Birthplace N/A
Birthdate N/A
Gender Female
Age 28
Height 5'8"
Weight N/A
Blood Type N/A
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Wanderer
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan N/A
Affiliation N/A
Team N/A
Ninja Rank N/A
Ninja Registration N/A
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chuunin Grad. Age N/A
Nature Type
Element N/A
Soul Giver Yamamoto Kaori
Signature Jutsu

The Incomprehensible Resurrection of the Mystic Warrior




Yoshi is a tall young woman with an athletic build who possesses a mysterious, or foreign quality. Her light brown hair is long on the top, falling down her back and tied at the end, it is shaved on both sides of the head. She has hazel eyes with a feminine shape that look clear and change color in the light. Her cheeks are smooth, and her nose is straight and petite. She has small mouth, yet her lips posses a full and supple quality.

Her clothes have the features of a traveler. She wears a casual brown vest over a dark blue long sleeve shirt, and a beaded bracelet of jade on her wrist. Her pants are dark green and loose fitting. Tabi shoes on the feet, and black socks that come up to the knees. A hooded black wool cloak is worn for cold nights and climates, and she carries a large canvas pack with straps and buckles that is stuffed with things, almost overflowing with books, most likely.





Mission Log

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