Uzumaki Haruka
Uzumaki Haruka
Birthplace Land of Whirlpools
Birthdate April 1
Gender Icon-Female Female
Age 25
Height 167.6 cm
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Ice-Blue
Kekkei Genkai Uzumaki Longevity
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Unlisted
Clan Icon-Uzumaki Uzumaki clan
Affiliation Icon-Konoha Konoha
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 000139
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chuunin Grad. Age 14
Nature Type
Element (affinity) Icon-Water Water
Element (affinity) Icon-Wind Wind
Father Uzumaki Akito
Mother Uzumaki Hina (Deceased)
Sister Uzumaki Suzume
Sister Uzumaki Akiko (Deceased)
Grandmother Uzumaki Chiyo
Grandmother Shirayuki Izumi
Uncle Shirayuki Hideki (Deceased)
Signature Jutsu

Uzumaki Haruka (うずまき春花) is a 25 year old Chuunin from the Uzumaki clan, currently in service to Konohagakure. She is the oldest grandchild of clan elder Uzumaki Chiyo.


From what most openly know of her family, Haruka was born into the Uzumaki clan at a time when the clan wars were still raging across the lands. For the Uzumaki it was particularly harsh at times, caught between feuding clans in the land of fire, and in the land of water. Battles over outlying islands in the land of Whirlpool were quite common and some could last for months, or even years. It was one such battle that Haruka's father Uzumaki Akito met his future wife Hina, and it was also in that battle that young Haruka was conceived.

A rather open secret among those of the clan, Haruka was an illegitimate child of the Uzumaki clan. A war child. Upon returning to the village with the child and her mother after the year long battle, their membership of the clan was closely scrutinized. It wasn't until two years had passed that Haruka was accepted as a true Uzumaki and officially adopted into the clan. Of course even to this day, the exact details of Haruka's parentage have been kept guarded. Not just for the safety of her immediate family, but also the clan as a whole.

At the age of nine Haruka along with other children of the village underwent accelerated ninja training. The requirements of the time pressuring many clans to push their children harder and faster then many peace-time villages might. At eleven she was considered trained 'adequately' enough for field work. Though mostly it consisted of background support roles, kitchen duty, maintenance, and protection of camps and rear supply routes far from front lines. However, she and her fellow genin saw action often enough that Haruka earned her first kill at the tender age of eleven. Forced to acknowledge the harsh realities of Ninja life. Age eleven was the longest, and most painful year of her life. War forced her to see and do things that she would have wished to never experienced. Death on a large scale allies and enemies alike, two personal kills, the death of a younger sister, and the death of her own mother. All the pressure culminated into a complete breakdown from which she never recovered. The rest of the year was spent in recovery, and apprenticed to her grandmother Chiyo who taught her the basics of seals, including advanced calligraphy.

At age fourteen she grew into an exotic beauty in the land of whirlpools. Similar enough to not be considered and outsider, yet different enough that she stood out in the crowd. All the attention, and continued pressure along with her stunted social life due to her emotional breakdown only caused her to close up further. In an interest to calm her down, and attempt to break her out of her shell. Chiyo took Haruka on a training journey though the land of Fire, one that would last for two whole years. At least that's what Chiyo explained at first, but she isn't known as a crafty old council elder for nothing. The trip was used to familiarize her with the general layout of Fire country, it's people and it's climate. For when they neared the end of the journey, Haruka was told that she was not retuning to Whirlpool with Chiyo. Instead, she was to present herself to the Senju clan in Konohagakure to serve them, and hopefully find her own place in the world outside of her closed shell.



To most who do not understand her. Haruka can come of as a rather cold or mean person. However that's far from the truth. She does not act the way she does out of spite toward anyone, she just happens to lack the motivation to open herself up to anyone. For the most part, she's been closed off to the world for roughly five years and almost entirely focused on her training under her grandmother Uzumaki Chiyo.

