Uzumaki Tsukino
Uzumaki Tsukino
Birthplace Uzushiogakure
Birthdate 5/26/7 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 5'3"
Weight 120 lbs
Blood Type A
Kekkei Genkai Uzumaki Longevity
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Seals
Clan Uzumaki
Affiliation Uzushiogakure
Team Team Phoenix
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 13
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 16
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown
Element (Secondary) N/A
Paternal Grandfather Uzumaki Hiro (Councilman)
Maternal Grandmother Uzumaki (Doihara) Aria
Mother Uzumaki Mizuko
Father Uzumaki Fumio
Brother Uzumaki Shigeru
Brother (2nd Born) Uzumaki Taki
Sister Uzumaki Mitsuko (deceased)
Signature Jutsu

A princess of the Uzumaki clan, Tsukino has been sent to Konohagakure in order to create an alliance between Uzushiogakure and Konohagakure. Behind the scenes there are whispers of an attempt to arrange a marriage, but those are just rumors.


// Born in Uzushiogakure in the Land of Whirlpools to Uzumaki Fumio and Uzumaki Mizuko on a full, red harvest moon, she was given the name Tsukino. And like the moon, she was born with a full head of bright red hair. A note has to be said about Mizuko's background, however as she was not fully an Uzumaki. Her mother, known as Uzumaki Aria was actually born Doihara Aria in what would become Kirigakure. She had already had a family in that area (including a son Doihara Masayoushi) During a trip to a shrine in the land of Whirlpools Aria was beset upon by bandits and was presumed dead. The truth was that an Uzumaki man stepped in and saved her life alone. She fell in love with the man during her recovery and it was not long before she gave birth to Mizuko. Thus Tsukino is only 3/4 Uzumaki but showed herself to have the clan's traits. Aria passed a pocket watch down through the family, something she had kept from her life with the Doiharas. Tsukino accepted it as a gift before leaving for Konohagakure.

Uzumaki Fumio was the son of Uzumaki Hiro, one of the elders of the clan beside Uzumaki Chiyo. Thus Fumio's daughter, Tsukino, was raised as a kind of Princess (though the 'position' did not afford her much more than a strict education and several annoying maids). It was decided soon after her elder sister's death that Tsukino would make a good addition to Konohagakure rather than Uzushiogakure due to the memory of her sister's death.

As a baby, she showed an uncanny ability to copy motion. At first it was simple hand movements. Mizuko saw the affinity for mimicking in the child and fostered it as best she could, playing games with the child and encouraging her that way. By the time Tsukino was a toddler she was learning basic hand seals. She began to learn the basics of seal calligraphy as well though it would be a few more years before she could complete a proper tag's calligraphy. At the time she thought it all great fun. As she got older the mimicking progressed to the point that she was playing pranks on her siblings by using Henge along with her ability to mimic the actions and tones of others.

When she was 8, Tsukino began putting seals and chakra together, making her first tags under her paternal grandfather's instruction. She was a quiet child but she had a wild streak in her that liked to rear it's head now and then. Mainly, she would put on hakama and began climbing trees. Seeing this, her brother, Taki, decided it was time for her to begin learning other shinobi arts such as tree-walking. She took to it quickly and was soon simply walking up the trees rather than climbing them. Much to her mother's dismay and her father's chortles. She studied under her elder brother, her father, and her grandfather in the ways of the shinobi. Meanwhile she also studied under her maternal grandmother, her mother and her elder sisters in the arts of the woman. Flower arrangement, tea ceremonies, the Classics…. She studied them all. Due to the double curriculum it took her a bit longer to learn everything.

She was 13 when she was finally given the title of Genin. Already knowing some of the basics such as tree-walking, Tsukino studied her clan's seals and began to study tags and seals in earnest. When she was not continuing her studies as a woman, she would train with her brother. One issue they had with Tsukino was that she hated harming another person. Ever. If she accidentally got a hit in on her brother, no matter how minor, she immediately teared up. Her heart was too soft as a Shinobi and her parents both knew it. Still, they could not imagine trying to force her to kill. Reluctantly she learned a few attacks, but she prefers ones that exhaust to those that do actual damage to an opponent. At 14, Tsukino mastered the art of Scrolls so she could carry things at first. Then it progressed that she could defend herself and even attack if need be.

Tsukino is the 3rd daughter of Fumio and Mizuko and the 5th child, thus making her the youngest in the family. She was doted on by her elder siblings throughout her childhood. one fateful day, around age 15, she had gone out with her elder sister to search for flowers and herbs one day when tragedy struck. They were ambushed by bandits in a kind of macabre echo of Aria's attack and her sister was killed in her place and before her very eyes. Fighting back in a dark rage, Tsukino killed the three bandits. Then she carried her sister's bloody body back home before succumbing to her own wound for two weeks. She has a scar to this day. After this event the maids and Tsukino's brother were even more protective of her. Fumio, however, insisted that she continue her training.

Thus she soon became a Chuunin of Uzushiogakure at 16. Unfortunately, the memories of her sister's death and life were everywhere around her and the girl was beginning to wilt. It was decided that she would not remain in that place. Her grandfather, the elder, made arrangements with Konohagakure for Tsukino to be accepted there as a kind of One-sided exchange-shinobi. There were whisperings of a possible match being made, but politics were such at the time of her leaving that it was not spoken of too loudly. She now travels to Konohagakure to begin her the next part of her life at 17 and to present herself to the Hokage.



// Tsukino is bright and open. She does not back down from a struggle or a challenge, but she doesn't go looking for darkness either. She can be quite dense at times but she catches on given a bit of time. She was sheltered from a lot of social interaction as a child so she is a bit slow to catch on. She does have a playful streak in her, though and in fact met Daisuke by nearly falling off a bridge because of her silliness. //



// Vibrant red hair would be the first thing one might notice about Tsukino. Long and well kempt, reaching to her knees if allowed to hang free. Her brow holds the same color and can be sharp and focused, or relaxed and nonchalant. Her face has faintly rounded cheeks with a small chin and nose and usually uncolored lips. Her eyes are like water or saphires set in her face like jewels. They are expressive and one can usually tell her mood by her eyes.
Her clothes are relatively simple. A black sleeveless top with a grey zipper tht fits her form nicely is worn over a matching pair of shorts. Under the shorts are leggings that disappear into her boots. About her waist isa thick sort of belt, a dark grey with some white circular designs.
She does not appear to carry weapons, but if one were to look at her gloves close enough they might spot a seal or several. She does carry several pouches with various items around her waist, and a thigh holder for Kunai on her thigh, though. //


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