Tenjin Hibari
Hyuuga Tomoyo
Uzumaki Satoshi
Birthplace Uekigakure
Birthdate December 27th
Gender Female
Age 11
Height 4'4" or 52"
Weight 75lbs
Blood Type B
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Nibi Jinchuuriki
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan None
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team Baka Rangers
Ninja Rank Student
Ninja Registration 122785
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chuunin Grad. Age N/A
Nature Type
Element Not Known
Father Moki
Mother Erina
Sister Matsu
Signature Jutsu
Talk to the Paw!

A 'transfer' student from Uekigakure(Village Hidden in the Trees), Yatsuhane is a fiesty little devil and the unnerving look of her face only adds to the trouble she often finds herself in. She's living in Kumogakure to learn a new style of a feline martial arts that is rumored to be here. The White Tiger Fist style! Her goal is to learn and master this style and bring it back to the village to share with future warriors of the village! That and to probably punch some stuff really hard while learning how to be a neko-kunoichi!



Likes Food, Playing, Fighting and being a Jinchuuriki
Dislikes Starving, Boring People, To Cool People, Jerks and Bad Guys!
Hobbies Eating, Napping, Playing and Training with Nyanko-sensei. Oh! And sun-bathing.
Strengths Loyal, Stubborn, Energetic and Caring
Weaknesses Stubborn, Selfish, Easily Distracted(with food) and Naive(youth)

Yatsuhane could be seen as your typical youth, energetic and carefree! And selfish to a fault due to the notion they think they're the cat's meow. Hailing from Uekigakure, she has a natural affinity for eating good food and can often be bribed into doing things by simply offering a tasty snack. Though she won't hestitate to try and steal it or raid someones pantry for food if she knows they're hiding something delicious.

She values friendship and comraderie quite a bit and is very protective of those she cares for, willing to put herself in harms way to spare an ally. Afterall, she's the hero of her own story! She's also very stubborn when it comes to setting her mind to something, she has to be to resist the constant pestering of the bijuu living inside her. Though Nyanko-sensei still finds ways to get her to listen up…

Being as young as she is and what she is, she loves to play and cause trouble. This includes and isn't limited to shenanigans, fighting wild animals for fun and punching people just because they're within hitting range. She has been known to try and uppercut people who were quite stronger than her, thinking it'd be fun…


Yatsuhane Unmasked?!

What you see before you is something you don't see everyday. Standing at a rather meager 52 inches tall, or 4'4" is a young girl who has no face. Nearly covered in head to toe with fabric, the girl sports a snow white long coat that drapes all the way down to her knees. Always up and never down is a hood that conceals the girl's face, leaving only a pair of glowing red beady eyes and the pearly white teeth of a toothy grin. The features of her face are shrouded in an unreal darkness. Perhaps done through a sort of ability that allows this concealment of the face.
Aww shi-….

Adorning the top of the hood are a pair of cat ear shaped protrusions of an ice blue color. The stitching that creates the shape of the ears is clearly shown with the red yarn used in its creation. Ice blue hair is braided and emerges from the hood through two metal loops. The braids are still short, due to her age. Around the girl's neck and on the outside of the coat is a semi-large collar like accessory that has a silvery bell adorning the front. It seems to decide when it wants to jingle and when it doesn't…
Who. Stole. My. PUDDING!!!

Beyond the cat ear attachments and the unseeable face, there is more to cover! The sleeves of her long coat extend all the way down her arms and into a pair of large paw like gloves. A durable paw print like plate is affixed to the palm side of each paw for rigidity while slots for where a cat's claws may come out are also included. Down the front of the long coat is an oversized golden colored zipper that reaches from top to botton. Black buttons adoring the sides of the zipper as decor.
Tea time already? :o

Protruding from where the long coat ends is a black pair of shorts that reach down and disappear into the non-standardized legwear that the girl wears. A pair of leggings that reach from just below the knees drapes down over a pair of unique boots that allow for more feline like travel if necessary. Upon closer inspection, they may also contain a device to enhance jumping ability. Last but not least however is the other protrusion coming from behind the girl. An obviously manufactured tail pokes out from the back of her long coat, a metal loop allowing for easy trasition between the inside and outside of the coat. The tail's color matches the ears and hair of the girl.



Name: Catus Carnival
Source: BlazBlu: Calamity Trigger OST

Info: This song captures the general outlook that Yatsuhane has on life, and her general demeanor. An upbeat and sunny disposition with plenty of energy to keep on going and going! This is the miracle of youth! This also happens to be the themesong to character Yatsu is modeled after! And her village. :3 There's two versions to this song, regular and the funtastic 8-Bit Version! Enjoy. :D

Name: Buri Hamachi
Source: Music from AR Tonelico, spliced with BlazBlu

Info: This is the song that represents Yatsu's and perhaps Uekigakure as a whole.. for their love of food! Or at least fish with this one. X3 These Neko-Nin love them some good foodies, and what's a diet without fishies!! And MEAT! XO

Name: Nichijou Safety Dance Song
Source: AMV using Nichijou(anime) and the Safety Dance Song(oldie)

Info: This song is on the list just because it's a very well done AMV and so I don't lose it eventually. XD Plus it's cool, so watch it and LOVE IT!

Name: Exec C=Nova
Source: Music from AR Tonelico: Knell of Ar Ciel

Info: I picked up this song because for one, it was about cats and two because it sounded adorable! Another reason being was because if you follow the lyrics. It's about people fighting and not being able to simply get along like people should.

Diary of a Neko-Kunoichi

Here's a spot to make note of accomplishments of the sort. It's pretty open to whatever, if you plan on having it write out Diary style, please use the collapsible mechanism for your entries.

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