Uzumaki Suzume
Uzumaki Suzume
Birthplace Land of Whirlpools
Birthdate December 31st
Gender Female
Age 14
Height 5'3
Weight 101
Blood Type B
Kekkei Genkai None!
Classification Medical Specialist
Areas of Expertise Medical Ninjutsu
Clan Uzumaki
Affiliation Konohagakure Affiliation
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 1111113
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chuunin Grad. Age N/A
Nature Type
Element None
Father Uzumaki Akito
Mother Uzumaki Hina (Deceased)
Sister Uzumaki Haruka
Sister Uzumaki Akiko (Deceased)
Grandmother Uzumaki Chiyo
Grandmother Shirayuki Izumi
Uncle Shirayuki Hideki (Deceased)
Signature Jutsu
Light Healing Technique

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Uzumaki Suzume is a an upcoming genin of the Uzumaki Clan and one of the youngest grand child of the clan elder Uzumaki Chiyo. Suzume hails from the Land of Whirlpools as a sign of good faith between themselves and the Land of Fire, though becoming a genin was most certainly not an easy task. Suzu was born into a family of prestigious shinobi, one being Uzumaki Hina(Formerly known as Shirayuki Hina) and Uzumaki Akito known for their vicious and valiant fighting which unusually summed up their love for one another, they settled down in the Land of Whirlpools and giving birth to Suzu's older sister Haruka and her twin, Akiko. The raising of Suzu and Akiko alike was near the height of the clan wars, causing them both to be heavily secluded while their older sister Haruka was hand picked by the Elder Chiyo to train under her, during this seclusion however while Akiko was the quiet and slightly submissive one, Suzu was the type of girl to sneak out and get in trouble, secretly running off to the clan center to watch other clansman practice their sealing technique, it absolutely enthralled her, and the times that Haruka would come home Suzu would always pester her about the the Arts of Shinobi and though she hadn't learn much, the one thing Haruka did teach her was how to focus her own chakra, and that is what she took with her for a very long time. While not able to practice her own ninjutsu, the rush of chakra flowing through her veins was enough to make her excited, she continued this method until skillfully managing to become so efficient at it she could squeeze less stamina into her chakra pool to have longer lasting results.

Suzume carried more of her fathers personality and characteristics rather than her mothers, aside from the mixture of strawberry blond, the Shirayuki blood flowing through Suzu's seems to be more recessive than dominate, she hasn't shown any signs of elemental affinity like her older sister and if anything seems to be inept in doing so. Instead she is gifted with a stronger chakra reserve and a vigor to withstand pain, and the innate ability to masterfully manipulate her chakra with little waste and very precise. A faithful night while Suzume was 9 years old, her family was caught in an ambush against their estranged grand mother and her entourage, attempting to get Hina back due to her defection, in that battle her mother Hina and twin sister Akiko was pronounced dead while Haruka and their father Akito managed to push off the remaining assassins, this moment would cause a tremor in the house hold, years of silence and sadness… It was because of this moment Akito's hold over Suzume became tighter, disabling her from any shinobi duties. Instead she remained close with the villagers, attempting to learn how to further tame her chakra and find ways to manipulate it. It wasn't long until many others began to note her knack for chakra control and even caught the eye of a few senju passing through the village, coming up to her personally saying that perhaps now was a good time for her to head to Konoha, and to take advantage of her chakra manipulation in the form of becoming a full fledged medical shinobi… Completely ecstatic about the idea she accepted it but naturally needed her fathers permission to attend the village…




Suzu is a beautiful young kunoichi with long locks of strawberry blonde hair, trickling down midway along her back. Her skin is of an avverage tone while her eyes are as bright as glistenign sapphires. Traditionally she wears a traditional hooded cloak of the Uzumaki. Rather than a head band she wears a necklace with the symbol of Konoha engraved along it like a steel plaque. Her body is quite delicate, and lean, growing slightly into her maturing form.





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