Yamauchi Borin
Yamauchi Borin
Birthplace Icon-Earth Land Of Stone
Birthdate May 26
Gender Icon-Male Male
Age 13
Height 5'7"
Weight 180lbs
Blood Type A+
Kekkei Genkai NA
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Tactics and Strategy
Clan Yamauchi Clan
Affiliation Iwagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 13
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Earth Earth
Element (Secondary) NA
Father Shiji
Mother Maikasa
Signature Jutsu
Gentle Mist Shock


Borin was born to Maikasa and Shiji Yamauchi in the Land of Earth; Borin had a very peaceful up bringing and due to his father being a Land of Fire Monk whom migrated to the Land of Earth during his wife pregnancy he brought over the teachings of the Gentle Mist Style along with him. Once Borin reached the age of five he gathers started to teach him the art of the Gentle Mist as well as the practice of the monks. Borin soaked up the Gentle Mist however the monks lifestyle wasn't for him. Dismissing the teachings outright he forged his own path one that was free to explore all of his emotional spectrum. He found out that he enjoyed the simple life of making others happy with jokes and just pure comical reliefs. After three years of training he perfected the Gentle Mist Style and shortly afterwards was enrolled in the academy dispute his lack of ninjutsu, genjutsu and chakra control he perfected his mind, body(all areas), and lastly his Taijutsu to above average levels. He bulky exterior and his heighten intelligence is testement to his many achevments. Borin spent four years proving himself as a Genin his fearless and textbook style ways of handling situation quickly made those around him that he was ready for the next level of responsibility, that he was ready for Chuunin. He had to prove it on his twelveth birthday when he was sent out on a mission with two disguised Chuunin whom roles where to be rather unpleasant and unruly to see if he could maintain control of the operation which after brainstorming he did; he formulated a plan that once the mission was over he would personally fulfill a request for them two each of they followed this the plan to the letter. Agreeing they retrieve a golden flask that was taken for an elderly man by a small group of bandits. Proving that he could hold his own in and off the fields that promoted him to Chuunin a few more missions later. Shortly after becoming a Chuunin his father disappeared, while on a mission to the star village he found him. However he was already with another family, walking up to him he asked to speak with him alone. After the truth he shook his head he stared his father into his very souls "if you ever come back to my mother I'll kill you," with bitterness and anger in his voice the message got acrossed. This utter frustration came from his mother dying of grief shortly after his father disappearance. Borin wears his father iconic red scarf as a remeberce of the good times they shared. And wields his mother signature golden kunai(its the only ninjas weapon he carries unless a special case occurs). His current goals are to become a better father then his own and to become a Shinobi that would have made his mother proud as well as the village. Is coolness and calm air around him makes him a magnet for other to naturally drift to him and thus he has many friends.


Borin is an honorable ninja who hold the safety of others before himself, he have given up a lot on mission to make sure everyone comes back alive. During the harsh Silence moments he slipped into a slight darker moment where he had to give up on some lives in order to save the many. However after that he was able to pulling himself out due to the loving and care of his friends and family.


"I decided a long time ago that if anyone rose against my village I will personally purge them from this world."


Borin is a rather bulky athletic build teen, he stand about 5'7" and is about 175-180lbs. His arms and legs are covered in scars, however his dark pants legs are bandaged down down as well for his arms to the elbow. His tan sleeveless shirt with a funnel like collar which extends just high enough to cover his bottom lip and with a head salanted could cover the whole mouth. He has two scars that are noticeable and that's a scar that runs down his right eye to the middle of his lip. Lastly is his signature three prong scar to the chest running from the top left to the bottom right of his chest. His gold spikey hair is kept messy unless he decides to keep is down, however they match his green eyes perfectly. His headband is kept on his left arm right in the center of the forearm. He also wears his iconic bright red scarf around his neck rather close in then draping.


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