Watanabe Yukio
Watanabe Yukio
Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate July 7th
Gender Dude, I'm a dude
Age 15
Height 5'11"/180.3 cm
Weight 206 lbs/ 93.5 kgs
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai Dragon Blooded Transformations
Classification Chuunin
Areas of Expertise Claw to Claw combat
Clan Wait till you find out
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Who needs one?
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Actual Genin Age 16
Actual Chuunin Age 16
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Fire Nature
Element (Secondary) Wind Nature
Mother Yukianessa
father Kazuma
Signature Jutsu
Lizards Claws

Watanabe Yukio is an overconfident young… er… man? Regardless of what he is, he looks human enough for the rest of us. Rowdy, overconfident, and crass as he may be, he tends to be well accepted by the people around him, and when things get rough, he's always willing to lend a supporting hand. Self proclaimed 'master' of Fire and Wind Style Ninjutus, he's got a bit of a ways to go before he actually masters them.


Yukio's background starts long before Yukio actually does. Long ago, during the clan wars, Yukio's mother, a Dosojin House Watanabe, was following her 'road' about the lands. Her self appointed task, was to protect the people caught between the clans when they clashed, evacuating villages, and saving lives as the terrors of the clan wars raged on in the world around them. She, having reached a high point of her powers, fought without equal for many years, saving lives with every ounce of her power. Until one day, she finally lost.

A man with burning eyes defeated her, with a frightening amount of ease. But he let her live, respecting the path she had chosen, but threatening to kill her should they meet on the field of battle again. She survived, nursed back to health by people she had saved, before she left back on her road again. It wasn't long until she ran into the man again. Once more she fell, and once more he let her live. Again and again, they clashed, until finally they chose to forgo their ritualistic carnage, and finally speak. And with that, they came to a truce. From that truce, eventually sprung up, a love, and at her insistance, and his own desire to live in peace, the man left his clan, and retired to the country side with his now fiance.

Cut to about 2 years later. Their first son, Yukio, is born. Shortly there after, his younger sister was born. Yukio's childhood was a pretty simple one. They lived not too far away from a small village, with kids about his age, but Yukio was alot more interested in the forest than anything. As he grew he developed a deep, powerfull bond with the forest around him, aswell as the creatures within the forest.

As Yukio turned the age of 10, at Yukio's insitance, he began training with his parents to be a Ninja, pressing into the training fiercely, and quickly taking to the techniques taught to him by his mother, developing his skills over the next several years. But eventually, as his 16th birthday drew closer, he decided it was time to follow in his mother's clan traditions, setting out to find his own road. Eventually that search led him to Konoha.

Konoha just felt -right- to him. It felt like where he was supposed to be. So after being tested for his skills, he aquired a headband, getting Genin rank, until he proved he could be trusted. Proving himself during the revolt of Toyotomi Kane, Yukio now serves as Chuunin for the land of Fire. Although, he does have alot of room to grow, and many to prove himself to, he's constantly looking for the next way he can help the village grow into a better place.


Ironically enough, Yukio's personality is that of the guy that no one likes, but everyone gets along with. He's crass, he's rowdy, he's overconfident. But he's easy to get along with, and once you get past his dissagreeable outer shell (which isn't that hard), he's actually a really nice guy. Very supportive, and very friendly. When on missions, his irritating personality comes out even more, as he uses it as a psychological warfare method. He enjoys fighting quite thouroughly, and loves long, prolonged combats between two evenly matched opponents, but dislikes killing people when he doesn't need to.


You see a young man, clearly on his way into adulthood, standing roughly 5'11". His dark, naturally spikey hair seems to be kept pretty short, if a bit uneven. His bangs hang down past his ears, framing his face nicely, while the rest of his hair kept to only a few inches. Flawless tan skin covers his figure, lean muscle, and a finely molded machine of a body flowing into what looked like, at first glance, an artisan sculped human figure. But then again there may be a few flaws. His eyes, hidden behind a dark pair of sunglasses. He wears them all the time. Even indoors. But if one were to peer behind them, flaming red eyes, with tight slits for pupils would peer back. And upon closer inspection, his fang like teeth, and slightly clawed hands also seemed a bit odd. So maybe not so perfect a specimen?
He wears a pristine white shirt, and loose fitting pants, and traditional shinobi footwear. He also wears an unbuttoned, dark jacket, sleeves normally rolled up over his elbows, with fingerless gloves covering his hands. Finally, he keeps 8 custom 'long Kunai' in sheaths along the sides of his legs, 4 on each side. They're actually closer to short swords than anything, having nearly 16 inch long blades, but they're still designed for throwing judging from the weight distribution on them.


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