Uzumaki Miyo
Uzumaki Miyo
Birthplace Amegakure
Birthdate March 15
Gender Female
Age 13
Height 4'11"
Weight 85lbs
Blood Type Type-O
Kekkei Genkai Uzumaki Seal Mastery
Classification Kunoichi
Areas of Expertise Kenjutsu, Fuinjutsu
Clan Uzumaki
Affiliation Konohagakure (7-11)

Amegakure (1-7)

Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Student-Equivalent Age Eleven
Genin-Equivalent Age 11 (03/04/9 A.F.)
Chuunin-Equivalent Age Not Yet Achieved
Jounin-Equivalent Age Not Yet Achieved
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Fūton
Element (Secondary) (Not Yet Known) Raiton
Father Uzumaki Masashi
Mother Kishimoto Hana
Formal Uzumaki Amiko
Formal Aika Arisu
Former Uzumaki Haruka
Former Hayashi Hideaki
Former Academy Staff
Former Uzumaki Masashi
Former Harutobi Jinta
Former Kishimoto Hana
Signature Jutsu(s)
Favorite Jutsu(s)
Fuinjutsu: Barrier Seal

"There was a time when I doubted myself and felt like a nobody, but no more! I will do everything I can to better myself so that I will never let anyone down!"

Miyo is a rather lovely, young student at the academy in Konohagakure who moved to the village from Amegakure when she was seven. As a member of the Uzumaki clan, she excels with fuinjutsu and combines her knowledge of seals with kenjutsu taught to her by her mother to make her own style. Most people who are familiar with Miyo know nothing of her past in Amegakure, and she rarely speaks about it. To many, its like she never existed before Konoha.


Note on background: Information in the tabs "A Precious Child", "The Betrayer", and "I will be Strong!", is all stuff that people from Amegakure would possibly be familiar with, but no one else, unless they actually investigate the information. Information in "Miyo's New Home" and "The Academy" would be information known to those in Konohagakure, but likely no where else unless investigated. If you wish to ICly learn information from one of these segments, you will need to acquire that information from Miyo herself.


Miyo has led a rough life. She grew up in Amegakure, a village that tends to be rife with civil war and infighting, power grabs, murder, and even assassinations, and because of this she was isolated in her home, living the majority of her early years without meeting anyone other than her family. Surely, she had some stunted social development early on, and it was proven when she met the first outsider, Harutobi Jinta. Miyo was shy, so shy that she refused to even speak, perhaps was even incapable of doing so, for the first day with the instructor. It took several days and a lot of encouragement from her mother to actually open up and begin talking with Harutobi. The results would be worth it, however, as Miyo was a wonderfully generous, kind, and loving child with the free-spirited nature often seen in the children of the Uzumaki clan.

As she further developed in her own way, she became passive, quiet, and thoughtful, particularly so after being kidnapped. She may not have understood what was going on at the time, and still doesn't realize what had really occurred, but it seemed to be the turning point for the lively child. Becoming more withdrawn and finding happiness inside of herself, Miyo grew rapidly on a cognitive level, maturing at a rapid rate. By the time she was seven and preparing to move to Konohagakure, Miyo was already far more developed mentally than most of her peers. Arrival in Konoha, despite improving her safety, did have adverse affects on her personal development.


Miyo's withdrawn nature made it relatively hard to find friends, however, she did manage to make two. They were kind to her, and saw past her general quietness to the kind heart inside of her, but others did not. She was targeted, bullied, and teased for being an outsider, looking strange, acting funny, and having strange habits. Miyo didn't really understand, and she was deeply hurt by many of the remarks the other kids made. She began moving towards depression, and her mother, Hana, was gravely worried. She tried to comfort her daughter, but it only slowed the advancing depression. It was Miyo's friends who finally helped her. They encouraged her to stand up for herself, and she did. Mustering every ounce of courage she had, Miyo confronted her bullies and fought with them until she was unable to stand back up. Her valiant effort, as well as the damage she dealt, proved to the others that she was not to be messed with and that she was strong, capable, and fierce. Soon after, the bullying ended and a life of happiness returned.

Since the end of the bullying, Miyo has developed well, however, she still withdraws from the world from time to time to spend time by herself where she is truly, one hundred percent happy.

Since meeting Midori, her new best friend, Miyo has opened up and become far more bright and cheerful. Along with other people she has met, Miyo has become a very fun-loving, competitive student with a more-than-outgoing personality, and almost no reservations about doing anything she can to better herself.

Likes Strawberries, Fruits, Seafood, Fuinjutsu, Kenjutsu, Training, Socializing, Lectures, Music, Rain
Dislikes Taking Tests, Vegetables, Rudeness, Silence, Sweets, Sour Things, Bullies, Money
Hobbies Training, Hot Springs, Bathing, Running Around in the Rain, Drawing Seals, Sports and Games
Strengths Determined, Focused, Quick Learner, Generous, Kind, Patient, Tactically Smart
Weaknesses Shy, Frequently Withdrawn, Overly Trusting/Naive, Stubborn, Poor With Words



Miyo is a young girl with several noticeable features that make her stand out from others. The first is her incredibly lengthy, ash-colored haired which tends to hang loosely along her back, over her shoulders, and occasionally down over her chest. Generally, Miyo wears her hair back in a long ponytail in order to keep it in a manageable state, and has noticeably shorter hair towards the front of her head to make sure that it doesn't get too obnoxious. The second noticeable feature of Miyo is her eyes which are a strange, pale yellow. Her eyes are not very striking, and tend to give her a very passive or dull look, nor do they really stand out as an overly appealing color.


