Yamayuki Kotone
Yamayuki Kotone
Birthplace Northern Mountains
Birthdate December 12th, 5B.F.
Gender Female
Age 13
Height 4'10"
Weight 85lb
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai Nejigan
Classification Trouble
Areas of Expertise Scrolls and Sonic Ninjutsu
Clan Yamayuki
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown
Element (Secondary) N/A
Father Yamayuki Shira
Signature Jutsu
Shamishen to no Jutsu - Three String Sword Technique, a Ninjutsu employing the Yamayuki bloodline Sound Manipulation to hone a sound into an invisible, razor sharp cutting edge.

Yamayuki Kotone is a cheerful, energetic ninjutsu specialist from Kumogakure. Born in the cold northern mountains, she moved to Kumogakure when she was 10 years old to study formal ninjutsu. She is a quirky young girl who is sometimes a little hyperactive.


Kotone, like many in her clan, was not born in one of the hidden villages. Rather, she was born in the mountain ranges north of Kumogakure, in the home village of her clan. Her father was an able ninja, though he would not identify himself as such, preferring the title of hunter. One of the men in the village responsible for catching food- as well as preserving the safety of the village. He had three daughters, the youngest of them, Kotone, the only one that showed promise with the clan's bloodline.

She was raised mostly by her mother and her aunt during her youth, learning about the ways of her village and her clan, and about playing a number of musical instruments- as well as a little about poetry and dance. She particularly excelled with stringed instruments, like the Shamisen and Koto. She was also physically frail, though, and was struck ill when she was ten years old. Though they did all they could to help her, the village elders feared that she would loose her life. Her father did the only thing he could- he took her to the south, across the mountain ranges and to Kumogakure hoping the medical ninja there would be able to help.

The journey was arduous, and at one point she and her father were caught in an avalanche. Despite his mastery of the clan's Kekke Genkai, he was so focused on speed that he missed the warning signs. He was able to outpace the falling snow for a time, but it eventually caught up to him. Gravely wounded in the process, he made his way to the road before finally collapsing from his injuries. They were found by a passing merchant caravan, who picked them up and carried them the rest of the way to Kumogakure.

Kotone and her father recovered thanks to the medical expertise in Kumogakure and during their recuperation, they got to know a bit more about the hidden village. Eventually, they were recovered well enough to leave. However, Kotone had other thoughts. On the day they were supposed to leave, she told her father she wanted to stay and join the ninja academy here. He was dubious about it at first, but eventually, her conviction on the matter swayed him. He returned to his village, leaving Kotone in the care of the Kumogakure academy.

Her physical weakness continued to prove a disadvantage and she struggled with even the basics of Taijutsu- however, it soon became apparent that she had a natural aptitude for Ninjutsu. Already familiar with many musical instruments thanks to her upbringing, she put them to good use. To make such things easier, she also learned about sealing jutsu, specifically so that she could seal her musical instruments away in scrolls for convenience. She eventually got to grips with Taijutsu basics in her final year of the Academy, and only just passed her Genin exam. By this time, she had already developed a technique making use of her Kekke Genkai, Three-String Sword, which allows her to focus sonic frequencies to blade-like intensity.

She now seeks to earn her place in Kumogakure, and repay the hidden village for saving her and her father's lives. Still physically frail, she focuses on Ninjutsu techniques in her ongoing training.


Yamayuki Kotone is a very energetic girl- some would say TOO energetic- she can usually be found practising with one kind of musical instrument or another, eating (showing a preference for fresh meat and fish over sweets or vegetables) or generally causing trouble. At first she had great difficulty with city life- and was considered a bit of a wild child, but she's settled down at least a little bit in recent months. She still finds many city customs strange and espouses a preference for the tribal life- even if she is more than willing to indulge in the occasional city luxury, like the hot springs. She likes to sing although- despite her heritage- she is not very good at it. She is much better at playing instruments, and she has learned to play many, her favorites including the shamisen, taiko drums and xylophone. Even in the absence of musical instruments, she can whistle a huge range of tones and enjoys drumming out rhythms on any object that stays still long enough and makes a satisfying enough noise.


Kotone is a young Genin, around thirteen years old, hailing from the Yamayuki clan. She possesses the typical slightly tan skin and green eyes of her clan, as well as dirty-blonde hair which is worn in a messy ponytail. Bangs frame her face, which is marred by a thin scar that runs below her eyes and across the bridge of her nose. She has a darker tan ink-blot shaped birthmark on the left side of her neck where it slopes into her shoulders. The girl is skinny, a little bit too skinny perhaps with only the barest hints of lean muscle.

She wears a tight-fitting black shirt and, over this, an orange, fur-lined short jacket which ends just above her waist and sleeves that stop at her elbows. On her legs, she wears a pair of short-shorts, orange like her jacket, and a pair of knee-high fur-lined leather boots, with soft soles that seem to be bound in place by lengths of rope. She wears a belt about her waist at a lopsided angle- the lower side sports a tool pouch and a scroll case. She wears her forehead protector about her forehead in the traditional manner, which serves to keep most of her hair out of her face.


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Yuki no Shingun (Marching through the snow)

Voiced By

Japanese Seiyuu: Satomi Satō

English Voice Actress: Cassandra Lee
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