temper is definitely formidable, she has a great capacity for compassion and protectiveness, and that is mostly directed at her family, her Clan, and her Village, more or less in that order. While she has been living the life of a house wife for years, she still has a lot of experience as a ninja. Particularly, she has experience in extremely dangerous battles where she has directly witnessed lives being lost in the hundreds or thousands. For this reason, she would prefer not to have to return to working as a ninja, and wishes her daughter wasn't so set on being one too.

But that decision has already been made. Now she plans to not only teach Suzuha everything she knows, but to retrain herself from the start, regain her edge, and accompany her daughter for as long as she can. While she can't protect Suzu forever, that doesn't mean she's going to give up this early.

When facing enemies, Tsugumi can be quite ruthless, using any means necessary to secure victory. She usually prefers to end battles as quickly as possible. Paralyzing someone with Genjutsu and then slitting their throat is entirely acceptable to her. "Honor" doesn't mean much when she has valuable lives to protect.

Enemies' lives are not valuable to her.


Tsugumi is a mature woman who looks very similar to her daughter, but her hair is mostly straight, rather than spiked. Rather curvaceous in figure, she still manages to retain a fit body through regular work outs. She is approximately 5'11" feet tall. Common clothing around the home is a white apron, with a red t-shirt underneath, unbuttoned at the top. A pair of jeans on her legs and sandals complete this attire.

While performing shinobi work, she is in a much more militant gray suit of body armor used among the Hidden Leaf's ninja, with a chest plate, shoulder protectors, shin and arm guards, boots, a black bodysuit, and a forehead protector with the symbol of Konohagakure on it.



Name Relationship Notes
Uchiha Suzuha Daughter It wasn't too long ago that I wanted to keep Suzu away from the path of the shinobi to spare her what I and her father had to go through. Through persistence, dedication, and some realizations of how unsupportive and harmful I was being to her development, she convinced me to accept her dream and train her instead. We've grown much closer. I'm her squad leader, and she has made many friends and allies on Team 13 and beyond. But she wound up suffering the exact thing I wanted to prevent. Her loss was mine as well, and that of the whole Village. But there is a rift between us now, and a dramatic change has begun in her. It has forced her to grow up, or at least begin, when before she was innocent even in the face of danger and killing. When I looked at her, I used to see how much she took after Ken instead of me. Her mannerisms, her simple-minded approach to things, her enthusiasm and silliness… Now when I look at her, I see more of myself. Too much. And something else. I hope that whatever transformation she's going through, she makes it out the other side as the kind, wise, strong, brave, and beautiful woman I know she can be and is supposed to be, instead of like her father's cousin. The world does not need another Madara.
Uchiha Ken Husband The only man I've ever loved, he was a goofy fool who transcended his foolishness to become my respectable, loyal, and compassionate husband. He was the father of our daughter, was open-minded and supportive, and trusted me so much… He was an example of a brave and warm-hearted man that many in the Village should try live up to. He was willing to die for his family, and for this Village. His love for me and Suzuha alike was unfaltering. He was critical to my emotional well-being, and now he's gone, and I killed him. I miss him so much.
Rankoro Rinoko Girlfriend When was it that I fell in love with this woman? Was it before or after I lost Ken? I don't know. I saw potential in her from early on, however, and working together to lead Team 13 has strengthened our bond many times over. I know Ken approved of our relationship. I spoke to him first. Trust is important in a marriage. But even now, even when I know we're doing nothing wrong, that Ken-chan was okay with it… I… Feel guilty in the way that the rumor mongers and gossipers can not cause. Those people are irrelevant. But to be dating again so soon after Ken… I need Rinoko. I need her more than she probably realizes. To remain functional. I need her love, her smile, her embrace. But I can't help wanting to ask Ken's ghost, just one last time, if he's really okay with this. Just to be sure.


Ninja Journal

Skills And Abilities

((Note: All stats listed are half of those on the game itself.))

Status/Age Nin Tai Gen Int Pow Spd Sta Seal Total
8 1.5 1.5 2.0 2.0 1.5 2.0 1.5 1.5 13.5
Sharingan I 2.0 2.0 2.0 3.0 1.5 2.0 1.5 1.5 15.5

Copied Techniques


RP Logs


Specific RP Logs


Title Artist Meaning Link
"Unravel" Tokyo Ghoul (JubyPhonic Cover) Emotional damage doesn't always heal. Sometimes it just chips away at who you are, until there's nothing left of you. Will anyone remember who you used to be when that happens? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS-G7s0UcVQ
"Heart Of Courage" Two Steps From Hell More important than jutsu, than strength, than Chakra, is the power to persevere. One who gives up when things become difficult can not succeed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYKUeZQbMF0

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