Yamanaka Junko
Yamanaka Junko
Birthplace Kadomai, Icon-FireLand of Fire
Birthdate Sep. 8, -11 B.F.
Gender Icon-Female2Female
Age 16
Height 5'0"
Weight Not fat
Blood Type Salty
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Errand girl. T_T
Areas of Expertise Running errands
Clan Icon-YamanakaYamanaka
Affiliation Icon-KonohaKonohagakure
Team None yet
Ninja Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 014451
Genin Equivalency Age 13
Chuunin Equivalency Age Not even close yet. T_T
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown
Father Yamanaka Godo
Mother Yamanaka Misoko
Sister Yamanaka Momo
Signature Jutsu
None yet

Yamanaka Junko has been a Genin for three years now, after taking quite awhile to graduate (she started at 10 and graduated at 13). She is on familiar terms with most civilians/villagers of Konohagakure, due to the fact that, until recently, she had not been on anything higher than a D-Rank mission even ONCE since graduating! This has changed now, but she still has a teasing/friendly nickname amongst the villagers (primarily old grandmas and similar who do not give any thought to embarassing a teenage girl). The nickname is 'Errand-Girl Junko'. Junko does not care for this nickname.


What Konohagakure People May Know ICly
Junko joined Konohagakure's basic academy program after the Village was founded to help protect people from the pain she had witnessed and experienced as a defenseless villager during the Clan Wars. She took three years to graduate. This may seem impressive, but she had basic training before then from her parents and Senju allies, and she entered the academy at age 10. Her friends graduated well ahead of her.


Junko is a teenage girl who is approximately 5 feet even in height and has a light build. She seems to be physically weak, but designed for speed — to a degree. Junko has long, smooth, golden-blonde hair, with two long locks that hang down on either side of her smooth-skinned, tan-toned face. The rest is kept in a ponytail, tied low and kept in place with a blue ribbon. The ponytail streams down to just below mid-back. Junko has the eyes of a Yamanaka: Black irises with light-blue, nearly-cyan pupils. She has the developing curves of a teenager who is undergoing the transformation to womanhood, rather than a full-grown woman, but when she IS fully-grown, the indications are that she will be quite a heartbreaker.

Junko is presently wearing a sea-green halter-top of sorts, with black mesh lining the upper edge of the top and extending upwards to a ridged sea-green collar with a strap and buckle to hold it closed. The semi-transparent nature of the mesh simultaneously indicates the inherent femininity of the girl (if, for some reason, the swell of her chest in the top proper failed to do so) and denies an observer any improper details to look upon. Junko's ribs just below the top as well as her sides and smooth, taut-skinned belly are left bare.

A kevlar belt rests on Junko's young (but gradually widening) hips, mesh-netting pouches situated along its circumference for holding tools of various kinds. Just below the belt, hanging almost scandalously low on her hips, are a pair of tight, sea-green shorts. If not for the black fishnet along each leg of the shorts, the garment might be showing more than it covers. Instead, the dense mesh appears more as 'armor' than decoration. This is especially true when the obsidian-colored micro-scale armor that is built into the mesh is seen. This clothing is worn for ease of movement and protection, rather than to display the wearer or otherwise be aesthetically pleasing. The fact that the outfit IS color-coordinated and fashionable is purely coincidence. Really. A pair of tabi over bandage-wraps up to mid-shin complete Junko's standard attire, though upon her right upper arm she has a Konohagakure hita-ite (forehead protector) tied around that limb.


"Hahaha! What are you staring at! Is it how awesome I am! I'll bet it is! Why can't I use question marks!"

Personality (You want to know about me? SURE! :D)

Junko pushes herself too much, trying to prove she can be a useful kunoichi, like her friends who graduated ahead of her. This means that she may tire herself out faster or try to take on challenges she is not physically equipped for. She feels an intense desire to get out into the field and DO something to help others, and thus she may be prone to acting impulsively. Aside from these negative traits, she is a friendly, helpful, and dedicated girl who does not like to see people suffer.

However, Junko has a bit of a grudge against the Uchiha Clan.

The Uchiha were in the area of Kadomai for a long time and never attempted to help the residents escape from the Plague-Makers. The reasons she has heard are mostly about "logic" and "military tactics", but the fact remains that the Uchiha left everyone in Kadomai to suffer under the heel of the Plague-Makers and were content to simply cut off Kadomai from reinforcements while they hunted down and slaughtered the rest of that feared Clan.

She is not interested in "revenge" against the Uchiha. Revenge is why the Uchiha failed to help the people of Kadomai. Multiple rival Clans were isolated in an easily monitored town with no support, and no Uchiha were at risk. Why should they go up against ninja who can breathe rapid-necrotization viruses at people that cause the victims to rot and fall apart without dying first? Too much danger involved just to spare some rivals from pain.

For this reason, the complete lack of apology or regret on the part of the veterans of the Clan Wars in the present, and the general attitude of the Clan's members, Junko treats any Uchiha she encounters with cool disdain at best, and outright suspicion and hostility at worst.

Her nick-name around Konoha is "Errand-Girl Junko", due to the fact she has spent a year as a Genin and has done nothing but basic D-Rank missions of the "mow the lawn", "catch the cat", "deliver the mail", "clean these windows", "walk these dogs", etc. variety. She does not appear to possess the aptitude to advance in skill or Rank. Most people simply do not expect anything special of her.

Even the development of Genjutsu skills was triggered by the war with the Land of Water and their golem army, as opposed to because she wanted to better herself as a ninja. She wants to protect people, but she seems to be unclear on how to go about it. Still, at least she is finally taking steps in the right direction, even if small ones.


"Behold the… Thing. The mega… Thing. Of Yamanaka. …Look, I don't know. I just work here."



"Yes, I know that I have 'got it', but you may feel free to say so anyway!"

Junko's Junky Junk

Diary to be written.

Abilities and Skills

"Weapons are complicated." :(

Mission Log

"As a young woman… Gorgeous! As a child… ADORABLES! …Right?"

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