Uzumaki Suzuki
Birthplace Land of Iron
Birthdate Apr. 5, -20 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 26
Height 5'4" tall
Weight 178 lbs
Blood Type ???
Kekkei Genkai None.
Classification Mercenary Samurai
Areas of Expertise Kenjutsu, Firearms, Sealing Techniques
Clan Uzumaki
Affiliation Land of Iron
Team None.
Ninja Rank Ronin
Genin-Equivalency Age 15
Chuunin-Equivalency Age 25
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown.
Mother Uzumaki Koi
Father Uzumaki Nishin
Signature Jutsu
None yet.
Favorite Techniques
Dual Blade

Uzumaki Suzuki is a ninja born in a country of samurai. She is experiencing the ninja world at last.



To be done.


Suzuki is an average-height woman for a member of the Uzumaki Clan, about 5'4", with red-brown hair in an enormous 'side-ponytail' that is so bushy and thick and LONG that it almost looks like a cape or some sort of head-ornament rather than part of her head. Her hair is ANKLE-LENGTH. She has pale eyes that seem to waver between really-light cyan or some sort of silver-grey, and they are set beneath sharp, angled, red-brown eyebrows. Her face is still young, but her expression tends to show some degree of maturity and self-control. Suzuki has a powerful, athletic build, with shoulders broadened by much physical training, and flared hips of an appropriate width for a woman of her age. She is very busty, but tends not to make any attempt to either emphasize or conceal this fact. She is a warrior, primarily, and her manner of dress and how she carries herself shows that she tends to think of herself in that context more than as a woman.

Suzuki tends to wear a highly ornate and seemingly mis-matched, asymmetrical suit of samurai armor, with half of a skull-looking face plate, and a forehead protector (hita-ite) without any symbol on the plate to mark her as belonging to a Village. She carries a pair of swords at her left hip, one a wakizashi and the other a katana, and appears to have an odd weapon that may only be vaguely recognizable by the most ardent scholars as a 'musket'. The concept of a gun or knowledge that they once existed or that this odd-looking tool is modelled after them is unlikely to be something most people are aware of.


Ronin's Journal

To be done.


Gun Samurai Style
Musket Ball

Mission Log

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