Yoko Fuutama
Yoko Fuutama
Birthplace Icon-Wave Land of Waves
Birthdate January 8
Gender Icon-Male Male
Age 15
Height 5'8"
Weight 125lbs
Blood Type O+
Kekkei Genkai NA
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Tactics and Strategy
Clan Icon-YokoClan Yoko Clan
Affiliation Icon-Kiri Kirigakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 15
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Water Water
Element (Secondary) N/A
Father Yoko "Nogi" Hajime
Mother Yoko "Myo" Furukawa
Signature Jutsu
Lightning Blade Creation


Fuutama was born in a peculiar clan in the land of waves. This particular clan was known as the Yoko Clan. They were a peaceful somewhat tribal clan that worshiped kitsune. The two major tribes of the clan are the Myo and the Nogi. They split shortly before the wars started yet remained allies. Though they are of the same clan the tribes dispute and disapprove of on another. Only once did their dispute erupt into violence. The Nogi began adopting the widely used shinobi military. The Myo were more nomadic and wished to avoid all conflict, especially ones involving the rest of the world. The two tribes' heads couldn't agree what the Yoko's position should be. Thus a inner-tribal war was fought. The Myo outnumbered the Nogi and despite the Nogi's adept fighters they were forced to leave the Land of Waves after their defeat.


Fuutama was born into the Myo tribe but his father was a Nogi. The Myo head had to cast him out after the dispute to appease the tribe majority.

The Myo are normally mild-natured, detached, and generous. Nogi on the other hand were wild, energetic, and boisterous. Fuutama shared the traits. He was wild yet generous in his own way. He had energy but new when and how to control it. He was egotistical…nothing to balance that out. The Nogi settled somewhere near the Land of Water in a neutral zone. They were weakened by the dispute however. In exchange for able ample shinobi-to-be Kirigakure would adopt the Nogi. Fuutama became one of the first students of Kiri sent from the Nogi. Fuutama was very torn and very lonely. Cast out by the Myo because of his father and hated by the Nogi because of his mother. Fuutama hides his pain in his arrogance and appears fine and carefree most of the time. No one's really reached out to him. He was very gifted. Cunning, nimble, resourceful, and tenacious. He graduated the academy shining in all areas. Kitsune weren't known for overwhelming strength and neither would Fuutama.

Fuutama specialized in shinobi tools. His cunning made him formidable with them. His mind was very celestial or eccentric. Genjutsu rarely shook or even affected him back in the academy. He was a genius and when he became a chuunin at 15 he gained a bit of a reputation. Fuutama hated that the Nogi still struggled to survive. He wished to reunite with the Myo. He's not councilman of the tribe though but he plans to be for the soul purpose of completing his family. A noteworthy ninja would be a viable candidate in becoming Nogi Tribe Head or Councilman. Thus his drive for working hard as a shinobi. Simply being a genius wasn't enough.


As stated in his background Fuuta exerts characteristics of both tribes of the Yoko Clan. He has a benevolent side that he often hides behind his overconfidence and arrogance. Since he was never really reached out to as a child or even when he became a young man Fuuta has learned to become his own best friend. He doesn't like to depend on others or owe them any favors. Typically he tells himself that he would be justified in displaying a cold attitude towards others since none really gave him the luxury of understanding. But Fuuta has a heart underneath all that posturing and boasting which keeps him from disregarding the feelings of others. Fuuta has a soft spot for family and thinks of Clans very highly. He becomes very upset when one disregards family or their clan. He suffers from not having a 'home' or a place he belongs. This drives him to reunite the two tribes of the Yoko Clan and thus reestablish his home and family.


With all that he's suffered in regards to his clan and family Fuuta values loyalty but it goes deeper than that. He believes anything lost can be recovered if one has the strength to look for it. As such his nindo is to: Never turn his back on anything he wants.


A young man with mid-length hair as pallid as moonlight on cold steel. His locks are fine and thin and spruced with care. The ashen bangs are kept out of his eyes pulled back and framing his youthful face. His eyes are a robust vibrant orange luster and show the vigor that his soul thrives with. His eyes are somewhat thin generating a natural mysteriousness about him. Sly would be the expression they cast upon all who meet his gaze. His skin is even in tone and lightly tanned once kissed by the sun. Lean and dignified he stands at 5'9". A haughty demeanor is justified in the robust design of his athletic form. While not bulky or hulking his muscle tone indicates he's capable of incredible physical feats. This is Yoko Fuutama.


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