Son Goku (孫悟空)

Four-Tails (四尾, Yonbi)
King of the Sage Monkeys (仙猿の王, Sen'en no Ō)
Handsome Monkey King (美猿王, Bien'ō)
Great Sage Equalling Heaven (斉天大聖, Seiten Taisei)

Birthplace unknown
Birthdate unknown
Gender Icon-Male Male
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Powers Icon-Lava Lava Manipulation, Brute Strength
Classification Tailed Beast
Species Giant Ape
Affiliation Icon-Konoha Konohagakure
Nature Type
Element Icon-Fire Fire
Icon-Earth Earth
Icon-Lava Lava
Jinchuuriki Senju Daisuke
Signature Jutsu
Tailed Beast Ball

Son Gokū (孫悟空, Son Gokū), more commonly known as the Four-Tails (四尾, Yonbi), is a tailed beast sealed within Senju Daisuke of Konohagakure. It was captured and sealed by Senju Hashiramako. Son was later resealed into a 2 year old baby Daisuke to save him from a deathly illness.


Son Gokū first came into being in the waning days of the Sage of the Six Paths' life in order to prevent the Ten-Tails' resurgence, the Sage split up its chakra and used his ability known as Creation of All Things (万物創造, Banbutsu Sōzō) to create nine separate constructs of living chakra, which would become known as the tailed beasts. Some time after being created, the Sage sat down with all the young tailed beasts and told them that they would always be together even when separated, and that one day they would become one entity again with different names as well as forms than they did then when the time came for them to understand what true power was.

After spending years ruling over the Ancient Forest and the Cerulean Caves, Son Goku was found and sealed by Senju Hashiramako, the first Hokage. He was later sealed within a baby host and is currently residing within that host years later.


Son Gokū is a very prideful tailed beast, as it detests being called by the name "Four-Tails" and boasts about its lineage. It uses 'ore' (オレ) when referring to itself. It also hated humans, due to the fact that humans had enslaved it, and believes that apes are more intelligent than humans. However, it seems to have taken a liking to Daisuke after residing within his body for 13 years. When Daisuke was 14, he confronted Son and was challenged by the Ape. Son was defeated in battle thanks in part to Daisuke's father, who's chakra still remained within his seal after sacrificing himself to save his son from death as a baby, and Son formed a contract of mutual benefit and respect with him.


Son Gokū has yellow irides, white pupils, red fur and green skin. He primarily resembles a monkey, but has the build of a gorilla. It also has horns on its forehead as well as elongated canine teeth and spike-like protrusions on its four tails. Its long canines appear darker at the end. In its mouth it has a big, round opening, from where it spits lava, and it doesn't seem to have a tongue. The fur on the top of its back resemble Daisuke's hairstyle. During the last remaining days of the Sage of the Six Paths, Son was much smaller and had smaller teeth.


Shukaku (One Tails) - Son Goku does not get along with Shukaku, who's crazy, warped way of thinking always angers him. After meeting up with Shukaku again in the Land of Wind after quite some time, the Ape gave him a beating in order to try to 'beat the crazy' out of him.

Choumei (Seven Tails) - Son Goku has a rivalry with Choumei but all in good fun. The two share somewhat of a mutual respect for one another and a mutual distrust of the other Tailed Beasts. Goku has met up with Choumei a handful of times since he was sealed with his host.


Son Gokū has the ability to simultaneously use the earth and fire natures, to spit lava from its mouth; something that hasn't been seen outside the realm of kekkei genkai. As it's jinchūriki, Daisuke can borrow its ability to create and use lava. As a tailed beast, Son is able to create a Tailed Beast Ball. Son Gokū is very strong as it was able to lift and toss other Tailed Beasts. That brute strength is also gifted to a viable host that takes advantage of it.


The design of Son Gokū is a combination of a gorilla and the Ōzaru from Dragon Ball. The horns on its forehead are modelled after the diadem worn by Sun Wukong from the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, the character that the similarly named Son Gokū who could also transform into an ape and inherited a 'dragon ball' with four stars on it, was based on. And his name Son Gokū is the Japanese name for Sun Wukong.

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