Birthplace Fuuma Alley
Birthdate 10/14/9
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 5'3"
Weight 120 lbs.
Blood Type AB-
Kekkei Genkai Reizei Blur
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Secretly Reizei
Affiliation Herself…and Hanpa
Team None
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 15
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown
Element (Secondary) n/a
Signature Jutsu
Punching your face!

Yashuu is a girl who wears no shoes, has been seen in the company of the group known as Hanpa but mainly seems to be focused on fighting, drinking, fighting, drinking, other things not typically mentioned in polite company, and also drinking. She's an odd one with a nasty mouth and a mean disposition.


Many years ago, the Reizei still beleived in loyalty and some believe in it more than others. None the less, there's always rotten apples in the bunch and those that believe they deserve more than they get. Reizei Akira believed beyond all others that his amazing skill with a sword should matter more than his breeding or raising. However, Akira was born to the branch and as such he was never going to be considered for leadership, for power, or for strength that he craved above everything else. He was better than many of the main members of the family and to a degree this was recognized. They saw that he was good. They gave him the greatest honors that could be bestowed upon someone of his…breeding…but it was never enough for him. He didn't want to be just another Reizei.

Time passed and moved on, he purposefully took on many missions away from the family that actually saw him as something of a valuable member, so that he could see a mistress he had taken away from his chosen wife. Suoichi was simply a prostitute working in Fuuma. She had made connections, had worked in society there, finding her way. When Akira offered her more she accepted. He had shown her love, respect, and care that she had found in no other man. Little did she know that she was just a tool.

He used her as a woman who bared him a daughter of skill like himself, an inheritor of the KG and someone he trained persistantly in how to fight even from a very young age. She grew to love it as much as her father. Yashuu, as he called her was a child as skilled as her father but not as much in ninjutsu and genjutsu. Not that it mattered to him. He wanted her to become a useful tool for something he would use in the future to try to change his lot in life.

Time passed, however, and while he was preparing her for a plan that would never come, the villages were formed and things became more formal, more watched. It was becoming harder for him to enact his plan for the future and as such things moved up. Unfortunately for him, something was coming that he didn't count on. His mistress loved her daughter greatly and knew that he intended to use their daughter as a tool. That all the time he spent with her was for his own glory and not for hers. That he would soon be leading their daughter into danger just so he could gain power. She saw he wasn't training a daughter in the ways of her birthright…he was training an assassin. He cared nothing for her life, her hopes or her dreams.

Finding out the darkness he intened for Yashuu, Suoichi took an opportunity to sneak her daughter away while Akira was away and give her over to a friend she had made in Fuuma. A man who would take care of Yashuu even as the villages formed. He owed her from her time prior when she used to live a much different life before Akira found her. When Akira found out about his daughter being given away to Fuuma, he raged and killed Suoichi, proving his true intention and then started off to try to retrieve her. At the same time, he had over stepped. Akira had left behind Suoichi's own journal, not realizing the woman had written down much. That when she started to realize what Akira really was, she had started to write down his ideas. He was a planner, a schemer. He was patient, coniving, and had used her in a far more worse way than any man had before. When he left there, leaving her dead, a friend she had made in the small village he had taken her to had checked her and found her dead. He had found the notes and he contacted the Reizei.

Even as Akira was rushing to Fuuma to find his daughter, to take her back, the Reizei were finding out mroe and more of the snake in their midst. As such, they started to find out that Akira had been setting up various plots for a while. With him already heading to Fuuma, they didn't have time to check into all the plots Akira had started movign, they simply sent a squad after him.

Meanwhile, in Fuuma, the man who had been entrusted with Yashuu had found out from some of his contacts that Akira was looking for him. As such he put Yashuu in a saferoom in his house. Yashuu watched as the man she knew as father arrived and murdered a man who had been nice to her in cold blood. Heard from her own father's lips that he had murdered her mother and then watched as he was pushed out of the room, fighting several Reizei who had come after him. To this day, she has no idea the fate of her father. At the age of 10, she was an orphan that neither her father nor the Reizei ever found.

Time passed, the villages flourished and Yashuu lived her ups and downs. She wasn't always successful but with her training, she did a decent job as a thief at first but her true passion was fighting. She joined into various fighting rings, taking on various jobs and just trying to get by. That was the nature of Fuuma, it wasn't a place to train or to flourish, it was a place of survival. Even as she did so, she always was curious about one thing. Where was her father and where were the men chasing him? It was always a thought on her mind but her life from the age of 10 to the age of 20, nothing was too exciting as survival was her focus. That and fighting…and drinking.

By the time she reached the age of 20, she had a few people who were friends and a bunch more who saw her as a bit of a boss. She had a degree of talent for fighting and with her KG, she was a formidable fighter indeed even though she never truly got to tap into it due to her father's absence. Even now, though, as the world shifts and the Silence causes havok, she spots opportunity for a good fight and begins to wonder if she shouldn't wander out of Fuuma and go see the bigger world.


It's kinda easy to describe Yashuu's personality. She has the same personality as an animal. She only has a few things on her mind and she wants to get them; food, drink, a good fight, and a good roll. She doesn't see herself as a big thinker despite having some intelligence. She doesn't want to make any big moves that don't involve her getting to relax and/or get a good fight going. Her true aspirations are to be left alone when she wants to be and to have friends or enemies about when she wants them. She's fairly simple.

Despite a lot of things happening in her life, she sees the world as a place that is far more simple than people let on. Everyone complicates things. They try to add intrigue and mystery into a world that simply wishes to be. As far as she is concerned the only thing complicated about the world is what people make it to be. There's no great conspiracy, no great mystery, there's just what is and what is not. If someone is in charge of something they can still be punched in the face. If someone is living in the dirt, they can still be punched in the face. People up high and down low are only looking for a good drink, a good fight, and a good roll. Some just seem to think they need to solve a puzzle to get there.

For Yashuu, if the puzzle is too great. Go find another path because there's always a simpler one.


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