Uzumaki Satoshi
Uzumaki Satoshi
Tenjin Hibari
Hyuuga Tomoyo
Birthplace Uzushiogakure
Birthdate December 27th
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 5'11"
Weight 180lbs.
Blood Type AB
Kekkei Genkai Uzumaki Longevity
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Fuuinjutsu
Clan Icon-Uzumaki Uzumaki
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Currently None
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration <Insert Ninja ID #, a.e. 6-7 digit sequence>
Academy Grad. Age 13
Chuunin Grad. Age 15
Nature Type
Element Fire
Father Uzumaki Hideo
Mother Uzumaki Momoko
Signature Jutsu
None Yet

A new arrival to the Land of Fire, having move with his family from the Land of Whirlpools. With his parents coming in as distinguished Jounin from Uzushiogakure and himself a fresh faced Chuunin. Their move having stemmed from several reasons, the first being the overall safety of their family as their homeland is plagued with crisis. The second is to aid in Konoha's overall military strength as Konoha's Senjuu clan are long time friends and allies with the Uzumaki.

With Satoshi being a new arrival, he's curious as to what sort of shinobi he will come across in this village called Konoha. His attitude can vary at times, generally level headed with a good decent amount of common sense in there. It's also rumored that Satoshi likes to experiment with explosives, testing the limits to conventional means of desctruction over the use of his Fire element. He also seems to have the bad habit of smoking, despite his age and youthful appearance. A dangerous combination when one considers his hobbies.



Generally speaking, Satoshi can be considered to be level headed with a decent grasp of reality and a good amount of common sense. Being an older Chuunin, he sometimes gets irritated at all the kids that somehow shoot up through the ranks. Half of the time he'll address kids he meets as brats, at least until he gets to know them and they prove to him they deserve to be called otherwise. Aware at how long he might be around, he doesn't seem prone to rushing things when it comes to getting stronger. Patience is a virtue that is sometimes lost in the passionate fires of youth.

When it comes to socializing with others, he's rather adaptable and will bend to get along with most people. Due to his youthful appearance and how he is, Satoshi prefers to conceal most of his face with a large collar like clothing item that extends up from his shoulders and ends around the area where the bridge of his nose would be.

His hobbies may be considered rather dangerous by most, his first being a fascination with explosives and fire. He not only likes these two things, but he is known for creating his own explosives rather than just buying generic ones from suppliers. This hobby roots itself in his youth and doesn't leave him unscarred, which explains the bandaging that he typically wears around his arms and legs.

Another hobby of his, or rather a habit is that one will often find him with a lit cigarette decorating his face. Some think he does it in order to make himself appear older while others think he does it to relieve some sort of unknown stress factor in his life. Regardless, no answers have been given as to why he does it.


Despite his age, his appearance does not befit it at all. One of the first things a person might notice is the rather long blue hair this Chuunin has. A wealth of satin like blue hair that reaches down to his shoulder blades. Sometimes it will be pulled back into a single long ponytail, but most times it goes without restraint. Although he has a hair color that stands out, his eyes are rather normal in color. A pair of midnight black eyes gaze out unto the world, visible when he isn't smiling or grinning like a fool. To those who manage to see him without his face concealing collar, his facial structure almost seems to be feminine. Perhaps one reason why he hides his face so much, having been mistaken more than enough times for a girl in his youth. The collar that he typically always wears is white in color and made of a stiff fabric that is held in place by black leather strip that goes around the collar and one that goes down the front. It resembles a cross of sorts. This accessory doesn't actually touch his face and leaves space inside for air flow and such. Around his forehead is his village's headband, the symbol for Uzushiogakure engraved onto a metal plate. If not around his forehead, he likes to use it for his ponytail tie instead.

His typical 'shinobi' apparel consists of a black undershirt with an ANBU styled vest over it. Attached to the shoulder straps of the vest are a pair of black sleeves with a white floral design on them that reach down to just below the elbow. Beyond the sleeves, white medical wrap starts and ends into a pair of fingerless gloves that have a metal plate riveted onto the backs. The rest of his gear is standard as well. A pair of black baggy pants that reach down to just above his shins and end there, more white medical tape starting and ending into a pair of standard shinobi footwear.



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