Some people consider Miyo attractive, though she is not usually the one to draw all the attention right away. On her own, she tends to have more appeal due to many of her features not standing out, because of this, she tends to go unnoticed by her peers. Sometimes, she used to think it may have been because of her lack of a fun, exciting personality, and she may have been right, because lately, people seem to notice her much more.

She is a tall girl, standing several inches taller than most of her female peers on average, and has a slender figure with athletically toned muscles. Recently, she has started developing into a woman, attaining more of a lady-like figure. While her hips have not grown much, and she seems more likely to never gain much, they are still wide enough to give her a bit of a figure. Likewise, her bust has shown some slight development and promises to yield some volume in the future in at attempt to add some feminine physical charisma.

Miyo dresses as passively as she appears. She generally has a compilation of the mesh or fishnet garb that shinobi tend to wear in either a shirt form or shorts/leggings and will cover it with a rather plain, open-fronted top and belt it shut with a wide sash or will wear a baggier, full-length t-shirt with long-sleeves. She will often wear sandals and possibly stockings or leg warmers, or default to boots over socks and wrappings. Miyo tends to wear her forehead protector around her neck with a scarf or on its own. More often than not she will have her arms wrapped in cloth which may not start the day with seals on it, but will tend to end with them covered in seals for fuinjutsu.

Miyo generally has seals somewhere on her body in order to summon forth a multitude of ranged weaponry like shuriken, fuuma shuriken, and kunai, on top of which she will carry a small amount the weaponry on her person. Miyo almost always has her beloved sword, a gift from her mother, slung over her shoulder. The sword itself is a beautiful sword of exceptional craftsmanship, on par with legendary blades.

Skills And Abilities


Miyo is split down the center between Taijutsu and Ninjutsu style techniques. In the taijutsu department, she focuses almost exclusively upon Kenjutsu, however, she does have some talents with other weapons like kunai and shuriken as well as striking with her body. Her training with the sword has come primarily from her mother, a proficient kenjutsuist in her own right, and as such, she has passed on the majority of her knowledge to Miyo. While Hana has definitely taught her daughter a great deal, Miyo has developed her own style for the sword.

Stat Base Level Level With Transformations
Taijutsu 6 6 6 6 6 ?
Ninjutsu 8 9 9 10 11 ?
Genjutsu 5 5 5 5 5 ?
Seal 8 8 8 8 10 ?
Stamina 5 5 5 5 5 ?
Intelligence 8 9 9 9 10 ?
Speed 8 9 10 11 11 ?
Power 4 4 4 4 4 ?

In order to fully utilize her unique talents, Miyo does not unsheathe her sword, in fact, the majority of her fighting is done using the scabbard in place of the blade, which tends to be wrapped in cloth. Because of this, she does not care much about making hard contact and delivering powerful blows, but evading attacks and using speed to make contact with her opponents in order to smash people and deal damage to them instead of killing them. She has developed this style particularly because she does not fight true foes, and fights pretty much only comrades in Konoha. Until a time she requires drawing her blade for actual battle, it will remain sealed so she does not kill anyone.



Miyo's Ninjutsu consists almost entirely of Fuinjutsu, at least, so far. Coming from the Uzumaki Clan, it isn't a surprise that she prefers using seal-based techniques over other types of Ninjutsu. Like other Uzumakis, she is capable of great feats with her fuinjutsu and has been shown to learn incredibly fast, going so far as to learn practically on sight. Miyo seems to have somewhat of a photographic memory when it comes to seals, and once she has seen one, it only takes a short amount of time and practice for her to figure out how to effectively activate it. Once she has learned it, she will add it to her arsenal in as many ways as possible.

Because of her love for fuinjutsu, seals cover practically everything that can be used as a weapon by Miyo, particularly her arms and legs which she uses to drastically increase her abilities by pumping her own chakra back into her from battery-like seals. Anything that can be used to effectively make contact with an enemy is bound to have a seal placed on it. She once wore a seal on a headband and used it to headbutt her father during a training exercise, throwing him for a loop, and being one of the first times she had been able to actually hit her father in their spars.

By utilizing speed and mobility, as well as quick wits and tactical smarts, Miyo is able to out maneuver her foes and use seals to bind or capture them, or in more extreme cases, to eliminate them all together.

Miyo's Gear

Miyo's Journal

Mission Log



3/15/3 B.F.
- Miyo is Born in Amegakure

6/12/2 A.F.
- Harutobi Jinta is Hired to Teach Miyo

6/15/2 A.F.
- Begins Learning to Read and Write from Harutobi

8/23/2 A.F
- Harutobi Confronts Masashi About the Faction Wars

8/25/2 A.F
- Harutobi Kidnaps Miyo; Hides Her in a Basement

8/30/2 A.F
- Hana Locates Miyo
- Masashi Defeats Harutobi

9/5/2 A.F
- Miyo Begins Academic Lessons with Hana

10/7/3 A.F
- Masashi suggests Training Miyo

10/9/3 A.F
- Masashi Begins Training Miyo

10/16/3 A.F
- Hana Begins Training Miyo

5/3/4 A.F
- Miyo and Her Family Transfer to Konohagakure

5/16/4 A.F
- Miyo Meets her First Friends in Konohagakure

8/30/4 A.F
- Miyo Fights with the Other Kids
- Earns Their Respect

4/2/6 A.F
- Begins Attending the Academy

3/15/8 A.F
- Receives her Sword from her Mother

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