Yamanaka Katsumi
Yamanaka Katsumi
Birthplace Konohagakure
Birthdate 03/28/03 A.F.
Gender Female
Age 13
Height 5' 2"
Weight 105 lbs
Blood Type B+
Kekkei Genkai Body Control Style Ninjutsu
Classification Medical Kunoichi
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Medical jutsu, Tactics and Strategy
Clan Yamanaka
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Team Masashi
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 11 y/o
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Water
Element (Secondary) Earth (locked)
Father Yamanaka Mitsurugi
Mother Yamanaka Hana
Signature Jutsu
Mind Lock
Yamanaka Clan
Stats Chart

Katsumi is a girl of vibrant intellect, striving to do her best in everything she sets herself to do. She is a lover of scrolls and learning, with a great talent for Ninjutsu. Her greatest expectation of herself is to become the finest Medical ninja Konohagakure has ever seen - with the rank of a legendary Jounin on her vest.


Katsumi has been raised by her parents - an adoring father who enjoys his work as a ninja whole-heartedly, and an over-protective mother who, in the end, wishes only for her family's safety and happiness. Katsumi has shown great potential since a very young age in such things as speed, intelligence, and stubbornness. When her father had first suggested that she join the Ninja Academy, her mother had been furious at first. It took time, but eventually Katsumi's mother relinquished to the idea with a subtle smile, and proud-yet-worried expression. With the confidence of both of her parents, Katsumi has been put onto the road to becoming a shinobi, and her dedication since the beginning has been something to admire.

At the Academy, Katsumi wasn't the fastest in making new friends; she tended to be more of a loner, studying scrolls to better harness her own strengths - as well as pushing herself to understand things that many at her age were unable to comprehend. Even so young, Katsumi knew that before her body could become strong, her mind needed focus and control. Though, when people push her in the wrong way, much of her self-serving training seemed to fly out of the window. The young Yamanaka's short temper is a trait inherited from her father, and anyone who teases her about her affluence of reading - or treats her as though she's weak - has a first-hand experience in seeing said temper for themselves. A friendship made of half-friend and half-rival kept her chin up and her determination soaring into her Final Exam with confidence, no matter what the answer was to be given to her.

However, upon taking her Final Exam, Katsumi graduated to the rank of Genin with a vote of confidence from her Academy sensei. She's now working with old and new friends, the whole big world on her front door step.


Katsumi is quick-witted, almost always having something intelligent to say, when it is needed. Generally her smarts come from her reading, as, most often, her free-time has her nose in a scroll - scrolls of past strategy, technique, and even jutsu far beyond her current capabilities. She's constantly absorbing anything she can get her little hands on, in order to improve herself or get an extra step ahead from the rest. Katsumi is determined to be the best that she can possibly be, in anything that she applies herself to. Sometimes this causes her to get into things that she very well shouldn't. However, if she is able to come out the other side alive and well, she usually views it as a good learning experience - and then gains a bit of caution, for the next situation to present itself.

In all of her intelligence and stubbornness, though, Katsumi is a very compassionate girl. Having been a loner for much of what little life she's lived, anyone who shows kindness is an individual to be rewarded in her eyes. Rather empathetic, if she sees a child crying or an elder struggling, Katsumi is among the first - if not the first - to lend a supportive hand. She can be sensitive, especially when someone teases her about having a large head or being too small to defend herself. While she is shy upon meeting new people, Katsumi is by no means a timid girl. She can often have a wicked temper; a lack of energy or food in her belly only makes her fuse all that much shorter.


Katsumi was born with platinum blonde hair, a shade that - in her youth - hasn't darkened the slightest bit, and barely reaches her shoulders. Her eyebrows, however, are tinted with a warm, cornsilk yellow, and give a bit of a hint that one day the rest of her hair will follow suit in the colour. Her eyes are comparably large, while standing next to children of her own age, and a vivid sea-foam bluegreen lined with long, platinum lashes. Her face retains a subtle roundness, in her young years, while the rest of her body seems to have begun to leave childhood behind.

She's of an average height, if not a half of an inch to an inch taller than the rest, though her musculature hasn't quite caught up and leaves her seeming much more fragile than she is. Her hands are small, and long-fingered, and her knees seem to always have some sort of scuff when visible. The crease between her brows, however, is a strong indicator that her mind is already her most powerful weapon.

She has a tendency of wearing dark (black) leggings that fit like a second skin, which often emphasizes her legs' length as well as their current scrawniness. Her torso is usually wrapped in a light (cream), long-sleeved robe that goes down to about mid-thigh, and fits a little loosely to try and hide her thinness, tied with a sash of cornflower blue. The colour of the shirt beneath her robes is almost always the same colour as the sash around her waist, though sometimes it'll be a soft petal pink instead. Her hands, when training, are covered by black, fingerless gloves. Her shoes are traditional ninja shoes, and usually match her leggings. Her Konoha headband is tied to hold back her bangs, while training - any other time, it's usually hanging from around her neck. In case of emergency…


Name Rank & Relationship Notes
Inuzuka Shinobu Genin; mission partner (once) Shy and doesn't talk much, but I think she's close to Daichi; Kame is really cute, though (black lab Nin-ken pup)
Inuzuka Hige Jounin He's kinda intimidating, at first, but I think he's nice; Konsho (big and puppy-like) and Kizoku (serious but an actual puppy) are his ninken
Nara Tatsuo Chuunin A more experienced Medic-nin student under Kenta-sensei
Uchiha Hinotori Jounin Light-hearted, when he isn't training or teaching

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