Her outward personality can be potentially summed up with simply one word: Broken. With all the pressure placed upon her in her young age, and involvement in the clan wars during her early ninja career has caused Haruka to close herself up in a sort of defensive mechanism; and without welcome personal contact with others of her age group, her development since age eleven has been mostly stunted. Thus she's often left in an awkward position when pressed into a social situation as she has mostly lacked the social development and contact of others in her age group.

Over the years many have often misinterpreted or thought of her lack of social maturity as a lack of intelligence. However that is very much not the case. Haruka is quite intelligent, her test scores have always been above average, and easily understands the meaning of many social situations and dialogue, she just simply lacks the proper contextual applications for it. For her, it is essentially one thing to know the definition of friendship and love, but something else entirely to understand what it really means or feels like.

Often, many have found her speech patterns difficult to adjust to. She has been known to speak rather bluntly, or as little as possible to get her point across. She also has a tendency to pause mid conversation as she absorbs and analyzes the possible meanings of something told to her; This happens particularly more often when presented with a question that, to her, would require serious thought even if it would interrupt the flow of a conversation or cause an awkward silence. Thus despite being socially awkward, Haruka has been known as a very good listener, putting careful thought into things that may be told to her or asked of her; and she has been known to be very honest in her dealings with others, sometimes brutally so.



You see a maturing young woman, most likely in her twenties at the least from a casual visual inspection. Her soft and full hair is a rich, vibrant red; pulled back and pinned into loose bun on the back of her head by a rather ornate green carved-jade hair ornament, a few remaining stray locks slip down off her forehead in a sweeping profusion of wavy flaming tendrils or slipping back to frame the sides of her face. The foundation of her face and its features are soft and beautiful, clearly of the type born into a prosperous, successful clan; Often reinforced by a calm or cool look, even her smiles aren't broad or open. Ice-blue eyes gaze out at the world, giving the impression that you're staring into deep pale-blue glacier in snow country; they are often shining with intelligence, or appear like they are studying and looking through you. She stands at almost five foot seven inches tall, with apparently soft and rather voluptuous feminine features; Some that she doesn't often wish to advertise to the world. Her skin is of a light tone, almost pale-white even. Sometimes making her appear as if she were always cold. All in all, she has the deceptive appearance of a soft and breakable snowflake, or gentile flower. Obviously not suited for ninja work.

Her slender neck is left bare by a soft violet, blue, and white patterned kimono, and another ornament shaped with some sort of crest attached to a silvery necklace. The kimono appears to have a pattern of blue and violet waves all over it, depicting a violent storm; the waves capped with white embroidered highlights making them appear to 'pop' out and move about as she walks. On the back is a printed black and red crest of the Uzumaki clan. She wears the kimono in a very non-traditional, highly modified way. Though all the features of a traditional kimono is there, it's has a rather low neckline slightly revealing a sizable bosom and the top of pale white bandages; The young woman apparently wearing some possibly uncomfortable chest binding. The kimono is also left sleeveless at her shoulders, revealing her slender but toned arms that are wrapped in what appears to be soft leather strips shaped and tied into fingerless gloves of a sort. The kimono has no traditional obi, instead tied with a pastel blue sash, with sown and attached easy to access pouches most likely for multiple ninja tools. The kimono stops below her gently flaring hips, resting nearly around or just short of her knees; revealing deceptively slender yet toned legs fit snugly into skin-tight dark violet leggings.



Age 1: Raised with Mother outside Uzumaki clan.
Age 2: Officially adopted into the Uzumaki clan.
Age 5: Family accepted into clan as a whole, mother married her father. Twin sisters Suzume and Akiko are born.
Age 11: Haruka gets involved in clan war combat, earns her first kill.
Age 11.5: Haruka's mother, and sister Akiko die in ambush. Haruka gets her second kill and breaks down. Haruka apprenticed to elder Chiyo.
Age 14: Haruka and Chiyo leave on training journey through the land of fire.
Age 16: Chiyo sends Haruka to Konohagakure.


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